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Attention! This page contains patch updates of the mobile version only! To view patch updates for the browser version of the game, please see this page: Updates. All of the information below can also be found in the Mobile Version Patch Notes section in the forum.


Patch Update - May 21st

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Updated Ultra Containers with the new «Mammoth Ultra» skin.
  • Made some changes to characteristics of augments and supplies.
  • Merged «Buy» and «Upgrade» buttons.
  • Updated the shop prices of some items.

Patch Update - May 14th

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Updated Ultra Containers with the new Shaft augment «Healing Emitters». It heals your teammates when you hit them.
  • Made some changes to the characteristics of turrets and hulls
  • Changed the reload time of the «Blaster» drone to 3 seconds

Patch Update - April 30

  • May Holidays - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Added Isida’s «Vampire nanobots» augment to Ultra Containers. Enables self-healing when dealing damage to opponents. 50% of damage you deal is added to your HP.
  • Added the special «Daily Tankoin Pass» offer - get Tankoins daily over 30 days.
  • Updated mechanics for Drones and Supplies

Patch Update - April 23

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Added a new «Striker Ultra» skin and a new augment for this turret
  • Added a popup to show rewards
  • Made some changes to Augments
  • Fixed some bugs

Patch Update - April 9

  • Cosmonautics day — new missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Added a new temporary event currency — Energy.
  • Added the «Armadillo» module, «Crisis» drone, and Hammer's new «Blunderbuss» augment into ultra containers.
  • Added the new positive status effect — «Supercharge».
  • Made some changes to the Overdrives of Dictator and Hornet.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Patch Update - March 26

  • Easter in Tanki Online!
  • Added resistance module with protection against critical damage from any turret
  • Added critical damage feature for all turrets
  • Made some changes to Augments

Patch Update - March 19

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Made some changes of Hopper’s overdrive. If you activate it and your tank is destroyed right after that, your overdrive energy won’t be saved.
  • Changed the time needed to make a Crusader’s icicle. Now just 0.7 seconds are needed before shooting!
  • Updated paint descriptions

Patch Update - January 29

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Updated Smoky's default skin to HD quality and added new augments for Smoky
  • Added new currency - «Shards». Collect and exchange them for free containers.
  • Changed MM mechanism - different maps will have different number of players in battles
  • Added the rename feature to the «Account» section of the Settings. Rename your account for tankoins.
  • Fixed some bugs

Patch Update - January 15

  • Crusader now available for crystals in the Garage
  • Ice&Flame – new missions and sales are already in the game!
  • Changed colors of players and teams in battles. Now opponents are always red, while teammates are green
  • Added a green indicator in the chat to show that you are sending a private message
  • Fixed some bugs

Patch Update - December 25

  • Festive season – new missions and sales are already in the game!
  • Replaced Hornet's default skin with the brand new HD model
  • Changes of Crusader's Overdrive
  • Fixed some bugs

Patch Update - December 11

  • Ultra Weekend - New missions and the events are already in the game.
  • Fixed the problems with ads.
  • Early access period of Crusader! Get the new hull before anyone else by opening Ultra Containers.
  • While Mammoth's overdrive is activated, immunity from all status effects is applied

Patch Update - November 27

  • Black Friday - Sales and special offers!
  • Added text tips when activating status effects.
  • Added micro-missions that allow you to earn more stars.
  • Fixed layout for the missions screen.
  • Made the list of augments look better.

Patch Update - November 4

  • “Mad Tanks” is already in the game featuring new missions and a special mode. The hitpoints of all hulls have been doubled for the duration of the event.
  • Added a new feature - the piggy bank.

