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Parkour generally refers to the act of overcoming any sort of obstacles, props, buildings or terrain with a proper, uniform trick. It also directs to any unusual movement, complex set-ups, jumps and spectacular flips. People who engage in parkour are called traceurs or parkourists.


The Complete History of Parkour

The birth of parkour...

At the start of the project, no one knew or even thought of parkour. Legend states that in 2009, a couple of people were testing the game's physics by building stacks, pushing and shooting each other when they accidentally landed on a building; and so, parkour was born. After this discovery, many people sought places that were difficult to conquer, not only by training but with a well-coordinated team and tricks.

Parkour with the second generation equipment

When the second generation equipment came out, new opportunities began to surface and people started exploring more of the maps to try and reach the easiest buildings. Since the physics didn't really support high speeds and jumping at that time, parkour on the littlest of buildings or props was considered skillful.

The complete chain of events regarding major happenings in the parkour world are as follows:

  • 06/11/2012: On this date, the first video guide to parkour was published. The creator of the guide was zloipapa - founder of the Tanki Online Tutorials [ToT] group.
  • 03/07/2013: Tanki Online Tutorials [ToT] received their very own special paint for their efforts and contributions to parkour, called Glide.
  • 01/04/2014: The German Tanki Tutorials team became the first team to conquer the graceful skyscraper in Rio - which was the first building of its kind in the game.
  • 25/07/2014: 'Twins Elevator', one of the most useful and well-known tricks came to life. The person behind the idea was VURKAC_36.
  • 15/11/2014: SwiftSmoky revolutionalized the parkour world by expanding One Man Parkour, or OMP for short. The first guide to the format was published, which gained worldwide attention and popularized parkour.
  • 24/12/2014: This day is probably the most important day in the history of parkour. Parkour mode was added into the game as a result of the Format Battles update!
  • 18/02/2017: Secret rooms had been known before, but the first people to reach one were SwiftSmoky and sterre933.

Formats of Parkour

There have been many variations of the formats included in parkour, but some of the most popular ones are as follows:

  • One Man Parkour: The art of overcoming props and buildings alone - that is, without any help whatsoever, is called One Man Parkour, or OMP for short.
  • Tandem Parkour: Similarly, doing parkour with a team of two people is often referred to as Tandem Parkour.
  • Group Parkour: Parkour tricks performed in a big group of people is called Group Parkour. All buildings in the game are accessible by parkouring in groups.
  • Space Parkour: Doing parkour in a map with the Space theme is called Space Parkour. In fact, you can literally conquer every single building in the game alone in this format!

Official Parkour Clubs

There are a total of four parkour clubs which have been officially recognized by their respective communities. The Flying Parkourists [TFP] and Flight & Flight [FnF] belong to the EN Community, while German Tanki Tutorials [GTT] and Academy of Parkour [AoP] belong to the DE and RU Communities respectively.

The official paints of these parkour clubs are listed below:

Club Name Name Description
German Tanki Tutorials Aero
Glide pre.png
This unique paint job was designed exclusively for members of the German Tanki Tutorials parkour team. These guys not only perform various tricks on their tanks, but also produce excellent video guides.
Academy of Parkour Glide
This unique paint job was designed for members of the Academy of Parkour parkour team. These guys not only perform various tricks on their tanks, but also produce excellent video guides.
The Flying Parkourists

Fight & Flight
Coloring phoenix.png
This paint is awarded to teams in the International Community for outstanding performance in Parkour. It may only be worn by the craziest daredevils, and due to the highly volatile nature of its particles, it will abandon the owner's tank if it's not fed a regular dose of concentrated adrenaline.

The two current teams who own this paint are The Flying Parkourists (TFP) and Fight & Flight (F&F)

Parkour Tournaments

Some of the major parkour tournaments held officially are as follows: