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Weapons play a very important role in Tanki Online. The type of gun you choose will strongly affect your style of playing, whether it is aggressive lightning-fast attacks or firing from protected positions.

In addition, the weapon you like can be upgraded. All guns have four modifications, from the weakest to the strongest (from M0 to M3). Accordingly, the price of the junior modification isn't high. You can already try the most popular tactics at junior ranks without having to spend a large amount of crystals. But it's impossible to get everything you want at once. Particular guns and modifications can be purchased only with a certain rank.

It’s important to know that some guns in the game have a maximum range. On distances greater than this range, these guns may do no damage at all. If the distance is greater than the max damage range, the maximum and minimum damage statistics congruently decrease until the minimum damage range is reached, at which damage values become identical to the weak damage. For example, If it says that “up to 50m – 100%, after 100m – 20%”, then the gun’s damage stats will decrease from 100% to 20% between 50 to 100 meters.

Now let’s look at guns in more detail.


Turret firebird m0 2.png

A good weapon for short-range battle. Fires a stream of napalm that burns tanks within its damage radius. Burning opponents continue to take damage even after the Firebird's attack stops. Can thaw frozen tanks and is a great choice for fast and medium hulls.
Player's opinion
border=0 Excellent damage per second rating. High rotation speed and acceleration. Sprays flame in a conic range to hit multiple opponents. Afterburn causes foes to suffer injury even after an attack.
border=0 Ridiculously short range. Can run out of fuel and takes time to recharge. Cannot damage tanks through other tanks.


Turret freeze m0.png

A unique weapon for short-range battles. Slows opponents by freezing them and can put out fires caused by Firebird. In the right hands, it can destroy an enemy without receiving any damage in return. Great for fast and medium hulls.
Player's opinion
border=0 Sports a frosting effect that can drastically slow down the movements of an enemy tank. Excellent damage per second rating. High rotation speed and acceleration. Sprays rime in a conic range to hit multiple opponents..
border=0Ridiculously short range. Can run out of fuel and takes time to recharge. Cannot damage tanks through other tanks.


Turret isida m0.png

An essential gun in team battles. Can repair tanks within its firing radius and effectively destroy opponents at short-range. Energy stores an last for five seconds when attacking an opponent, but lasts for ten seconds when healing an ally. Works well with any hull.
Player's opinion
border=0 Can damage opponents as well as heal allies. Experience points can be gathered quickly through both damaging and healing tanks.
border=0 Ridiculously short range. Can run out of fuel and takes time to recharge. Can only place its beam onto one opponent/ally at one time.


Hammer m0.png

Perfect choice for close range combat. Three powerful shots mean your opponents have no way out. Its shotgun functionality allows Hammer to hit several targets with one shot at medium ranges. Works best with medium hulls.
Player's opinion
border=0 Excellent damage output. Greatest collective impact force of all turrets per shot. Ability to damage several tanks with one shot through its pellet spread. Reload between shots doesn't take much time.
border=0 Limited effective fire range. Tedious reload after expending the entire clip. Impossible to reload before all shots in a clip are used. Risks suffering from self-damage due to rebounding pellets.


Turret twins m0.png

A gun with unlimited firing duration. Effective at short to mid range. Its high rate of fire makes it ideal for supressing enemies. Works well with any hull.
Player's opinion
border=0 High cumulative damage rate. Great rotation speed and acceleration. Can suppress enemies at short range due to its respectable and steady impact force.
border=0 Limited to a shorter range. Inability to use cover when attacking thanks to its requirement to shoot constantly to deal damage. Risks suffering from self-damage due to the splash damage of plasma balls.


Turret ricochet m0.png

A gun that can be tough to control. Ideal for short to mid-range battles. Possesses a unique feature in that its shells ricochet off walls, allowing it to shoot around corners. Just make sure you don’t take a ricocheting round right in the kisser! Goes well with all hulls.
Player's opinion
border=0 Moderate cumulative damage rate. High impact force per projectile. Ability to attack tanks out of your visibility range through bouncing projectiles off of walls.
border=0 Limited effective fire range. The clip can empty after expending many shots, limiting the gun's suppressive abilities. The risk of self-damage. Setting charges in right direction requires skill and calculation. Projectiles only bounce reliably off of flat surfaces.


