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If you're seeing sparks all over your tank or yellow numbers all over your enemies, you can thank Supercharge Icon Supercharge.png. So go ahead and put on some dry socks, because this article tells you all about this electric effect. Let the crackling commence!


Supercharge is a status effect applied by certain overdrives. When a tank is Supercharged, every hit they make on an enemy will deal critical damage and apply any effects associated with that turret/augment's critical shot. Supercharge does not force a critical hit from Mines or from augments that remove the critical hit from a turret.

Supercharged tanks are identifiable from having this symbol above them: Icon Supercharge.png


The only way to protect yourself from a Supercharged enemy (aside from the usual ways of reducing damage: Boosted Armor, drone effects, and Titan's overdrive) is with one of two special modules.


Armadillo: This special module, which can only be found in ultra containers, will provide 5-50% protection from all critical hits. When wearing this module, enemies that attempt to attack you with supercharge may find themselves dealing disappointing amounts of damage.

Spectrum: This unique module, which takes up all unlocked slots, protects equally from all types of damage, with the exception of Terminator's regular damage. Because its protection includes critical damage (even from Terminator), it is an effective protection against supercharged enemies. It is very rare, and can only be obtained through victories in esports or contributions to the game's operation.

Activating Supercharge

Left Hornet's Overdrive

Players with this overdrive active are not to be trifled with, capable of finding and dispatching enemies with ease.

  • In addition to revealing and weakening enemies, Hornet's overdrive Supercharges the user for seven seconds.

Left Dictator's Overdrive

Truly a boon to its team, dictator's overdrive sends a wave of several helpful effects to friendly tanks nearby.

  • As well as activating all supplies and charging nearby overdrives, Dictator's overdrive Supercharges the user and all teammates within their overdrive's range for five seconds.

There are plans to add new options to get the «Supercharge» status-effect in the future, for example by picking up certain Drop Boxes in the battle.