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Showcase offers are special offers that are available in the HTML5 Shop. Each of these offers contain a skin and an Mk2 variation of the respective turret or hull, along with other items. Cheaper offers may only come with a skin and a paint while more expensive offers contain items like augments and shot effects.

Shop refresh button.png

The shop resets twice a day with new offers replacing the old ones. There is no way to predict which offers will be available next, however, if you do not want to wait for the offer of your choice to appear in the shop, there is a "Refresh" button that refreshes the shop. You get a free refresh every six hours, but the button can be pressed more than once by paying a certain amount of Tankoins. The starting price is 10 Tankoins, and it increments by an additional ten Tankoins with every use of the button.

Below, there is a detailed table with each offer and the items included in it. It is important to remind you that some skins do not have a special offer, for example Isida XT, Hornet UT etc.


Skin Name Contents Price
Icon XT skin.png Black Dragon Firebird XT.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Firebird Mk2, Ancient dragon, Black, Incendiary mix
Icon DC skin.png Lucifer Firebird DC.png 9 990 Tankoin.png
Firebird Mk2, Alien, Magma, Compact fuel tanks
Icon XT skin.png Cold FreezeXT.png 9 990 Tankoin.png
Freeze Mk2, Touch of Chill, Snow, Shock freeze
Icon XT skin.png Crucible of War Hammer XT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Hammer Mk2, Living Armor,Blood, Dragon Breath
Icon XT skin.png Storm Twins XT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Twins Mk2, Electric Sheep, Electric, Stable plasma
Icon XT skin.png Reptile RicochetXT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Ricochet Mk2, Alien Regeneration, Toxic, Plasma torch
Icon Legacy skin.png Citrus Fresh Skin ricochet legacy.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Ricochet Mk2, Lime, Gold, Berserk
Icon XT skin.png Cobra Gang Smoky XT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Smoky Mk2, Flowing Metal,Autocannon
Icon XT skin.png Jaws StrikerXT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Striker Mk2, Flow, Blue, Missile launcher "Uranium"
Icon XT skin.png The Predator Vulcan XT.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Vulcan Mk2, Siberian Tiger, Shooting speed regulator
Icon Prime skin.png Commando Skin vulcan prime.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Vulcan Mk2, Roger, Reinforced aiming transmission
Icon XT skin.png Mess Thunder XT.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Thunder Mk2, Runes, Small caliber charging machine
Icon Legacy skin.png Old Friend Thunder Legacy.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Thunder Mk2, Eternity, Subcaliber rounds
Icon Prime skin.png Mjlonir ThunderPR.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Thunder Mk2, Lightning Storm, "Sledgehammer" rounds
Icon Ultra skin.png Butcher Thunder Ultra Skin.png 9 990 Tankoin.png
Thunder Mk2, Steak, "Sledgehammer" rounds
Icon XT skin.png Arcade Railgun XT M3.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Railgun Mk2, Tic-Tac-Toe, Gold, Electromagnetic accelerator "Scout"
Icon Prime skin.png Shadow Skin railgun prime.png 9 990 Tankoin.png
Railgun Mk2, Obsidian, Darkness, "Death Herald" compulsator
Icon Ultra skin.png Alpha Railgun ultra.png 12 990 Tankoin.png
Railgun Mk2, Monochrome, White, Round Destabilization
Icon XT skin.png Old West MagnumXT.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Magnum Mk2, Drought, Eclipse, Reinforced gun carriage
Icon XT skin.png Ghost ShaftXT.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Shaft Mk2, Nightmare, Aqua, Rapid-fire mode
Icon XT skin.png Nuclear Wasp XT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Wasp Mk2, Radioactive Jelly
Icon XT skin.png Gladiator Hornet XT M3.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Hornet Mk2, Nanosuit Armor
Icon Legacy skin.png Eternal Hornet Legacy.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Hornet Mk2, Inferno
Icon Prime skin.png Lawkeeper Hornet Prime.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Hornet Mk2, Busted
Icon XT skin.png Freedom Viking XT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Viking Mk2, Northern Lights
Icon Legacy skin.png Modest Viking Legacy.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Viking Mk2, Matrix
Icon Prime skin.png Mushroomer Skin viking prime.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Viking Mk2, Badger-Badger
Icon Ultra skin.png Drakkar Viking Ultra Skin.png 8 790 Tankoin.png
Viking Mk2, Badger-Badger
Icon XT skin.png Steel HunterXT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Hunter Mk2, Heart of Steel
Icon Prime skin.png Hacker Skin hunter prime.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Hunter Mk2, Tessaract Camo
Icon XT skin.png Factory New DictatorXT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Dictator Mk2, Silver Bricks
Icon XT skin.png Warrior Titan XT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Titan Mk2, Barbed Wire
Icon XT skin.png Party Boy Mammoth XT.png 4 290 Tankoin.png
Mammoth Mk2, Disco 2.0
Icon Legacy skin.png Mechanic Skin mammoth legacy.png 5 990 Tankoin.png
Mammoth Mk2, Gears