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Rules for clans

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Clan creation rules

If you're interested in creating a new clan this is the guide for you.
First of all you should read the rest of this page.
Then you have to find a few players who want to join your clan. If you do not have enough players to create a clan you should look at the page How to join a clan, or recruit them in the chats (without flooding). Creating a topic in the forum for this operation is forbidden.
Once you have gathered a decent group of players (at least 10 preferably), you have to create the clan topic in the right section: Newcomers. This can be found on the forum here: Newcomers
The topic title contains the name of the clan. The first post contains the clan design, with a list of the members, the requirements to join the clan, contacts, and so on. Stealing this kind of content from other clans is strictly forbidden. All clan members are recommended to post a message clearly stating their membership in the clan. A member is not considered one until he posts his confirmation message.
Once you have been well established as a clan, you will eventually be moved to Tier 2 if your performance as a clan merits this.

1.General Provisions

1.1 The rules of Tanki Online eSports (hereinafter referred to as the eSports Rules) regulate the organization of eSports in the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game Tanki Online, and cover all eSports categories and eSporting activities carried out within the community. These Rules are an extension of the general Game rules of Tanki Online and do not abolish the latter's validity under any circumstances.

1.2 The eSports management is represented by the staff of the Tanki Online MMO video game, as well as their assistants involved (hereinafter referred to as the Administration).

1.3 The Administration develops the Rules, Regulations and Requirements of categories, tournaments, eSports events as well as other relevant documents and reserves the right to make amendments to these without prior notice to players.

1.4 Terms used in the eSports Rules are clearly defined in the eSports Terminology.

1.5 The Administration reserves the right to approve, rename, merge, close or remove any topic within the eSports section of the Tanki Online forum without notice if they are deemed to fail the requirements or the rules and regulations of the eSports section and subsections.

1.6 Points at issue not covered by these Rules are resolved by the Administration at its discretion.

1.7 Upon entering the eSports community (including but not limited to clans, special events, tournaments, duelling sections, specialists clubs) players thereby indicate that they have familiarised themselves with and agree to abide by the eSports Rules as well as any specific rules governing the sections and / or the events they attend and that all throughout the duration of their eSports career.

1.8 Any major revisions and updates made to the eSports Rules and Regulations will be promptly communicated in the eSports News section. It is the duty of all eSports participants, clan leaders and clan members to familiarise themselves with the changes as soon as they are published as they will take effect immediately

2. Participation at eSports Events

2.1 The administration reserves the right to disqualify any players or teams from an event or tournament and may withhold part or the totality of any prizes won by the participants should they be found not to comply with any of the eSports Rules or rules of the event or tournament they take part in.

2.2 It is strictly forbidden to take part in a tournament or tournament game without prior formal registration for the tournament or without having undergone the formal procedures allowing for an introduction into an ongoing tournament.

2.3 It is strictly forbidden to take part in any given tournament with more than one account.

2.4 Commitment :

2.4.1 Once registered participants commit to play the matches for a tournament on the days and time specified in the tournament programme. 2.4.2 Organizers have the right to decline requests for changes in time or date of a match if it had previously been clearly agreed upon by all parties concerned. 2.4.3 Participants agree that their lateness or no-show at a scheduled match may automatically result in a loss by forfeit.

2.5 Conduct :

2.5.1 Participants are responsible for their own behaviour and conduct towards others. 2.5.2 Teams, Team leaders and Team Representatives are responsible for the conduct of their whole team as well as individual team members. 2.5.3 Each participating individuals should familiarise themselves with the list of eSports Violations and ensure they or their team and team members do not commit any such violations. 2.5.4 Failure to keep disciplined may result in sanctions taken by the organisers against individual participants as well as teams as a whole.

2.6 Liabilities :

2.6.1 It is the responsibility of all participants to verify parameters of maps before engaging into battle and request for maps to be recreated with the proper parameter set where necessary before starting the battle. 2.6.2 In cases where both participants played on a map with a wrong parameter set both teams are liable to the outcome of the match. 2.6.3 Organisers reserve the right to disregard claims for a replay or taking measures to rectify the outcome of a match with improper map parameters if both contenders consented to playing on it. 2.6.4 All participants should ensure they have the required in-game equipment, supplies and passes for duration of any event they take part in, and should they run out of any during the course of the event they will be solely held liable for it. 2.6.5 All participants are responsible for gathering evidence of wins, draws, violations, mistakes or forfeits and are responsible to submit those for validation within the time period allocated for doing so as per the event programme. 2.6.6 Quality of evidence submitted should be conform to the regulations described in the Regulations for Claims, Appeals and Evidence.

2.7 Lags and disconnects :

2.7.1 Lags and disconnects are part of on-line gaming and are heavily dependant on the quality and stability of the player's equipment and internet connection to the game servers. 2.7.2 Participants agree to take part in eSports events and tournaments at their own risks and shall not hold the administration or the game makers accountable for issues related to their internet connection or equipment. 2.7.3 Participants suffering from lags should do their best to reduce it (refresh, reload, close other CPU or bandwidth consuming programs, connecting to their routers directly via cable, etc...) and are obligated to do so if asked by their opponents during a battle. 2.7.4 Teams should substitute a lagging player upsetting the balance of a match at the earliest opportunity or if asked by their opponents. 2.7.5 Players or teams taking advantage of lags on their own side to tip the match balance in their favour may be sanctioned by the event organisers.

