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Premium accounts banner.png

Premium account is a paid service that gives several bonuses and privileges to its owner. The service appeared in the game on the 21st October 2015; and is available for purchase at any rank.

Obtaining a Premium Account

Getting a Premium Account is possible in a number of ways:

The easiest way is to purchase it from the Shop. To do this, you must go to the special menu, indicated by the Shop icon.png icon in the Lobby and scroll down to the section labeled "Premium Account".

Premium Account in the Shop
Days Price
1 1.99 USD
7 8.99 USD
14 13.99 USD
30 29.99 USD
60 59.99 USD
120 119.99 USD
Premium account information window

After receiving the Premium status, the text "premium" will appear below your rank icon in top-left corner of the Lobby. If you hover it, you can find information about the remaining Premium days and a list of the advantages of owning a Premium Account.

If you already own a Premium account and extend its duration, the extra Premium days will be added to the remaining Premium days you have. Thus, the Premium can be extended in advance, without needing to wait for its expiration.

The expiration date of your premium account is shown on the top left of the screen, below your rank.


Premium Account Bonuses

Purchasing a premium account gives you a number of advantages. These include daily gifts of crystals and supplies, double crystals from battles, 50% more experience from each battle, twice as many stars for each battle during a challenge, and a unique premium paint.
Below is a complete list of the advantages of owning a Premium Account:

Premium rank icon for Legend
  • A special rank icon visible in battles and on your Ratings page.
  • 50% bonus to experience points earned in battles
  • 100% bonus to stars earned in battles
  • 100% bonus to crystals earned in battles

Premium battle.png

In the "Statistics" tab you will see the number of crystals you've earned from the battle. Also, Bonus crystals obtained by using Premium Subscription is not connected to the battle fund in any way. Note that as of 27th July 2018, the bonus crystals earned from a Premium subscription at the end of the battle now appear in the "Reward" column of the killboard as a whole. They are added with the original amount of crystals earned from the battle.
Special paint given to Premium Account holders
  • Premium paint - which is only available to owners of Premium status while their Premium is still active. The paint is removed from the Garage as soon as the Premium subscription is over.
  • Daily bonuses that include 2500 crystals, 3 repair kits, and 10 of each of the other supplies (excluding Batteries and Gold Boxes).
    • The gift begins to be issued the day after the premium account has been activated.
    • The gift is issued at the time interval between the restart of the game servers (occurring at 05:00 Moscow time).
    • The gift is issued only if the premium subscription is active at the time of entry into the game.
    • The bonuses in the gift remain fixed irrespective of the player’s rank.
    • The gift will disappear if you do not log in and claim it every day; gifts do not accumulate over time.
    • You need to visit the "special" tab in the missions section in order to claim your daily gift.
    • Your gift can be claimed right after your premium account was activated.