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Attention! This process is for the desktop version of the game. For information about the mobile version, see Tanki Online Mobile.

Registration begins at the Tanki Online homepage:
Please ensure you're familiar with the Game Rules and the License Agreement before registering!

  1. Click on Play or Download on the middle of the main page.


  2. The registration form will appear. Choose and enter your nickname (20 characters or less) and password here.


    • If the nickname you entered is already in use by another player, you will see the following message:


    • If the password is too simple (for example "123" or "qwerty"), you will see the following message:


  3. After that, re-enter your same password in the third field called Repeat.
    • If the two passwords do not match, you will see the following message:


    • If you incorrectly enter your password multiple times, you will receive the following validation pop-up:


  4. By checking the box above the completion button, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms of the License Agreement, Game Rules and Privacy Policy.
  5. Once all three fields are correct, click on the Complete button. Your new account has now been registered.

Linking an account to an e-mail address

This function is necessary in order for your account to remain secure. It is also helpful in case of emergency situations, such as password recovery or server failure.
The same e-mail address will be used to receive all important e-mails from the game (e.g. confirmation of registration, information about updates etc.). Make sure you link an e-mail address to which you have regular access.

  1. While in the game, click on Settings Settings icon.jpg in the top-right hand corner of the screen.
  2. The Settings window will appear. Enter your e-mail address:


  3. Click on Save. The following message will appear:


  4. Check for an e-mail from Tanki Online. There will be a link to confirm your e-mail address. Open it in your browser, and the following message will appear on the screen:

    Mail check.png

  5. Your account is now linked with your e-mail address.

Entering Tanki Online with Facebook

Everyone who enters the game for the first time will see the registration form. Instead of registering here, new players have the option to sign up via Facebook.

  1. Click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the form.


  2. After that, if you're not already logged into Facebook, the following window will appear. Enter your e-mail and password to log into Facebook:


  3. You will see the following window. Click Continue:


  4. You will then need to enter a nickname for Tanki Online:

    Create account Google Or Facebook.png

  5. After entering your nickname and clicking Accept, your account is now registered. From then on, you will be able to enter the game by simply clicking on the Facebook icon.

Note that you can only link one Tanki Online account to a Facebook profile. If you want to unlink your TO account from Facebook, you may contact customer support and obtain a password.

Creating a new Tanki Google account

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Attention! Currently, creating an account through Google only works in the browser version of the game, not the standalone HTML5 client.

Warn Red.png
Attention! Only one Tanki account can be associated with a single Google account.

1 Everyone who enters the game for the first time will see this form.
Create Account.png

2 Instead of filling in all the forms, you can just click on the Google icon. After that, if you haven't logged into Google, the following window will appear:

3 After entering your e-mail and password connected to Google, a player will see the following window, you will need to enter a nickname for Tanki Online:
Create account Google Or Facebook.png

After entering the desired nickname, you'll be loaded straight to the Lobby as the rank of Recruit. From that moment, you will be able to enter the game by simply clicking on the Google icon.

It is not possible to choose a password for a Tanki account created on Google. Thus you will only be able to play Tanki from this account via Google. If you want to have a password set for your Google account, contact Tech Support.