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General Information

Tankoins are the game's secondary currency and are primarily used to purchase items within the Shop. They are a bridge between real money and in-game content. Tankoins can be purchased from the Shop.

Clan/Battle passes, Shop paints, Gold Boxes, Product Kits, Crystals, and Containers can all be bought with Tankoins. The only Shop items which cannot be purchased with Tankoins are Premium Accounts and Special Bundles; these can be only bought with real money.

At the top right corner of the Shop you can see how many Tankoins you currently have: Tankoins page 1.png
For example, you need 1 000 Tankoins to purchase the Rust shop paint.

Tankoins buying.png

After you confirm the purchase, you will be charged the required amount of Tankoins and the selected item will be added to your account.

Obtaining Tankoins

Tankoins can be obtained in several ways.


The easiest and quickest way to obtain Tankoins is to buy them from the Shop. They are currently priced as follows:

  • 150x Tankoins: 1.49 USD;
  • 400x Tankoins: 3.99 USD;
  • 820x Tankoins: 6.99 USD;
  • 1700x Tankoins: 13.99 USD;
  • 4300x Tankoins: 36.99 USD;
  • 8800x Tankoins: 71.99 USD.

Weekly Containers

x3 Tankoins are dropped in every new weekly container. This amount is constant for all ranks.

Weekly containers are divided into new and old - before the appearance of Tankoins and after. All weekly containers received before August 9, 2019 are considered “old”, and it is impossible to get Tankoins from them.


Tankoins are also obtainable from Challenges. For example, in September 2019 Challenge, there were seven tiers in the Free Pass that contained 10x Tankoins each.


The administration regularly organises contests which you can take part in and win prizes. Follow the news!

History of Tankoins

History of Tankoins

Why do we need a new currency?


Tanki Online has been around for 10 years. Throughout that time, we’ve only had one currency — Crystals.
In the beginning, you could use Crystals to buy anything. You could earn them in the game, and if you wanted more, you could also buy them for real money.
Over time, we added exclusive items. These items can only be purchased for real money, and sometimes show up as event prizes.
We still kept one important principle — if an item influences gameplay, you should be able to get it by playing. But some special items such as new paints, skins and containers, broke the concept of, “You can get any item without paying real money”.
So we created Challenges as a way to allow players to earn exclusive content by playing. But this was just a partial solution.
The release of TO Mobile brought another obstacle — it is NOT possible to have Shop discounts. Mobile players are obviously unhappy about this. But it’s Google’s policy, and we have to stick to it.
Fortunately, there IS a solution.
It will be called… TANKOINS

— Game developers

Interesting Facts

  • Tankoins appeared in the game on August 2, 2019.
  • The September 2019 Challenge was the first one to feature Tankoins.
  • Tanks 1.0 was the first paint to be available for purchase with Tankoins. It sold for 10 MiniTankoin.png and was a part of the Tank War.