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Team Deathmatch (aka. TDM (Tdm mode.png)) is a team battle. It is essentially the equivalent of Deathmatch Mode, except players are divided into teams, instead of being on their own. The goal is to destroy more tanks than the opposing team. Battles are limited either by the number of kills (70 kills in a regular battle) or by time (7 minutes in a regular battle).


In TDM, Battle mechanics are very similar to Deathmatch mode. The only difference is that here, players work in teams. The goal is to destroy more tanks than the opposing team. Every team member is responsible for the result, as the battle’s final score depends on how well and how carefully the team plays.

A team gets 1 point to their number of kills for every destroyed tank. Individual players get 10 EXP points and 15 points to their battle score for every enemy they destroy alone, whereas two or more players who assisted in the kill get 5 points to their battle score and 5 EXP points each. In the case of self-destruction, the opposing team doesn’t get any points, which is also an important factor in this game mode.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is keeping your D/L ratio above 1. If every player in a team destroys more tanks than the number of times they get killed, then victory is guaranteed.

Also, unlike in Deathmatch mode, players’ spawn points are located at their bases. To start fighting, you need to go to the center of a map, or even to the opposing team’s base. As a result, the amount of kills is a lot lower than that in a classic DM.

Usually, the most effective players in TDMs are campers, using long-range turrets such as Magnum, Striker, Railgun, and/or Shaft, as they are capable of accumulating kills without being killed much.


Indicator Purpose
TDM kill.png

TDM Score Counter
The Score Counter shows how many kills have been made by each team (1 kill = 1 point).

1 point is deducted from a team when someone from their team self-destructs.

Statistics & Facts

  • If a player manages to kill an enemy on their own, they receive 15 points to their battle score and 40 EXP points along with 1 point to their total team score.
  • Upon self-destructing, a player loses 15 points of his/her battle score and costs the team 1 kill to their total score.
  • If multiple players manage to destroy an enemy, each tanker will receive 5 points to their battle score.
  • Healing teammates with Isida gives the player up to 12 points to their battle score along with 20 EXP points.
  • Prior to the release of update 1.91.0 (26.06.2012), the experience distributed for destroying an enemy was not shared between players who participated in the destruction; all experience was given to the one who destroyed the tank.
  • The battle between the development team and a team of players called "1000 footballers' battle" in 2012 was held in TDM format.