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Type Helper paint
Rarity Special
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable Yes
Found in Containers No
Purchasable in Garage No
Description in Garage
A special paint for reporters and Tanki Online wiki editors.

Not so long ago war correspondents used personal ID cards to show who they are on the battlefield. But these cards were too small and nobody noticed them. So the Journalists and Wiki Editors Union made a hard decision to wrap newsmen's tanks in a newspaper! This exclusive paint gives protection from swear language, trolling, and flood!

Reporter is a paint in Tanki Online. It is issued to Reporters and Wiki Editors. Players who leave the position will lose the paint.

Old Paint Version

Old Paint Version
Coloring reporter2.png

Interesting facts

  • The creator of the paint is Summer (ex lmprove).
  • Until August 19, 2015, the paint had a different texture, which was based on notes from the newspaper. The author of the old paint texture is ACTPOHOM.


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