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The Test Server is a place where new updates, features, and mechanics are tested before being released to the main servers. Most of the time these servers are in a closed-testing mode, meaning that only Developers and Testers can access them. Sometimes, however, a large player base is required to test a new feature, and then the Test Server is open publicly for anyone to join.

Remember that experience, crystals, and equipment obtained in the test server will not show up on your account on the main servers. Test server accounts are entirely separate from the ones on the main servers, meaning that you will usually have to create a new account to use on the test servers.

There is no schedule of the opening times of the test server, and the test server openings are not publicly announced.

Accessing the Test Servers

When the Test Servers are open, you can access them from this special website.

Select one of the several servers shown at the site. Try them all, some of the servers may be open while others are closed.

How will I know when the Test Server is open to the public?

Servers in closed-testing mode

When the test server is in closed-testing mode, an 'Enter an invite code' box will appear when accessing the test servers. During public-testing invite codes these codes are not needed and you will be able to access the servers without one.

Information on the Test Server

Once you have created an account, you will be given a certain rank and crystals. Keep in mind that the rank/experience and crystals given to you upon creating an account can vary. Sometimes your account may be created at   Legend with millions of crystals, and at other times you may start as a   Recruit with no crystals at all.

Sometimes special chat commands will be enabled in the test server. Use them by entering in the chat. Note that chat commands will not always be enabled. Below is a table with chat commands for the test server.

Using chat commands in the test server
Description Example of usage
Adds the specified crystals to the account (a 7 digit number) /addcry 9999999
Adds the specified experience points to the account (a 7 digit number) /addexp 1400000
Adds the specified minutes of Premium to the account /addpremium 1440
These commands can only work on the test server. Attempting to use them on the main servers can result in a punishment for flood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an invite code?
A: A test server invite code is an alphanumeric string which is used by Testers and Developers to access the test servers when they are in a closed-test. The code is like a password to enter the test server.

Q: When will the test servers be opened to the public? (without an invite code being required)
A: The test servers are only opened when there is a need for a large player base to be testing a new feature or bug fix. There is no schedule of these times when a lot of players will be required, and so the only way to know if the test servers are open is to check yourself.

Q: Why is the shop on the test server locked?
A: The developers lock the shop on purpose since there is nothing needed to be tested there, and do not need their test statistics to be affected by purchasing actions done in the shop. It also prevents players from purchasing items with real money since these accounts are deleted after testing.

Attention! Do not purchase anything in the test server shop with real money. All items obtained in the test server are removed after testing ends, and are not added to your real account.

Q: Where can I obtain an invite code?
A: Invite codes are only given to Candidate Testers, Testers, and Developers. The only way to obtain one is to become a Tester.

Attention! Only Candidate Testers, Testers, and Developers can obtain invite codes. It is impossible for anyone else to obtain an invite code. Players offering to sell invite codes are trying to scam you!