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Coloring veteran.png
Type eSports paint
Rarity Special
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Currently obtainable from Containers No
Currently purchasable from Garage No
Description in Garage
A paint that was given to legendary tankers who earned their fame in years of cybersport trainings and victories. The dark gold color stresses experience and wisdom, while a texture similar to Champion tells everyone that the owner of Veteran is not just a fighter, he’s a winner.

Veteran is a paint in Tanki Online. It is awarded to the winners of certain eSports activities.

Interesting Facts

  • A bonus paint awarded to well-known participants in the cybersport movement.
  • The current list of owners of the Veteran paint can be found here.
  • Paint appeared on June 18, 2013 (Update 163).
  • The paint is issued by the legendary, famous and titled e-sportsmen who deserve it for years of training and victories.
  • This paint is issued by the organizers of e-sports.
  • With the release of new protective paints on January 29 and February 6, 2015, the paint acquired protection from the Hammer, Vulcan, and mines.
  • Before the separation of paints and protections (07/14/2016), the paint had the protection of 20% from all turrets and mines.
  • Starting January 11, 2017, all paint owners will receive a “PRO Battle” subscription.


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