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Complaint against a player in the game

Imagine that you are in a heated battle, the drops are falling and you're bringing the enemy flag. Suddenly, someone—violating the rules of the game—begins to use third-party software in order to gain an advantage in the game. In this case, you can report them to the battle moderators.

You can report people in battles by any of the two following methods:

1. Using the command:

/vote Nickname

After typing it, press Enter.

For example, if the nickname of the player is Tanker, you would need to write:


2. Click on the nickname of the offender, then click on "Vote":


Warn Red.png
Attention! It should be clear that you should only use the aforementioned methods to complain against a game violation, not a violation in the chat. Players are instructed to either block players who bother them in chat or to disable the chat completely before going into the battle.

If more than 15% of the players in the battle vote against an offender (all participants in the battle, including players from the opposing team), then the battle moderators are notified about the battle.

One of the moderator will join the battle and observe the situation for some time. It must be remembered that a player may be punished with a ban for making a false call. After all, the offender is the player who does not comply with the rules of the game.

It is important to remember a few points:

  • All that is required of you is to send a complaint against the offender in any convenient way. After that, you need to wait.
  • Complaining against an offender with the help of the /vote command is only allowed while in combat. This command is not valid in the chat lobby.
  • If you incorrectly type the command, use the wrong syntax (for example, using \ instead of / or leaving an extra space) or use an incorrect nickname, the system will display an error.
  • If the complaint is sent successfully, then you will see a notification in the battle chat. This notification is displayed only to you - other players in this battle do not see that a complaint has been sent to someone.
  • The violator's nickname is highlighted only if a sufficient number of people complained to him (15% of the battle participants). One or two complaints will not be enough, unless the number of total people is four or less.
  • The complaint is valid as long as the intruder and all who complained are in battle. If someone leaves - the complaint is dropped.
  • You cannot complain about moderators using the /vote command. This should be done by the privately messaging administrators of the respective helper groups.
  • You should not send complaints against players if they did not break the rules. All complaints are logged, and the moderators carefully check everything. For a false complaint, you risk being punished.
  • The violator's nickname can be copied from the battle event log in the upper right corner of the interface, as well as from battle statistics (Tab) or from the combat chat. To do this, simply click on the player's nickname with the left mouse button, then click on the “Copy Name” button:

Complaining in the "Game Reports" chat

If you're not in the battle, but still want to report an offender, then you can do so by complaining in the Game Reports chat channel.

Send a chat message with a link to the battle and the nickname of the offender. Moderators on duty will respond to the complaint. It is important to note that you can only report game violations in this section, not offenders in the chat.

Complaint against a player in the forum

If it occurs that the moderators were not able to join your battle, then you can log a complaint against the offender in a special section of the forum.

  1. Log in to the RU forum
  2. Go to the Russian Game Violation Reports "Нарушители игры" - the section where you need to create a complaint topic.
  3. Create a new topic by Clicking on: Startnewtopic.png
  • You can change the forum language anytime you want at the bottom of the forum:

Guide - /vote Command

IMPORTANT: For a detected and proven attempt of slander, forgery or falsification of evidence/material, the “author” is fully responsible and will be punished with a monthly ban. For a repeated violation - a forever ban.