Patch Update - October 29

  • Halloween - new missions and the event already in the game!
  • Added new Armor-Piercing (AP) status effect.
  • Added Augments which protect from the AP status effect
  • Changed Hornet's Overdrive
  • Added Harpoon augment for Magnum
  • Added a bonus for first Tankoin purchase in the Shop
  • Juggernaut now has immunity from all status effects
  • Respawn protection now also has immunity from all status effects

Patch Update - October 23

  • Ultra Weekend - new missions and special events are already in the game.
  • Changed the behavior of hover tanks while strafing.
  • Added a confirmation window for Shop purchases.
  • Improved HUD for the auto shooting mode

Patch Update - October 16

  • Ultra Weekend - new missions and the event are already in the game.
  • Updated loading tips
  • Fixed information about crystals in the tutorial

Patch Update - October 9

  • Discount weekend - missions & sales!
  • Fire button is back! Enable it in the settings by disabling auto shooting mode.
  • Added Hopper to the «All hulls and turrets» product kit

Patch Update - October 1

  • The first October Challenge has been launched!
  • Added stars to daily, weekly and special missions. Complete the challenge by doing missions!
  • Doubled mission tasks for daily and weekly missions where you need to earn crystals in battles
  • Increased number of stars in shop bundles

Patch Update - September 25

  • Added an option to disable the auto-shooting mode
  • Double tapping the force shooting feature works for all turrets now
  • Made the switch shooting mode button bigger
  • Added a delay before the shoot button becomes available to prevent switching shooting modes accidentally
  • Extended the special Hopper bundle till September 28th
  • All modifications of hulls and turrets look same now
  • Added a notification for increased chance of getting items from Ultra Containers

Patch Update - September 17

  • Added auto-shooting mode for the following turrets: Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Twins, Ricochet, Smoky, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Gauss and Shaft.
    • Added mode switch button for following turrets: Twins, Striker, Vulcan, Magnum, Gauss and Shaft.
    • Magnum:
      • Added a displayed trajectory which highlights where your projectile will land when aiming;
      • Now you can rotate Magnum like any other turret;
      • Now with the «Reinforced gun carriage» augment you can change the angle of elevation;
      • Changes of Magnum’s characteristics;
      • Average splash damage was increased.
    • Fixed centrality of Showcase cards.
    • Fixed layout of Showcase cards for devices with high screen resolution
    • Updated prices in the Shop

Patch Update - September 4

  • Now you can refresh your showcase using tankoins.
  • Fixed that hover tank’s speed depended on camera POV.
  • Fixed bot movements in the tutorial.
  • Fixed and added back dust from tracks
  • Some fixes in the chat

Patch Update - August 28

  • New Ultra Weekend!
  • Improvements to Ares - better control behavior and a bug fix with using overdrive after your tank was destroyed.
  • Added special offer pop-ups.
  • Fixed layout issues with displaying augment names received from containers.
  • Fixed the bug where blocked players weren't able to log out from their account.
  • Fixed the bug where ads were shown twice.

Patch Update - August 14

  • Added the hovering Ares heavy hull and augments for it.
  • The «Ares» hull is now the default hull for mobile players.
  • The newbie’s tutorial now starts with Ares
  • Added a «Back» button when switching between menu sections

Patch Update - July 24

  • Discount Weekend
  • Added a recoil animation for the Gauss Ultra skin
  • Added a new system whereby supplies are auto-activated. The next type of supply will be activated automatically now. You can disable this feature in the settings.
  • Remastered the tutorial for new players

Patch Update - July 1

  • New UFO day event - missions & bundles!
  • New Independence day event - missions & bundles!
  • Updated ultra containers and added a Hornet Ultra skin to them.
  • Changes in Defender and Trickster drones.
  • Changes in Twins and Shaft turret.
  • Changes in Viking hull.
  • Changes in Twins’s «Stable plasma» and Shaft’s «Rapid-fire mode» augments.

Patch Update - May 29

  • Fixed a bug that generated daily missions without rewards.
  • Changed the EULA link.

Patch Update - May 8

  • Returned turret and added hull augments to the Garage.
  • Railgun’s «Round stabilization» augment moved to «Rare» category in containers.

Patch Update - April 30

  • Added a new container that can drop alterations for turrets and hulls.
  • Turret alterations are no longer available to buy for crystals in the garage.
  • Updated alteration settings for turrets.
  • Updated Gear Score counting for drones — now they give from 59 to 599 points.
  • Updated Gear Score counting for alterations of hulls and turrets — now they give 100 points.

