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Appearance of Shaft in June 2011 caused quite a furore among tankers. After the release Shaft was bought at a rate of 3 pieces per second! Straight after that it was changed and paints with protection from Shaft were released. On the next day it was removed from players' garages, the crystals were given back and the description was changed. Shaft was weak, so it was slightly improved and, before the release, there was an open testing in Test Server. On the first day of testing, the maximum damage of Shaft in aiming mode was 150 - 175 - 200 - 250 HP (for M0 - M1 - M2 - M3), on the second day was 200 - 225 - 275 - 300.

Quick battles are available for players of all Ranks.

How is the battle chosen?

  • It is a battle on the player's current server;
  • It is not full;
  • It is not a PRO Battle;
  • It can be empty;
  • It can be auto-created (server sometimes creates maps for beginners);
  • Players' rank is between min and max ranks 'limitations of the battle;
  • Battle type is selected according to enabled Battle Modes in Battle Filter

Those battles that satisfy the conditions below have higher priority for being selected:

  • Battle is almost full;
  • Battle started recently

If there is no appropriate battle on the current server, then it will be auto-created, either by the server or by someone clicking the Battle! button (refer below for picture).

Quick battle.jpg

Quick Battle Maps (Map Pool)