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In a DM on the Dusseldorf (Pro) map, it is possible to deal the highest damage at once in the game. There must be 40 players: you, your final target, and 38 very cooperative tanks for you to shoot them through. The damage to the final target builds up as follows:

  • Railgun Mk7+ damage: 900
  • +40% from Hyperspace rounds: 1260
  • +5% passively from maxed-out Booster: 1323
  • +300% from Double damage and maxed-out booster: 5292
  • ×238 (doubling in power with each enemy it passes through): 1.455×1015 damage

In total (including the damage you deal to the 38 similarly unprotected enemies in between), your shot will deal almost exactly twice that amount: 2.909×1015 damage.

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