Patch Update - April 24

  • Discount weekend - new missions and sales are already in the game!
  • During the event, a special “Ultra” container is available in the Shop. It contains the brand-new Hunter Ultra skin, alterations for Hunter, and coinboxes.
  • Released 8 hull alterations for Hunter.
  • Now, protection modules no longer decrease freezing and burning effects
  • Juggernaut has 50% resistance from freezing speed and burning damage.
  • Titan’s overdrive: its dome no longer protects from freezing and burning effects but still decreases overheating damage. Additionally, when you place the dome, in addition to disabling other domes it also disables bombs from Wasp’s overdrive.
  • Wasp’s overdrive: Titan’s dome doesn’t decrease the bomb’s damage anymore. However, a bomb can be disabled when a dome is placed.

Patch Update - April 10

  • Cosmonautics - new missions and promotions added to the game!
  • Paints have been removed from the Shop and are now available in the Garage for Tankoins.
  • Small changes to in-game texts

Patch Update - March 20

    • Discounts for the "Discount weekend" event from March 20 to 23!
    • Special event missions, Coinboxes and new Pit Stop Boxes during the event.
    • Added the new Gauss XT skin.
    • Added the new Electromagnetic Salvo Alteration, and the new VioleNt shot effect for Gauss.
  • AND
    • Tweaked the damage calculation formula.

Patch Update - March 6

  • Happy International Women’s Day!
  • International Women’s Day Celebrations
  • Added festive special missions
  • Added the Vulcan ultra skin to the Showcase.(excluding alteration and shot effects)
  • Added new 3D point bases for point capturing modes.

Patch Update - February 28

  • Added «Main Missions»
  • Fixed the “pause” function — tank will not be respawned while your camera is moving to a respawn point if the pause is enabled

Patch Update - February 21

  • Launched the Iron Days event
  • Updated mechanics of Vulcan and its alterations
  • Launched a special bundle. Everything you need for Vulcan: Ultra skin, first-ever shot effect, and new alteration
  • Fixed shot explosion mechanics of Striker

Patch Update - January 31

  • Fixed the bug that decreased the effective radius of Striker projectile’s splash.

Patch Update - January 24

  • «Discount weekend» event
  • Changed vanilla skins of equipment. Мк1 = М0, Мк2 = М1, Мк3 = М1, Мк4 = М2, Мк5 = М2, Мк6 = М2, Мк7 = М3
  • Changed Gear Score counting for all equipment
  • Fixed the bug with counting scores for supporting teammates during overdrive recharging.

Patch Update - January 17

  • Number of modifications increased from 4 to 7 for all turrets, hulls and protection modules.
  • All current equipment modifications (M0, M1, M2, M3) converted to the new system of modifications (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4, Mk5, Mk6, Mk7)
  • Dictator’s overdrive gives 10 points for supporting team mates
  • Mechanic gives 7 points for supporting team mates
  • Product kits available for crystals with discounts are sold only in Showcase
  • All XT, Prime, Legacy and Ultra skins can be bought in Showcase.

Patch Update - December 26

  • Temporary protection from damage after respawn
  • Changes in Dictator's overdrive. Now you receive 25 points for every teammate who benefits from your overdrive.
  • Improved Titan's Overdrive. Now disables other active generators when its dome overlaps theirs. A newer dome will always disable an older one.
  • Returned Titan's dome to solo modes.
  • Changes in Titan's overdrive settings: The dome no longer repairs tanks, but instead increases armor. Increased Overdrive recharge rate per second (Overdrive recharges faster).
  • Increased firing rate for Thunder
  • Decreased damage from regular Gauss shots

Patch Update - November 15

  • Added showcase to the Shop. Check it out for a bonus!
  • The Dome of Titan’s generator is no longer visible in DM modes.
  • Fixed description of Mammoth and “Uranium” alteration.
  • Overdrive charging status remains after a player stops being Juggernaut.
  • Overdrive charging status remains after a player rejoins a battle.

Patch Update - October 31

  • Changed Mammoth’s overdrive
  • Changed characteristics of Hunter and alterations for Striker and Vulcan

Patch Update - October 25

  • Finally! Juggernaut mode in Tanki Online Mobile!
  • Added resources for Halloween event
  • Added Coinboxes for Halloween event
  • Added “Damage enemy tanks” to daily and weekly missions
  • Reduced number of “finish battles” daily missions
  • Changed characteristics of the Freeze turret — decreased the freezing level of turret
  • Changed characteristics of Shaft’s alterations
  • If a juggernaut self-destroys, score points are given to the opponent. Previously they were deducted from your team’s score.

