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During battles, you can often see players typing messages such as “Drugs!” or “Drugger!”. This means that one of the players in the battle is using supplies. These items from the Garage allow you to temporarily enhance a particular feature of your tank. There are many ways to obtain supplies, which are listed further below.

After using a certain supply, the item is unavailable (cooldown). Therefore, it is impossible to continuously use one particular type of supplies.

Combine supplies from the Garage with the ones you get on the battlefield to make your tank even more deadly.

Smart Cooldowns

Smart Cooldowns are a system of cooldowns for supplies. The moment you activate one, several others are also put into cooldown for a brief time. A player can still have several supplies activated at the same time, but this will require a smart approach, a good understanding of each supply’s cooldown timer, as well as the combined use of garage supplies and drop boxes.

For instance, when Double Damage is activated, it forces a 10-second cooldown on Double Armor. Since supplies now remain active for 30 seconds, you can still have both Double Damage and Double Armor active at the same time. To do this, you would have to either wait for the cooldown on Double Armor to end or pick a Double Armor dropbox from the arena.


Repair Kit  

Effect Min. Rank Price Timing (s)
Instantly restores 1000 hit points and reduces burning and freezing effects. Additionally restores 3000 hit points over 3 seconds.


3 30 5 5 0 0 0
View on the Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle Drop Zone

 : 1

Supply item, after activation repairs the tank. Any damage received during repairing process will stop the effect.

An absolute necessity on the battlefield. A kit of cleverly combined parts, carefully packed into a single plastic box, allowing you to quickly cover up holes in the armor and replace burned-out wires. The box is needed only to hold this wild array of tools, and, according to military experts can also be used as a bio-toilet.

Double Armor  

Effect Min. Rank Price Timing (s)
Doubles the armor of your tank for 30 seconds.

  Master Sergeant

30 0 30 10 5 0 0
View on Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle Drop Zone

 : 2

Supply item, after activation temporarily lowers all incoming damage by half.

A set of improved ceramic and kevlar armor plates, mounted in standard 600x800 mm slots. With a weight of 10 kg each, such an armor plate can double the protection of standard armor, allowing up to 50% of reduction in incoming kinetic and thermal energies of an explosion. Also included in the set are titanium bladed scissors, three rolls of double-sided duct tape, and a snow-white lace napkin, obviously irreplaceable in battle.

Double Damage  

Effect Min. Rank Price Timing (s)
Doubles the damage of your turret for 30 seconds.

  First Sergeant

30 0 10 30 5 0 0
View on the Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle Drop Zone

 : 3

Supply item, after activation temporarily increases the damage of the turret by two times.

Unique military research and also a small metal clutch mounted on the middle part of the barrel with the help of two bolts and one screw. Allows increasing the speed of the fired round by several times, making it exactly twice as damaging. Unfortunately, an autonomous source of energy powering electromagnetic modulator inside the barrel will be discharged, quickly, and end the effect.

Speed Boost  

Effect Мin. Rank Price Тiming (s)
Increases speed of your tank by 40% for 30 seconds. Also increases rotation speed of your turret for 30 seconds.

  Master Corporal

30 0 5 5 30 0 0
View on the Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle Drop Zone

 : 4

Supply item, after activation temporarily increases the speed of the tank and the rotation speed of its turret.

A real N2O gas-tank is a must-have for every tank. First of all, it’s the perfect fuel for a quick increase in speed for your battle machine, and, second, inhaling this substance will make your voice sound really funny. If you encounter strangely snickering tankers on the battlefield, know that they just puffed a large amount of N2O.


Effect Min. Rank Price Timing (s)
Deals between 1200-2400hp when driven over.


1 0 5 5 0 30 0
View on the Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle

 : 5

Supply item, after activation drops a mine under the tank, which exists until the tank gets destroyed or an enemy drives over the mine.

Mine is your friend. Mine is your comrade. Mine is your brother if you’ve seen more than one battle. To sneak, undetected, into enemy camp and mine it, to cover retreating teammates, to block all passages to your base -- all of this is possible only thanks to the deadly mines.

Gold Box  

Effect Min. Rank Price Timing (s)
Drops a Gold Box containing 1000 crystals on a random location in the map.

  Warrant Officer 1

0 0 0 0 0 5
View on Supply Panel View in Garage View in Battle Drop Zone

 : 6

Supply item, after activation one Gold Box with crystals inside, will drop at a random spot on the map.

Maybe you’ve heard somewhere an ancient greeting uttered by an old clan of gold diggers - “Gold pls”. At one time, that request was for mods and admins, but also for regular tankers. Gold diggers would haunt the battles in search of Golds yet to drop, and the thirst for shiny boxes would dominate their minds, rendering them incapable of coherent speech and play.


Effect Min. Rank Price View on Supply Panel View in Garage
Automatically used to operate an equipped drone.



Supply item, used for operating the equipped drone. Does not need to be activated.

One battery powers drone with energy for exactly one minute.

Branded AAA-battery for use in field drones. It was debated if more energy-efficient batteries could be used in drones, but the head of the project insisted on these elements. We speculate, that these batteries remind the head engineer of a child’s dream long lost, a remote-control toy car, which he might have lost, but actually never had.

Nuclear Energy  

Effect Min. Rank View in Battle Drop Zone
Instantly charges your Overdrive to 100%.



Nuclear Energy can only be obtained in battles as a supply drop - it cannot be bought. Nuclear Energy drops only in Matchmaking maps. The drop zone is usually situated in the center of the map.

Nuclear Energy is a very valuable resource, since an extra Overdrive can play a very important role in the course of the battle.

Crystal Box  

Effect Min. Rank - Max. Rank View in Battle Drop Zone
Adds 10 crystals and 10 experience points to your account.



Crystal boxes with a value of 10 crystals drop-in matchmaking battles on maps with a rank of no higher than Sergeant-Major. Crystal boxes drop in the same zones as the usual supplies. The supply boxes themselves will not fall in these battles (except for the Repair Kit and Nuclear Energy).

Getting Supplies

  • The following are the many ways through which you can obtain supplies:
    • Supplies are sold separately in the Garage. However, the Gold Box supply can only be bought in the Shop for Tankoins.
    • Supplies can be obtained via Daily Missions or Special Missions.
    • Supplies can be obtained in daily gifts available only to Premium Account holders.
    • Supplies can be won as part of a contest (e.g. Parkour Survival, THE GAME).
    • Supplies can be obtained via a promotional code.
    • Supplies can be obtained by opening containers, Ultra containers, or Pit Stop Boxes, but not every container will guarantee you a pack of supplies!

Features of Supplies

  • Supply boxes remain on the ground until someone picks them up. However, it wasn't always like this, as long ago, boxes would simply vanish into thin air if someone didn't pick them up.
  • After a box is taken, the next one will drop exactly in a time of 104 seconds.
  • If a Gold Box supply is used, it will drop exactly 10 seconds after the notification.
  • At the end of the match, all boxes are terminated from the map.
  • Supply drop zones can be disabled in the Settings.