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Paint Spectre.png

Garage | Container | Special

Type Garage paint
Price in Garage 16 000 MiniTankoin.png
Rarity Legendary
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Found in Containers Yes
Purchasable in Garage Yes
Description in Garage
This paint has been developed using the latest in quantum research technologies, which allow for probability effects to be applied to a macroworld. The first thought of the creators was to finally do the Schrodinger's cat experiment, but it was blocked by animal rights activists. So instead, they made this paint. If you don't mind all of the complex mathematics and scientific research, it's just a monochromatic paint of a green... wait, Blu... wait... red color. Oh for the love of!... Yellow! AAA! Purple! That's it, I'm done, write this description yourself.

Spectrum is an animated paint in Tanki Online. It can be purchased in the Garage for 16 000 tankoins or obtained randomly by opening a Container.

Interesting facts

  • The paint was available for purchase in a special offer from October 24 to November 28, 2017.


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