Patch Update - October 11

  • Launched "Discount weekend" event
  • Added Coinboxes during "Discount weekend" event
  • Updated how gear score is calculated:
    • Added Alterations
    • Removed paints, skins, shot effects and supplies
  • Changes in the balance of Magnum and Mammoth

Patch Update - October 1

  • Released October Challenge
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused some players to see more Tankoins than they actually had
  • Changed mechanics for Trickster drone. Now also cancels background supplies cooldown

Patch Update - September 27

  • Added daily missions for Team Juggernaut mode
  • Decreased time of delay after Viking’s overdrive for some turrets
  • Removed auto-equip of paints received from containers and challenges
  • Added tankoin-container
  • Released «Discount weekend» event in the game

Patch Update - August 30

  • Magnum shot effects have been added to containers (except Crimson effect).
  • Unique items from the previous challenge have been added to containers.

Patch Update - August 23

  • Discount weekend.
  • Fixed a bug where the Battle Pass was not removed after the Challenge ended.

Patch Update - July 18

  • "Discount weekend" and all that jazz.
  • Changed the balance for some turrets, alterations, and drones.
  • Added new matchmaking maps: Archipelago, Molotov, and Crossroads.
  • Added the “Owl” Gauss protection module to the “Anti-Camper” protection modules kit.
  • Minor changes on a number of maps.
  • Extended the current Challenge by two days.
  • Added 48 hours to the July Challenge and WAR for Space to make up for starting them late.

Patch Update - July 5

  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Double-click shooting" option not to be saved.
  • Fixed Magnum camera behavior for vertical movement.

Patch Update - July 2

  • Changes in controls:
    • Tapping the screen now changes the movement stick center to that point. The default setting for new players — can be disabled. Existing players will retain their previous settings.
    • Dragging the movement stick now makes the hull move in that direction Default setting for new players — can be disabled. Existing players will retain their previous settings.
    • Removed automatic alignment camera for turret orientation.
  • Changes in settings
    • The default setting is now set to “reverse controls” when moving backwards.
    • Option "Shoot by double-tapping" moved to «Game» settings page.
    • Added the option to enable/disable the fixed control stick in settings (see point #1 in “Changes in controls” above).
    • Added the option to enable/disable control stick for the tank (see point #2 in “Changes in controls” above).
  • Changes in aiming:
    • Now, turrets have horizontal aiming assistance. EXCEPTIONS: Shaft in sniping mode (arcade mode has aim-assist) and Magnum.

Patch Update - June 13

  • A bunch of changes:
    • Added new kits featuring Gauss turret in the Shop
    • Made some changes to Gauss mechanics
    • Tweaked the balance of the Gauss special shot
    • Corrected calculation in GearScore. Now the tank hull and turret give the most points
    • Changed Mammoth's overdrive settings
    • Made very small changes to alterations and turrets
    • Corrected the settings of the Nuclear Energy drop zone on the Stadium map
    • Modified the Highway map to make it more fun to play.

Patch Update - April 26

  • Fixed bugs and modified the Overdrives mechanics
  • Wasp Bomb now disables Mammoth Overdrive, explodes faster, and does not damage the tank that has deployed it
  • Dictator Overdrive now partially charges the Overdrives of allies (except those of other Dictators)
  • Balance changes in some turrets
  • Improved Camper drone
  • Discount weekend

Patch Update - May 23

  • Discount weekend
  • Made some tweaks to Alterations and Turrets
  • Fixed all sorts of stuff in Overdrives. For example, the Dictator now freezes opponents.

Patch Update - May 17

  • Added the ability to buy Stars directly from the Challenges window
  • “Power of Thankos” bundle is now available for purchase!

Patch Update - May 1

  • May Challenge
  • Added the option to buy stars during a challenge
  • May Days! New skins, decoration and all that jazz

Patch Update - April 10

  • Overdrive is finally in the game! Every hull now has an inbuilt unique ability that can be used periodically, without consuming any supplies and without purchasing any additional gear.
  • All drones now passively grant additional damage and protection to your tank. The bonus is from 1% to 5%, depending on the equipped drone.
  • Made some changes to the balance of the Vulcan turret and some alterations.

