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Smart Cooldowns and Predictable Drops

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Introduction and History

Smart cooldowns and predictable drops were introduced on 29 September and 18 November 2014 respectively. Together with the introduction of smart cooldowns, all the supplies in a player's garage were doubled, a move designed to allow players to get accustomed to the new system without wasting supplies. Interestingly enough, both these updates were not well received by the English community and actually had negative ratings on their respective developer threads.

Yes, crystals used to drop from the sky

Initially, predictable drops also included the drop points of crystal boxes (which have since been removed from the game). Crystal boxes could contain 1,5,10,20 or 100 crystals, depending on rate of increase of battle fund. However, this resulted in a sharp increase of mults (saboteurs) and crystal collectors in team battles, causing the quality of play to decline sharply. Thus, due to player feedback, crystal drops and their respective predictable drop signs have since been removed from the game altogether and any crystals that would have dropped as boxes are now added to the battle fund.

Gold Box Experiments


There were also a few noticeable changes to the gold boxes and its notifications since the update. At first, gold boxes dropped at random timings after the gold box notification. The location of the gold box drop was marked by a predictable drop point with a unique gold box sign. Therefore, players knew where the gold box would drop but remained in the dark as to when it would drop. Player feedback has seen developers change this random interval multiple times to fixed intervals between the siren and the falling of the gold box. These intervals ranged from 1 minute, to 20 seconds, to immediately after the siren. Eventually, developers settled with dropping the gold box 30 seconds after the notification, the ideal timing for minimum disruption of gameplay and providing everyone a fair chance at catching the gold box. The gold box also now had an increased number of potential drop points, indicated after the siren when a tank is in close proximity with the drop point.


This guide will attempt to explain the logic and mechanics behind these features and provide key ideas and tips on their correct utilization. This would encourage a more tactical approach to every match and allow conservation of garage supplies while delivering the upper hand to the tanker that best complements map supplies with garage supplies.

Before the Update

Before the update, drop points and the supplies dropped at these points were not distributed evenly and multiple supplies often dropped at a point. This meant that the picking up of these supplies by players was based mostly on luck and players often neglected these supplies, failing to factor in these supplies and their respective drop points as an integral part of the game. Moreover, supplies picked from the map only lasted 30 seconds (only applicable to DD, DA and Speed Boost). Garage supplies on the other hand, lasted 1 whole minute and a player could activate all supplies at once. The cooldowns of supplies were localized in effect, meaning activating one supply would not affect the cooldown of other supplies. Supply drops that were not picked for a certain period of time would eventually blink and disappear. Given the circumstances, certain players tended to rely only on garage supplies and many tankers began lamenting the prevalence of games ruined by 'druggers'.

After the Update (Brief)

Smart Cooldowns

Supplies (only applicable to DD, DA and Speed Boost) now each last for 45 seconds, regardless of whether they are picked from the map or whether they are garage supplies. This places emphasis on supplies dropped in a map. Activating one supply would send some other supplies into cooldown, meaning that not all supplies can be activated at once. This encouraged the use of map supplies and drop boxes.

Predictable Drops

Drop points and the respective supplies that dropped there are now fixed, with only 1 particular supply dropping at a particular point.

Players could now see predictable drop points on the floor.

Not to mention, supply drops no longer expire. They stay in place until picked up by players. This means, players could now factor in these drop points into their gameplay.

For example, in a CTF match, a player could plan routes which would include speed boost and double armor drop points into the enemy base. After grabbing the enemy flag, he could then take routes with repair kits along the way on his escape. Effective control of supply drop points in a match by a team often defines the battle outcome. Likewise, in DM matches, control of supply drop points gives a player the upper hand. This advantage of using map supplies is further accentuated by the introduction of smart cooldowns.

DD can be activated by the player from his garage supplies. Remember, if you do not take these supply drops, your opponents will. On the other hand, if there are teammates in the vicinity and there are no opponents around, take what you need and leave the rest for your teammates, especially if they can make better use of the supplies than you.

Detailed breakdown of smart cooldowns

Supplies are divided into 3 main categories.

Primary Supplies

100px-Bonus double armor.png 100px-Bonus double power.png

  • Lasts for 45 seconds.
  • When activated, sends secondary and primary supplies into 15 second cooldowns.
  • Activation does not affect cooldowns of tertiary supplies.
  • The same supply can only be reactivated 15 seconds after the initial supply has been used up.
  • Activation of tertiary or secondary supplies send primary supplies into 15 second cooldowns.

Secondary Supplies

100px-Bonus nitro.png

  • Lasts for 45 seconds.
  • When activated, sends primary supplies into 15 second cooldowns.
  • Activation does not affect cooldown of tertiary supplies.
  • The same supply can only be reactivated 15 seconds after the initial supply has been used up.
  • Activation of primary supplies sends secondary supplies into 15 second cooldowns.
  • Activation of tertiary supplies do not affect cooldown of secondary supplies.

Tertiary Supplies

Mine wiki (1).png 100px-Bonus first aid.png

  • When activated sends primary supplies and the other tertiary supply into 15 second cooldowns.
  • Activation does not affect cooldown of secondary supplies.
  • The same supply can only be reactivated 30 seconds after the initial supply has been used up.

This new system means that players now have to plan carefully the order their garage supplies are activated. Moreover, it is now impossible to activate DD, DA and Speed Boost at the same time using garage supplies. The only way to ‘triple drug’ would be to combine map supplies with garage supplies.

Strategies and Execution

Now we know the basics of how smart supplies operate and the essence of predictable drops, we shall now delve into a few methods and strategies taking advantage of these features to create more tactical gameplay and give you an edge over fellow tankers.

Remember all those annoying tankers pre-update who seemed to enjoy an inexhaustible reserve of supplies? Now you can play like them without having to throw your garage supplies down the drain. All you have to do is be aware of your surroundings and the location of predictable drop points.

For example in a Serpuhov CTF, these are the locations of the respective predictable drops. Serpuhov1.jpg

Clearly, one should plan routes that pass through as many drop points as possible. I suggest picking a route with Double Armor and Speed Boost on your way to the enemy base. These are the 2 essential supplies that need to be activated/picked for a successful flag capture. In the event that both supplies can be picked from the ground, feel free to activate Double Damage and rumble your way to success. On your way back to your base, pick a route with as many repair kit drop points as possible. This, combined with the repair kit from your garage, would make your tank almost invincible, even if you are using a light tank.