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Stars are mainly a form of points to complete monthly challenges. They can be obtained from matchmaking battles only, but they are also available for purchase from the shop. Stars are used as resources for the war to determine a faction's victory. Stars are also used for Star Hunts which are week events from time to time in which players can win prizes by completing tiers of a specified amount of stars.

Stars are used for:

  • For the biweekly challenges, players need to earn 1 000 stars over the course of two weeks in order to complete a challenge. It is recommended to do around 75 stars a day. You can check how many stars needed to do per day with the calculator on the challenges page of the wiki.
  • For the war, players are to obtain the specified amount of stars required to obtain the rewards from that war and do so by capturing a territory with stars on the war map. Usually, a player should obtain as many stars as possible before the war ends.
  • For star hunts, are events in which players can accumulate Stars in battles and receive prizes based on the amount of Stars accumulated. These events aren't run on a scheduled basis and the dates and prizes of the event are up to the developers. The event usually lasts for the duration of a week.

Earning Stars

Players usually are able to earn stars from battles by the following:

Number of Stars Earned by the following
Players that received 3 stars, but doubles with a premium account.
Players that received 2, stars but doubles with a premium account.
Top 2 players on the winning team or top 1 player on the losing team.
Players that reached 3rd and 4th place on the winning team and 2nd and 3rd place on the losing team OR players that received 1 star, but doubles with a premium account.
The rest of the players that were active during the battle, mainly players that managed to obtain at least 70 score points.
Players that literally did nothing in the battle to affect the outcome.

The second way to earn stars is by completing Missions. For each daily mission you complete, you will receive 50 stars and for each weekly mission, you will receive 150 stars.

Purchasing Stars

Stars can also be purchased directly from the shop for tankoins instead of having to earn them by playing. Currently, they are priced as follows:

  • 3x stars: 40 MiniTankoin.png
  • 30x stars: 376 MiniTankoin.png
  • 150x stars: 1 800 MiniTankoin.png
  • 300x stars: 3 120 MiniTankoin.png
  • 900x stars: 8 960 MiniTankoin.png
  • 3000x stars: 28 400 MiniTankoin.png

Stars purchased from the shop will also be counted for any ongoing conflicts, Wars, and/or challenge.

Interesting Facts

  • Stars were first introduced on July 30th, 2018 along with the War: Domination.
  • Stars have been made available for direct purchase from the Shop since September 2019 challenge.