Patch Update - March 29

  • Added a new, optional setting for turret control, which makes it possible to keep firing your turret while rotating it, without releasing the fire button. This new setting can be enabled in the Settings window. For new accounts, it will be on by default.

Patch Update - March 15

  • New special offers.
  • Do you hate your randomly-generated nickname? Now Tanki mobile allows you to change it to a nickname you prefer, for free (only valid when changing the random nickname the first time)
  • Login to the game with your Google account! Great if you play both on the mobile and the browser version.

Patch Update - March 8

  • Fixed a bug in Legacy Hornet textures.

Patch Update - March 1

  • March Challenge
  • Added Google authorization
  • Implemented balance changes for some turrets and alterations

Patch Update - February 22

  • Added themed decorations and items for Iron Day
  • Added game tips to loading screen

Patch Update - February 1

  • New Challenge — 4 weeks duration
  • Special bundle containing Battle Pass and Premium Account
  • Reduced battle time to 7 minutes
  • Reduced the minimum wait time between equipment changes from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Changed victory conditions in battles
  • Changes to the Massacre map. Filled up craters with buildings.

Patch Update - January 25

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes in Tanki Online web version. Now, push notifications from Mobile TO do not close the game in the browser.
  • Fixed a bug with the lobby background music. Now the music only plays in the lobby

Patch Update - January 16

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from buying a battle pass after completing the challenge.
  • Fixed bug with displaying skins in the garage
  • Fixed bug with displaying new items in the garage
  • Fixed bug in the chat history. It is now possible to view the message history when a new message is received
  • Garage timer showing time left till next available equipment change now works correctly
  • And we have good news and bad news. The good news is that we’ve fixed the crashes on Nokia 5 and other problematic models. The bad news is that as a result, we’ve had to temporarily disable the sound on some phone models. But don’t worry, we’re working on bringing you a permanent fix as soon as possible.

Patch Update - December 27

  • Added special offers for newbie tankers.
  • Launched mobile version in ALL countries. Hooray!

Patch Update - November 22

  • Friend System. You can now add friends
  • Log in. Fixed a problem with Google sign-in on certain phone models, and added log in to VK for CIS countries
  • Shaft camera. The behavior of the camera in sniper mode is now more predictable.
  • Horizontal auto-aim. Added for Railgun, Shaft (arcade mode), Thunder, Smokey.
  • Fixed caterpillar tracks. Tracks animation now displays correctly for overturned tanks.

Patch Update - November 16

  • New loading screen
  • Camera behavior. The behavior of the camera during turret rotation has been changed
  • Unread messages. Fixed a bug that caused read news to remain unread
  • Changed Shaft's behavior in sniper mode

Patch Update - November 9

  • Tutorial. Added a tutorial for new Tanki players.
  • Boring part. Minor fixes in the End User License Agreement.

Patch Update - November 3

  • Mysterious haze or Crimson dusk? Added the option to change the color of shots for some turrets. Effects can be found in containers.
  • Holiday isn’t over yet! Only this Saturday, we’ve prepared a Halloween map. Get ready for a pumpkin craze! *Gold Boxes will drop 20 times more often, than regularly!
  • Indication for stars and GS in the Lobby

Patch Update - November 2

  • Overdrives. Now each hull has its own unique ability.
  • Overdrives add more variety to gameplay and will open up new tactical options for players.

Patch Update - October 31

  • News notifications. Now each news announcement will be highlighted with a red circle until you read the announcement.
  • New alterations. Added a lot of new alterations, slightly changed old alterations and removed the option to rent alterations.

Patch Update - October 29

  • Decorated the app for Halloween
  • Made drone preview in the Lobby
  • Changed how «Mechanic» drone works
  • Integrated the option to register without a username (the system will create it on its own) or using Facebook
  • Added «weekly» container
  • Changed indication for drone activity in HUD
  • Made changes to daily missions and added weekly missions
  • Added special offers
  • And if you have chosen trick, then we’ve prepared one for you. After the tank gets destroyed with Isida, Firebird or Freeze, the shooting effect will no longer be shown.