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Rugby (aka. RGB RGB mode.png) is an interactive game mode. The goal in Rugby is basically to capture the Rugby ball and deliver it to the enemy teams' goal, aswell as to stop the enemy from capturing the ball in return and delivering it to your goal. Battles are limited either by goals (7 goals in standard battles) or by time (10 minutes in standard battles).


In Rugby, the players are in two teams, Red and Blue.

The dropzone for the ball

The Rugby ball is the main object of RGB battles. It will drop in the middle of the map on a randomly selected dropzone. Each map has a different number of dropzones. When the game begins, a team completes a capture, or the ball goes out of the boundaries of the map and self-destructs the ball with spawn in the air above one of the dropzones and start dropping slowly to the ground on a parachute. The player who touches the ball first will capture it. The player will lose the ball if one of the following events occur:

  • The player press's the key F (or the key bound to dropping the flag), then the ball will be thrown into the air away from your tank.
  • The player is destroyed, or self-destructs. Then the ball will stay where the player was destroyed.
  • The player scores a touchdown, in which case the ball will spawn at one of the dropzones.

The object of the battle is to score a touchdown and not to let the enemy complete any touchdowns. To complete a touchdown for your team, you must pick up and capture the ball, then reach the enemies base and touch the goal (if you are on the Blue team you take it to the Red goal and vice-versa). Throwing the ball onto the goal will not score a touchdown, you must capture the ball and touch the goal with your tank. If you complete a capture, the following text will show on the top of your screen <Red/Blue team has scored the goal> and the following indicator will show in the battle log to the right RGB Player Deliver ball.png.

When you are in position of the ball and the standard 'drop flag' key F is pressed, the ball will be thrown into the air away from your tank in a way based on the direction and pitch of your turret, and it will bounce from any obstacles. This way, you can pass the ball over a low obstacle or an enemy tank.

Rugby ball self-destructing

If the ball goes out of the accessible boundaries of the map, or is not captured by any player for more than 30 seconds, the ball will self-destruct and begin its spawning process at a dropzone.

Images & Items

In-Game Item Purpose
Rugby ball.png
Rugby Ball
The Rugby ball, which both teams compete over take to the other teams' goal in order to complete a capture.
RGB ball dropzone.png

Rugby Ball dropzone
The place where the Rugby Ball drops when the battle starts, after it has been captured, or after it self-destructed.

Marker blue.png

Blue Goal
This is the Blue goal indicator showing from a distance where the Blue Goal is located.

Marker red.png

Red Goal
This is the Red goal indicator showing where the Red Goal is located.

Marker green.png

Ball position
The balls' position indicator shows where on the map the Rugby ball is at the moment. If it is over a ball dropzone, it shows that the ball will drop there.

Icons & Indicators

Icon / Indicator Purpose
RGB Player Deliver ball.png
Indicates that a player has scored a touchdown.
RGB Player lose ball.png
Indicates that a player has lost the ball (from being destroyed).
RGB Player pick ball.png Indicates that a player has picked up the Rugby ball.
RGB Player threw ball.png Indicates that a player has thrown the Rugby ball.

Statistics & Facts

  • Rugby was added into the game on January 27, 2018.
  • Rugby mode was added as a PRO battle mode for the map Stadium on February 23, 2018.
  • When the ball is caught, it will spin above the tank.
  • When the ball is thrown, it will realistically spin in the air.

  • Upon self-destructing, the player loses 10 points of their battle score and loses 1 kill to their name.
  • If a player manages to kill an enemy on their own, they receive 10 EXP points and 15 points to their battle score.
  • If multiple players assisted to destroy an enemy, each player receives 5 points to their battle score along with 5 EXP points each.
  • Healing a player with isida, gives 5 points to their battle score along with 5 EXP points.

  • Player who scored a touchdown in Rugby mode receives 10 EXP points along with 50 points to their battle score.
  • Two or more players who assisted in scoring a goal receive 5 EXP points along with 25 points to their battle score each.
  • The standard maximum captures for Matchmaking Rugby battles is 7.
  • If the ball goes out of the accessible boundaries of the map, or is not captured by any player for more than 30 seconds, it will self-destruct.