Turret smoky m0.png

A gun for mid to long-range battles. Fires single shells and can land critical hits. Works well with all hulls.
Player’s opinion
border=0 Quick firing rate and impressive impact force. Critical damage can assist in destroying opponents quicker.
border=0 Damage decreases with distance. To improve the likelihood of a critical hit, each shot must hit the target. Critical hit chance cannot be controlled.


Turret striker m0.png

An anti-tank missile launcher best suited for mid to long range combat. This turret is equipped with a laser aiming system for firing homing missiles. Missiles will damage any enemy within the blast radius, including the tank firing them if it is standing too close. This turret can be mounted on any hull, but a heavier hull is recommended for easier aiming.
Player's opinion
border=0 An excellent defensive and supportive weapon. The projectiles move at an exponentially increasing rate to target their opponents instead of impacting a target the moment the spacebar is pressed.
border=0 A target must remain in the sight of this laser until the targeting reticle is fully locked. Risks suffering massive self-damage from splash damage.



A turret with an immense firing rate. It is best suited for combat at mid and long ranges. Vulcan has a unique gyroscope feature, which makes knocking off its aim very challenging, even when it's under heavy enemy fire. Caution — When using Vulcan, firing continuously for an extended time may overheat and damage your tank! Ideal for use with heavy hulls.
Player's opinion
border=0 Incredible rate of fire. Ability to shoot without reloading at infinite distances. Considerable impact force. Difficult to knock the aim of thanks to its built-in gyroscope.
border=0Damage decreases over distance. Shooting for a long time will lead to overheating and cause the tank to suffer afterburn damage. Turret's rotation speed decreases when shooting. First time users will find it tough to control properly.


Turret thunder m0.png

A great choice for mid-range battles. Rounds from Thunder explode on impact and damage everything within their blast radius. This makes it risky to use at short-range as it may inflict self-damage. Goes well with any hull.
Player's opinion
border=0 Ability to deal damage to several enemies simultaneously or attack tanks you can’t see. Has a respectable damage per shot statistic.
border=0 Damage considerably decreases with distance. Splash damage can cause injury to its user should they be within the blast.


Turret railgun m0.png

A gun for professionals. Performs well at any range. Takes a long time to reload and needs to warm up before firing, but packs a hefty punch. A good pairing for any hull, but light tanks run the risk of flipping over from the recoil! A favorite amongst clan players.
Players's opinion
border=0 High damage per shot. Ability to damage tanks beyond other tanks thanks to piering damage. Very high impact force. Unlimited range.
border=0 Much time must pass between shots. Abnormally high recoil that can knock over light hulls. Delay before the shot. Moderately slow rotation speed.


Turret magnum m0.png

A turret with the greatest recoil, the longest barrel and the biggest explosion. It requires an extensive amount of practice in order to master targeting with this turret. Pairs well with heavy and medium hulls, since light hulls are too weak and either inflict an overwhelming amount of self-damage, or they simply won't survive for long. Although there are certain exceptions, such as camping with a camouflage paint, light hulls also risk flipping over from the immense recoil and impact force.
Player's opinion
border=0 High damage per shot with a large splash damage radius. Can shoot anywhere while being behind cover.
border=0 Inability to rotate the turret. Very demanding targetting system burdened with limited visibility. Slow reloading and self-damage.


Turret shaft m0 2.png

A great choice for a sniper. It is the only gun with an optical scope attached, allowing it to easily hit targets at long range. Can also fire short-range without using the scope. Works well with any hull, but light hulls risk flipping over from the recoil!
Player's opinion
border=0 The highest potential damage per shot. Ability to shoot with a charge of desired power. Can target tanks manually through sniping mode as well a let of a quick shot by just tapping the spacebar.
border=0 One of the lowest rotation speed and acceleration statistics. Inability to move when in sniping and poor peripheral visibility. Decreased and limited damage through tapping the spacebar.

XT Turrets

Firebird XT Vulcan XT Thunder XT Railgun XT