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Entering the game

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The game servers work around the clock. Usually, there is a restart of all servers at 02:00 UTC+0 or 03:00 UTC+0 (depending on Daylight Savings), which makes them unavailable for around five-ten minutes. Downtime is sometimes lengthened if major maintenance is required.

You can use the following direct link to access the servers from your browser:


Standalone Flash Player

Alternatively, if you prefer to use Standalone Flash Player, you will find the link below:

Just copy one of the following links, go to File → Open → and paste it.


TEST 1 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e1.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 2 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e2.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 3 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e3.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 4 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e4.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 5 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e5.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 6 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e6.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 7 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e7.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true
TEST 8 http://tankionline.com//AlternativaLoader.swf?config=e8.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s-test.tankionline.com&lang=en&locale=en&test_server=true

After you enter a link for the first time it is saved in the menu.

There are three ways to get into private battles using Standalone Flash Player:

  1. You can join the battle using a browser. Then you need to copy the URL from the address bar and open it using Standalone Flash Player. In this case you get right into the battle.
  2. You can copy the URL right into the chat and then click on it (in this case other players will also be able to see the battle)
  3. You can be invited by a friend who is currently in the battle.


Plus.png Works faster
Plus.png There is no need to keep your browser open
Minus.png Links to battles (including links to private battles) do not work
Minus.png Links to websites of payment systems don’t work – it is better to use a browser
Minus.png You need to close the player to re-enter the game

Unfortunately, joining a specific battle by clicking a link to it isn't possible on Standalone Flash Player. However, you may send a private message containing the link to yourself in chat and join the battle that way.

Sequence of actions

Download the program:

Launch it:
Go to File → Open → Select a Server link from the list and paste it.

If you use Windows it is possible to create separate shortcuts to make the Flash Player automatically go to the necessary server. To do this, you need to create a shortcut leading to downloaded file called flashplayer_25_sa.exe, then open its properties, find a line called "Object:", put a space just after the name of the file and enter the link of the server you need.

Note: The standalone version of Flash player saves cache in Internet Explorer’s temporary files.

Creating Standalone Flash Player Shortcuts

  1. Download the Standalone Flash Player .exe file and find it in the download folder:
    Flash player std.png
  2. Right click on the file and select 'Copy to' > 'Desktop (create shortcut)'
  3. A new shortcut will be created and placed on your desktop:
    Flash player shortc.jpg
  4. Right click on it, select 'Properties'
  5. In "Properties" window, you will see the word "Destination". Paste the link of the server you want (one of those listed above) into that field.
  6. Make sure to leave a space between the document link that was already there and the link you pasted:
    Flash player shrtf.png