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Joined TO in
November 2014
Helper Since
September 2019
IconsNormal 31.png Legend 3
Current Positions
Wiki.png Wiki Editor
EventsAdministratorsAvatar Old.png Contest Organizer
Social Media Helpers candidate.png Social Media Candidate
Award(s) Received
StratosphereProfile3.png Helper of the Month x15
StratosphereProfile3.png Helper of the Year 2020
More Info
Former Tanki X: Wiki Administrator, Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, Clan Moderator and Contest Organizer
Total Edits
5 148

EventsAdministratorsAvatar Old.png Social Media Helpers candidate.png

Helper of the Year 2020 - Words of Recognition


StealthMasterX – For the past year, this diligent and dedicated individual took onto himself the challenge of being the brains and brawn behind the Wiki; and being as enthusiastic and professional as he is, he delivered – achieving the 5000-edit milestone in just a year. His untiring work ethic and cooperative attitude enables him to go above and beyond anyone else, rightfully winning him eleven of the past year’s twelve Helper of the Month titles. Considering his quality contributions to the EN Community, we believe Stealth’s name is most worthy of being included in this list.

— Administration