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Ranks are a visual way to show and compare players' experience, as opposed to just the total number of experience points they earned. The titles and icons for the ranks in Tanki Online are based on real military ranks, with some creative input from the game designers.

There are 31 distinct ranks in the game, from Recruit to Legend. The Legend rank is final, but once a player reaches 1 600 000 points and becomes Legend, after 200 000 more points they will become Legend 2, then Legend 3, and so on indefinitely. The Legend sub-divisions have the same icon and always 200 000 experience until the next Legend rank.

Rank Chart

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Detailed Descriptions of Ranks

  1. IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
  2. IconsNormal 02.png Private
  3. IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter
  4. IconsNormal 04.png Corporal
  5. IconsNormal 05.png Master Corporal
  6. IconsNormal 06.png Sergeant
  7. IconsNormal 07.png Staff Sergeant
  8. IconsNormal 08.png Master Sergeant
  9. IconsNormal 09.png First Sergeant
  10. IconsNormal 10.png Sergeant-Major
  11. IconsNormal 11.png Warrant Officer 1
  12. IconsNormal 12.png Warrant Officer 2
  13. IconsNormal 13.png Warrant Officer 3
  14. IconsNormal 14.png Warrant Officer 4
  15. IconsNormal 15.png Warrant Officer 5
  16. IconsNormal 16.png Third Lieutenant
  17. IconsNormal 17.png Second Lieutenant
  18. IconsNormal 18.png First Lieutenant
  19. IconsNormal 19.png Captain
  20. IconsNormal 20.png Major
  21. IconsNormal 21.png Lieutenant Colonel
  22. IconsNormal 22.png Colonel
  23. IconsNormal 23.png Brigadier
  24. IconsNormal 24.png Major General
  25. IconsNormal 25.png Lieutenant General
  26. IconsNormal 26.png General
  27. IconsNormal 27.png Marshal
  28. IconsNormal 28.png Field Marshal
  29. IconsNormal 29.png Commander
  30. IconsNormal 30.png Generalissimo
  31. IconsNormal 31.png Legend

Crystal Chart

Upon reaching a new rank, the player is rewarded with crystals, with the number of crystals increasing as the rank increases. See the chart in the image below to find out how many crystals are awarded for each rank.

From all rank rewards combined, from Private to Legend, the player will earn a total of 354 010 crystals. After reaching the first Legend rank, the player will continue to get 40 000 crystals for every new Legend rank obtained.

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Attention! Crystal rewards from rank-ups are no longer automatically added to your account. In order to receive your rank up reward, redeem it from the special missions section only in the HTML or mobile versions of the game.

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Experience Points (aka. EXP), are one of the single most important features in Tanki Online. Experience allows you to rank up, which can give you access to play in new maps, unlock new equipment, unlock higher modifications, play in battles with higher-ranked players, gain access to different Forum Groups, etc.

Reading the Experience Bar

Exp bar.png

On the leftmost, your rank is displayed. Near the EXP bar, shows how much total EXP you have earned and the second - the amount of total experience you need to have to get the next rank. It also states exact rank is written in words, apart from your username, and clan tag if you are in a clan.

Ways of Gaining Experience Points

Action Mode Experience Experience w/ premium
Destroying a tank all 40 60
Participating in destroying a tank 20 30
Healing a player with Isida or Shaft (Healing Emitters) 1-20 1-30
Picking up a Crystal Box 10 15
Delivering a flag ASL mode.png 40 60
Capturing the point SGE icon.png 20 30
Participating in capturing the point 20 30
Capturing a flag Ctf mode.png 40 60
Participating in capturing the flag 20 30
Returning the flag 20 30
Capturing a point Cp mode.png 20 30
Neutralizing a point 20 30
Scoring a touchdown RGB mode.png 40 60
Participating in scoring a touchdown 20 30
Destroying the Juggernaut JGR Icon.png 60 90
Participating in destroying the Juggernaut 40 60
In PRO battles, experience points earned in team modes [e.g. capturing the flag (excluding kills and such)] depends on the number of players present in the battle - meaning that if you capture the flag in a 15 vs. 15 battle, for example, you'll get way more experience points than if you would capture the flag in a 1 vs. 1 battle.