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Community Managers
They are responsible for EN Community. He makes sure that announcements are submitted at the right time, takes care of helper teams, always passes feedback from players to developers and so on.
They are in charge of developing the game, their tasks are to plan, design, fix, change, and produce future updates focusing on improving the game project. Developers don't take part in moderation.
Technical Support
Also known as They deal with account thefts, blocks and unblocks, mistakes in payments, items that disappeared from Garage. Technical support takes part in moderation of the project.
Head Administrators
They are involved in running the community. They help the management with various tasks, be it scheduling announcements, checks, taking care of community helper teams, and EN Community in general.
They perform the same functions as the helpers in their own specific groups. However, they are empowered with greater authority and they manage and oversee the helpers in that group.
Chat Moderators
They observe the chat, helping players in need while making sure nobody's breaking any rules and deal with violations.
Forum Moderators
They also help players, but mainly focus on monitoring the game forum to make sure there are no irrelevant posts/topics and violations of the rules.
Battles' Moderators
They monitor the battles to make sure nobody's breaking any rules and deal with violations.
Newspaper Reporters
They provide a monthly newspaper for the game - full of guides, reviews, interviews, stories and exciting contests. Up-to-date reviews of recent changes in the game are also published as early as possible.
eSports Helpers
They work on all official eSports events, including tournaments related to Clans and Free Sports.
Wiki Editors
They keep the Wiki up-to-date and packed with the latest changes, gameplay advice, game history and video guides.
Social Media Moderators
Social media moderators are responsible for everything related to the official social networks page's of Tanki Online. They answer questions, both in comments and in the page's PM. They are also responsible for banning violators and helping community managers connect with tankers on the page.
Help Site Consultants
They are responsible of the Help Site - the hub of information in Tanki Online.
Event Helpers
They are responsible of the official community Events held in Tanki Online.
Contests Organizers
They are responsible for managing contests in the Official Contests thread in the forum.
Designers Team
They are responsible for the contents, artworks published to the official platforms in Tanki Online.
Content Helpers (RU)
The RU Content helpers are a creative group that aims to create videos for the game community. The team helps in the filming of “Question of the Week” and parts of the game video for the TO video vlog.
Content Helpers
They are responsible of various tasks, "Assisting", "Rent-A-Spec", "Broadcasting", "Commentating", and "Designing".
Translators and Proofreaders
Translators' job is to translate V-Logs for players into different languages. Proofreaders are responsible for accuracy in messages and announcements.
Broadcasters and Commentators
Broadcasters are an essential component of the live stream team. Commentators provide live-action commentary of the fiercest battles at the pinnacle of Tanki eSports and community events.

Helpers, as well as Administrators of these Helpers' groups, are not responsible for the game's availability.