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Climbing houses, displaying dizzying tricks and other spectacular stunts will be much easier with this paint. During its creation, leading laboratories engaged in aircraft design and research in the field of aerodynamics. The resulting paint dramatically reduces air resistance and allows you to jump further, fly higher, tumble faster. Your parkour skills will not go unnoticed in this bright and aesthetically pleasing paint. The coating is designed specifically for participants of the competition "Masters of Parkour".

Note: This was a special paint available for purchase for participation in the 2013 Masters of Parkour contest. It can no longer be obtained.


50 Crystal.png

Available From

IconsNormal 01.png Recruit (No longer available.)

Interesting Facts

  • Traceur was a special paint available for purchase during the 2013 Masters of Parkour contest.
  • Unlike other Masters of Parkour paints, once bought, Traceur remained in the Garage of whomever purchased the paint. Future editions of MoP reserved the special paint only for the contest's winners.
  • Exactly 1 068 597 players bought this paint and currently have it in their Garage.


Trauceur 2.png