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Quick battles

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Quick battles are available for players of all Ranks.

How is the battle chosen?

  • It is not full;
  • It is not a PRO Battle;
  • It can be empty;
  • It can be auto-created (server sometimes creates maps if there are no existing battles with the selected specifications);
  • Players' rank is between minimum and maximum ranks 'limitations of the battle;
  • Battle type is selected according to enabled Battle Modes in Battle Filter.

Those battles that satisfy the conditions below have higher priority for being selected:

  • The battle is almost full;
  • The battle started recently.

If there is no appropriate battle in the list, then it will be auto-created, either by the server or by someone clicking the Quick battle button in the Battle interface. (refer below for picture).


List of Maps for Standard Battles

All standard (automatically generated) battles have the following settings:

Battle Length: 15 minutes;
Battle Mode Limits: 100 kills (DM and TDM), 10 flags (CTF), 100 points (CP, ASL);
Maximum Number of Players: 10 × 10;
Enabled Parameters: Drop Boxes, Gold Boxes, Micro Upgrades, Alterations, Supplies, Overdrive, Smart Supplies, Weapon Change, Auto Balance and Auto Finish

Only in such battles can Black Boxes with Containers fall, instead of regular Gold Boxes. Additionally, Missions can only be completed in these battles.