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Rent-a-Spec - What Is It?

This is the official forum page of the “Rent-a-Spec” service where you can hire an official spectator for free. You may need a Spectator to record a rank up, get some cool footage for your videos, or even just get an awesome picture of your tank! Our job is to deal with your requests to the best of our ability so you can enjoy some great footage taken in spectator mode. Below, you can find out more information about us and how to submit a request to rent a spectator.

As we have this great service now available, all we ask from players is mutual respect and punctuality. Keep in mind that the standard time of a session is 20 minutes (except for special requests)

What should I do to 'rent' a spectator?

Firstly, you must join our official discord server as that will be the main platform used for dealing with requests.

Once you have joined the server READ THE RULES after you can choose one of the three categories:

  • Video-shoot-requests - channel for video footage requests.
  • Photo-shoot-requests - channel for photo footage requests.
  • Special-requests - channel for special requests (for example, you are making a huge video involving a lot of players, which means it will take more than the standard 30 minutes of allocated time).

How my request should look?

To submit a request you must provide the following details:

  • Your nickname,
  • The reason you need the spectator,
  • The time and date you need the spectator (UTC),
  • Any additional information that you deem necessary.

Here is an example, of what your request should look here and here.

What's next?

After submitting your request, you just need to be patient and wait for one of the spectators to respond. He/she will react to your message with a white heart and will contact you via Discord PM or in the "general-chat" channel on our Discord server.

You will receive all your footage by a link to a file-sharing service within 24 hours. We kindly ask you to download it as soon as possible because it will be deleted after 7 days.

  • You can ask for a voice call (to make it easier to record), but the final decision to be on voice or not depends completely on our helpers.
  • You can report our spectators if you believe they did something against the game's rules or have not fully done their job. To do this, you must upload evidence in the form of screenshots/videos. All complaints are considered and a verdict will be reached within two weeks. Anyone who wants to report a spec needs to contact the admin via forum pm.
  • Check UTC time.
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Being late more than 15 MINUTES automatically cancels your request.
For our spectators to be able to contact you on Discord, you must make sure that your DMs are open.
Breaking any of our rules will most probably result in adding your nickname (and all alternate accounts) to our BLACKLIST!