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Over the years, several offline community meetings have been organized and carried out. Whether a one-day meeting in different regions or the large multi-day meeting that takes place around Russia and has already become a tradition. At every meeting, everyone has the opportunity to meet and get to know their rivals and friends in the game, even in "real" life. Each meeting is also documented so that those who could not be present have a reason to be there next time. Pictures and articles play a big role!

Here you can look at various tanki meetings:

Tanki Meeting 2017 (Tanki in Moscow)
Meetup 2017.jpg

Tanki Meeting 2018 (Tanki in Krasnodar)

Tanki Meeting 2019 (Tanki Trip 2019)
Tanki trip 2019.jpg

Tanki Meeting 2020 (Tanki Online Meetup)
Meetup 2020.jpg