2.8 All ties, complaints and disputes are to be settled by the tournament organisers.

2.9 Participants agree and accept the fact that there is an element of luck in all sports and should therefore not hold the organisers or the administration liable for unlucky misfortunes.

3. Engaging with Opponents

3.1 Pre-match arrangements :

3.1.1 Each events features a table of information or grid with the details of each registered participants, their contacts and their next opponents.

3.1.2 Participants are required to find their respective opponents and establish contacts with them as soon as the information on the table gets updated.

3.1.3 Participants and their opponents should settle any details pertaining to their upcoming match within the scope of the event they are taking part in. This includes maps cross-outs, selection of battle formats, agreeing on a date and time of engagement, or simply confirming their attendance at the event on the designated day and time.

3.1.4 Participants should promptly inform the event organisers if they were unable to establish contact with their opponent or if they were unable to agree on a common time for their engagement. Depending on the case the organisers may set an Appointed Match Time or, at their discretion, make changes in the event organisation or schedule.

3.1.5 As per Regulations for Claims, Appeals and Evidence participants should be able to provide clear evidence of their interaction with their opponents upon making any claims.

3.1.6 Event organisers have the right to penalize the least cooperative party during any negotiations.

3.2 Match Day arrangements :

3.2.1 Participants should agree on which one of them will create the map to be played upon in the game. Team captains, Leaders or Representatives may delegate this task to one of either teams' members as long as all required map parameters are correctly set and all players from both side can join.

3.2.2 All maps should be made on EN servers which are the least busy on the moment they are to be created.

Empty servers - Appropriate for making eSports games.

Full Servers - NOT Appropriate for making eSports games!

3.2.3 Links to battle should be distributed to the opponent (or the representatives of the opponent team) in private through Skype or in-game invites. Representatives are responsible for redistributing the links to the rest of their team in private.

3.2.4 Map resets are allowed only if it is requested during the preparation time. A round can be reset only once. Any member of either team can make the request and the other team has to comply.

3.2.5 On match day participants are obliged to observe a 15 minutes waiting time to give their opponents a last chance at making contact. If despite the extra waiting an opponent still did not reply, or did not turn up as agreed or appointed, participants should gather all evidence proving that they tried their best to make contact with the opponent and file a claim with the event organisers as per Regulations for Claims, Appeals and Evidence.

4. Participation at Live Streamed eSports Events

4.1 The administration reserves the rights to live broadcasts of eSports events.

4.2 Upon registering for an event participants indicate their consent to the administration holding live broadcasts of their matches and performance to a wider audience.

4.3 The administration does not guarantee live broadcasts of all eSports events, nor the entirety of any events being covered. The administration reserve the right to select which events or part thereof it will broadcast.

4.4 Schedules, Announcements and Commitment :

4.4.1 The administration sets the date and time for live broadcast events. 4.4.2 The administration may consult participants or Team Representatives and the Broadcasting Crew prior to setting the schedule for live broadcast events. 4.4.3 Announcements for the live streams will be made across the multiple announcement platforms used by the game, including but not limited to in-game announcements, forums, popular social networks and the main portal. 4.4.4 Once set and communicated officially, the time and date of any live broadcast event may not be changed. All participants shall commit to be present in the game at least 5 minutes before the set time. 4.4.5 Team representatives may be prompted to confirm the attendance status of their team several minutes to a few hours before the set time. 4.4.5 The administration reserves the right to indefinitely withhold part of or the totality of any prizes of teams not showing up on time for a scheduled live broadcast event.

4.5 In-Game Nicknames of Participants :

4.5.1 Nicknames must not consist entirely of numbers, or a set of or mix of random numbers, symbols and letters. 4.5.2 Nicknames must not contain more than 4 numbers. 4.5.3 Nicknames must be relatively easy to pronounce in English. 4.5.4 Participants with non-compliant nicknames should immediately contact the event organizers upon qualifying for a live broadcast event. 4.5.5 The administration may forbid any participants with non-compliant nicknames from participating in any live broadcast event.

5. Awarding of Prizes

5.1 The administration reserves the right to withdraw any awarded prize from players should they be found to be in violations of the eSports Rules or the Game Rules. The administration may run checks on concerned players at any given time without prior notice.

5.2 Prizes are subject to change and may be reduced depending on sanctions taken against a player or team for misconduct or violation of rules.

5.3 Eligible players are free to forward their prizes to any other account of their choosing as long as they informed the administration or the organisers well in advance, preferably as soon as the event comes to an end. Applicable to in-game consumables only!

5.4 Non-consumable prizes such as special equipments, paints, avatars or any other prizes not falling under the in-game consumable category are non-transferable. These will only be awarded to the eligible players and no one else.

5.5 Prizes offered on a "per player" basis are subject to the following :

5.5.1 Players become eligible for prizes only if they have attended at least 50% of an event and achieved the required position for a prize. 5.5.2 Event Attendance is determined through official results of matches produced. A player is considered to have attended a match if he participated in at least 50% of the match. 5.5.3 Intentionally swapping players in the latter part of a round in an attempt to boost the attendance statistics of a player will be regarded as deceit and will be sanctioned as such.

5.6 The administration reserve the right to indefinitely withhold prizes of teams not showing up on time for a scheduled Live Broadcast Match.

5.7 The administration does not fund any unofficial fan made events. Organisers of such events should provide their own funding and players participating in such events may not hold the administration liable to funding of any sorts for these events.