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Attention! It is currently impossible to directly join PRO Battles in the mobile version of the game.

PRO Battles are battles that have been created manually by the players. These are, more or less, custom battles with the ability to customize a variety of game mechanics, for example drones, micro-upgrades, and so on.

The term "PRO Battle" literally means:

  • formatted battle
  • battle with a customized setting

All PRO Battles which are live and available to you - provided that you are of an appropriate rank, are visible in the main lobby in the list of battles. Access the battle list by clicking the Battle List button in the Matchmaking interface. While this button is available only from the rank of IconsNormal 11.png Warrant Officer 1, players as low as IconsNormal 09.png First Sergeant can be invited by a friend to join a PRO battle.

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Note: The Battle List button is at the bottom of the interface - you may need to scroll down to see it.

After the battle list opens, you can use the battle filter system located at the bottom to shuffle through battles of various game modes.


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Attention! In PRO Battles, progression towards Daily Missions does not count! In order to complete them, you need to play in battles created by the Matchmaking System! Additionally, Stars cannot be earned in such battles either. Any boosted funds and experience does not count towards pro battles

Creating PRO Battles


To create a battle, you click the "Create" button located below the list of battles:



  • You can only create three battles per five minutes.
  • Banned players do not have the ability to create battles until the ban is no longer in effect.

Here you can specify all the necessary characteristics of the battle:

  • Map — the list of maps you can use depends on your rank. The higher your rank, the more maps available to you.
  • Theme - allows you to create summer, winter, day, and night versions of maps. Not all maps have a winter or night mode.
  • Battle Mode - DM, TDM, CTF, CP, RGB, ASL, SGE. (battles with the mode JGR cannot be created by players and can only be found in Matchmaking battles)
  • Ranks - allows you to make your battle available exclusively to players within a specific range of ranks. You do this by specifying the Rank limits. The higher your rank, the greater the range you can specify:

  • Max Players - Here, you can also alter the maximum number of players.

  • Time Limit - time limit of the battle. Set to 0 if you wish to have no time limit.

  • Kill/Flag Limit - the number of kills, or flag/ball captures needed to win the game.

Custom Options

There are also a variety of customization options you can use for your battle, which are as follows:

  •   Private Battle — When this setting is turned on, the battle you create will not appear in the main lobby for others, only you will be able to access it (it will be shown next to the symbol  ). This makes sense if you want to organize events, clan wars, or simply battles with friends without random people. However, in private battles, the battle fund does not grow and for every action, only one experience point is awarded. Be careful! Do not create private battles to take part in illegal actions, including power-leveling, or simply to hide from the all-seeing eye of the moderators - because moderators, like all ordinary battles, also have access to private battles.
  •   Bonus Boxes - Enables/Disables the spawning of supply boxes in the battle. However, Gold Boxes are not affected by this change.
  •   Gold Boxes — Enables/Disables the spawning of Gold Boxes in the battle. If disabled, there will be the growth of an addition 0.1   in the battle fund.
  •   Supplies — Responsible for the use of supplies in the battle. If it's on, you can use your supplies from the Garage.
  •   Smart Supplies — Enables/Disables smart cool-downs in the battle, meaning that you can/can't activate all supplies at one.
  •   Drones — Allows/Prohibits the use of drones in the battle. This option can't be enabled if the 'Supplies" one has been disabled.
  •   Augments — Allows/Prohibits the use of augments in the battle.
  •   Upgrades — Enables/Disables micro-upgrades in the battle. If it's on, everyone's turrets and hulls will be at their stock parameters.
  •   Overdrives — Allows/Prohibits the use of Overdrive in the battle.
  •   Friendly Fire — Allows/Prohibits to deal damage to one's own teammates. If on, hitting your teammates will cause damage (doesn't apply to Isida).
  •   Autobalance — Helps maintain evenly-sized teams by preventing players from joining the team with more players.
  •   Weapon Changes — Enables/Disables changing of equipment within the battle. If on, you will have to leave the battle and then change your tank.
  •   Clan War — Allows you to only have players of the same clan on either teams. Players with different clans will no longer be able to join the battle.

You can change the overall format of the battle through this list:


The last thing is optional, which is giving your battle a custom name. You can do this by typing it in the blank at the very top.


When you're ready, click the "Start" button:


Creating MM Battles

You are eligible to create any of the Matchmaking maps as PRO Battle. You can choose from 7 different game modes.


Inability to Enter PRO Battles

If you're unable to enter PRO Battles, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The battle has no more vacant spots. In this case, you can wait and try to join when someone leaves, but someone else may beat you to it!
  • The battle is not available at your rank. Usually, such battles are hidden but you can still access them, by for example, click on their link in the chat. They are always grayed out and appear at the bottom of the list.
  • The battle has been set to a specific format. If this is the case, you need to change your equipment to suit that of the format.
  • There is an unexpected server restart

Scoring System

In PRO Battles, the anti-powerlevelling mechanism is used to alter the number of points being awards. For example, if the speed of delivery of flags is too high, less points will be awarded to the player capturing them.

Additionally, in private battles, only 1XP is rewarded per battle action (kill, assist, capture, etc.).

Upon self-destruction, you lose one kill and five points from your personal battle statistics. In TDM, your overall team's score will be lessened by one kill too.

Here's how the points mechanism works in different game modes, for example CTF and RGB:

  • Let X be the number of players in the battle.
    • Picking up the flag: 20% points from 10*X (provided that the flag was delivered).
    • Transferring the flag/ball: 30% points from 10*X, divided by the number of tanks involved in the transfers (provided that the flag was delivered)
    • Delivering the flag/ball: 50% points from 10*X with the additional points of transfers.
    • Destruction of the flag/ball: 2*points for the destruction of the tank
    • Return of the flag: 0—50% points from 10*X, depending upon the distance of return (the further the flag from the pole, the more points will be awarded).