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For tankers don't mind chasing their prey a little bit before knocking them around and chewing through them, a short-range turret is the perfect tool. This class of turrets, consisting of two plasma-based weapons and a shotgun, can be difficult to make sense of, so if you're wondering which is the right fit for you, you're in the right place.


Turret hammer m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngShot travels instantly
Plus.pngHigh damage and impact force in each shot
Plus.pngCritical hit deals full damage to anyone hit by a pellet
Plus.pngPellets can hit multiple enemies after spreading out
Plus.pngCan hit enemies around a corner by bouncing the shot
Minus.pngPellet spread means far-out enemies won't receive full damage and impact force
Minus.pngLong clip reload after 3 shots
Minus.pngSmall risk of self damage from shooting directly at a wall

Why players like it

  • "Burst damage"..."high damage in one shot"
  • "Doesn't need to expose itself all the time"
  • "Strong impact force"
  • "Fast reload"
  • "Interesting ability to severely damage one target with a normal shot or several targets with a critical shot"


Turret twins m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngNever runs out of ammo
Plus.pngHighest overall damage and impact force over time
Plus.pngSplash damage can hit groups of nearby enemies
Plus.pngVery low recoil
Plus.pngProjectiles deal full damage even at their farthest range
Minus.pngSlow projectiles make it hard to hit far-out or moving enemies
Minus.pngSplash damage can hit your own tank at super-close range
Minus.pngSlightly lower outer range than other short-range turrets

Why players like it

  • "Unlimited ammunition"
  • "Great impact for hitting light hulls around"
  • "It's the best in small and medium maps"


Turret ricochet m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngGood damage and impact force output
Plus.pngBouncing ability makes it easy to hit inaccessible enemies: enemies behind corners, on different elevation levels, behind other tanks, and in tight spaces
Plus.pngHard for enemies to predict or hide from
Plus.pngRecoil can be useful for stabilizing or augmenting the tank's movement
Minus.pngSomewhat slow projectiles make it hard to hit far-out or moving enemies
Minus.pngShots slow down after using up energy, recharge is slow
Minus.pngSome care is needed to avoid hitting yourself with bounce shots

Why players like it

  • "Ability to bounce of walls and stuff"
  • "Easier than others"
  • "Compared to a turret like Twins, I don't have to worry about self-damage"
  • "Good range"

Side-by-side comparison of Short-Range turrets' stats

Note: Comparisons are between maxed-out turrets with no augments. If there's something you like about a turret, or something you don't, there's probably an augment that modifies that thing, makes it better, or removes it. It's worth checking out the Augments page before making your final decision on a turret to use.

Hammer (Mk7+)
Turret hammer m3.png
Twins (Mk7+)
Turret twins m3.png
Ricochet (Mk7+)
Turret ricochet m3.png
Damage per Shot (hp) 1080 205 350
Reload (s) 1.8 (Shot)
3.0 (Clip)
0.257 0.5 Icon info.png
Damage per second (hp/s) n/a Icon info.png 798 700 Icon info.png
Impact Force 630 Icon info.png 160 (Each shot)
623 (Each second)
200 (Each shot)
400 (Each second)
Range of Max Damage (m) 60 Icon info.png 60 60
Range of Min Damage(m) 70 60 70
Min Damage 25% Icon info.png 100% 25%
Projectile Speed Instant Slow Moderate
Recoil High Low High
Hitting Multiple Enemies Scattered pellets Small splash radius Not possible
Hitting Hidden Enemies Single ricochet Small splash radius Up to 20 bounces
Risk of Self Damage Low from ricochet Moderate from
close-range splash
Moderate from ricochets