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Shards are an in-game currency used for purchasing containers. You can obtain them for free, and exchange them for a container once you have accumulated enough.

Obtaining Shards

Completing Daily Missions
Completing each daily mission will reward shards in addition to the mission's other rewards (Stars, Supplies, Crystals). The shards earned are in proportion to the mission's difficulty:
  • Easy: 30 Shards icon.png
  • Medium: 50 Shards icon.png
  • Hard: 70 Shards icon.png
Watching Ads
Mobile players can watch an ad to earn 10 Shards icon.png.
  • After watching an ad, a player must wait for an hour to watch another. If at the end of the hour it doesn't work, try restarting the app or checking your internet connection.
  • Players can watch up to 10 ads per day, earning up to one additional container.
Obtaining Shards for ads is only applicable on the mobile version!
Passive Accumulation
If a player has less than 100 Shards, they will earn 1 Shards icon.png every 800 seconds (every 13 minutes, 20 seconds) until they have 100 Shards icon.png. To maximize this passive earning, exchange your shards for a container as soon as you reach 100 Shards icon.png.
You can collect as many shards as you like (by watching ads and completing missions), but passive accumulation will stop when you have more than 100 Shards icon.png.
Special Missions
Shards are sometimes rewarded for completing special missions during events! Check the homepage for details.
Community Events
Shards can also be won as part of various community events, such as those held frequently by the Contests, Social Media, and Newspaper team.

Exchanging Shards for Containers

Once a tanker earns 100 shards, they can exchange them for 1x Container preview.png.

Mobile tankers can see their progress towards a container with the progress bar in the containers tab.

Container Progress Bar Mobile.png

A red dot will appear when the player has enough Shards to purchase a container.

The display looks like this for desktop tankers, with a countdown to a full 100 displayed along with the number of shards:

Desktop Container Progress.png

Interesting Facts

  • Shards first appeared in the game on January 29th, 2021.
  • Shards are the third currency in the game, after crystals and tankoins.
  • Passive accumulation can earn you one container every 80,000 seconds, or every 22 hours, 13 minutes, and 20 seconds. If you immediately exchange all passive shards for a container, that equates to 394 per year!
  • Completing all daily missions can earn the tanker 547 containers per year - three containers every two days.
  • If a player constantly earns passive shards (i.e. always purchases a container when able to afford one), and also completes all daily missions, they will earn 941 containers in a year, in addition to any they earn from watching ads.
  • If a player is on mobile, they can earn up to 365 additional containers per year from watching ads, for a grand total of 1306 if they constantly earn passively and complete missions.