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Battle Modes Rank of Availability IconsSmall 06.png Sergeant Number of Drop Zones
Dm mode.pngDM
Tdm mode.pngTDM
Ctf mode.pngCTF
Cp mode.pngCP (5)
Maximum Players 20 (10×10) Repair kit drop.png Double armor drop.png Double power drop.png Nitro drop.png Gold droped.png *
Map Size Big 7 8 9 11 24
Themes (Skyboxes) Urban day, Space Dimensions (in Props)
Date of First Appearance 02.06.2014 l w h A V
Creator Game Developers 43 32 50 1376 68800
Drop Zones

Interesting Facts

  • Skyscrapers was previously known as Abyss. They were changed over on June 3rd, 2014