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Tank controls

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Controlling your tank is the most fundamental step one needs to pass through in their career. It can be said that it is one of the most influential moments of a player's career, as it plays a pivotal role in deciding their playing style later in the game. Now, let's take a look at the basic (default) controls, their customization and the problems which occur in doing so.

The Basics

Helpwindow eng.png

  1. Repair Kit
  2. Double Armor
  3. Double Power
  4. Nitro
  5. Mine
  6. Gold Box

The effect of all supplies last for 30 seconds - aside from the Mine, which lasts until the player who placed the mine is destroyed, leaves the battle or another player activates the mine by driving over it; the Repair Kit, which instantly restores 1000 HP and reduces burning and freezing effects, and then additionally restores 3000 hit points over 3 seconds; and finally, the "Gold Box Supply", which works only as a trigger for dropping a Gold Box.

Tank Controls and Commands
F Drop the flag / ball. (Available in Capture the Flag, Assault, and Rugby modes).
+ / - Increase or decrease game screen size. A smaller game window provides higher frame rates (FPS).
Tab Shows the scoreboard of current battle. The scoreboard displays the names and scores of the players participating in the battle.
Left-click Left-click on a player in the scoreboard to view their profile or copy his/her nickname to clipboard (useful when you use /vote player’s nickname command to complain).

Tank movement keys (you can also use arrow keys on the numeric pad when the NumLock is off).
Z or X
< or >
Turret rotation.
C or ? Centres the turret.
Spacebar Shoot.
Del and Ctrl + \ Self-destruction. It takes 3 seconds to self-destruct.
fn + Del Self-destruction (Mac only).
Q and E
PageUp and PageDown
[ and ]
Change camera position.
Enter Type a message in the chat, press Enter again to send the message.
Tab Switch between Team chat and General chat with a chat window opened.
P Pause. Please note that pausing the game for longer than 2 minutes will cause you to be removed from the match.
R and V (hold) View your own technical details as well as your opponent’s technical details, including equipment level, micro-upgrade level, and resistances. Press Control / Command + R / V to maintain the details without needing to hold the key down. Press R / V to get rid of it.
G View your Garage quickly without manually selecting it from the top panel.
Shift Use Overdrive.

Customizing Controls

If you're facing problems such as a displaced/broken key on your keyboard, keyboard ghosting or just because you play with another set of keys, you can customize your controls by defining a key to each action that happens in the game. A very popular example of this is the Gold Box supply. The default button for using that supply was 6, but it was right next to the Speed Boost (4) and Mine (5) buttons. Hence, tankers would often mistakenly drop their valuable Gold Box supplies. This can easily be solved by altering controls, or in other words, customizing them.

To begin doing so, you need to head over to the Settings tab, which can be accessed by clicking on the Settings icon.jpg button, which is present on the right side of the multitasking bar.

Once you click on it, click on the 'Controls' tab, which will bring up a wide variety of control settings for the game. If you scroll below, you'll be able to see, access and edit the default-set buttons to any button on your keyboard. You can do this by:

  1. Clicking on the control you want to change.
  2. Pressing the key on your keyboard you want the previous control to be changed to.

Note that you will be able to change these controls as many times as you like. Moreover, you can assign three button to each action. For example, the default button for dropping a flag is F, but I can also set Y and U to it, so that each time I press F, Y or U, the flag will drop.

Possible Problems when Customizing Controls

Here's a list of the possible problems that can occur while you are changing the default controls:

  • Empty Controls

While customizing controls, it may occur that you accidentally left a row empty. Now, there are three fields in which you can enter the buttons of your choice, but it is very important to have at least one field of every action filled with the button of your choice. If you leave the whole row for a specific action empty (e.g. Use Gold Box supply), the action you try to do in the game will not occur at all. For example, if I have no key assigned to use a Speed Boost, I will not be able to do so without assigning a key first.

  • Same Assignments

If you mistakenly assign an already assigned key to a second action, the field for the original action will become empty and the field for the action you just assigned a key to will fill with the key you pressed. Reverting this is easy - just fill the empty field back up again and choose a new one for the second field.