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General Info

  • Overdrive needs to charge to 100% before it can activate
  • Each hull's overdrive has effects unique to that hull
  • The charge gradually accumulates through playing.
  • Available for all players (Recruits and higher)
  • Activates by pressing Shift (the key can be changed in Settings)
  • Doesn’t spend your own supplies
  • Can be enabled or disabled in PRO Battles
  • Disabled by default in Format battles (except Parkour)


Wasp's N2-Bomb is extremely useful and can deal massive amounts of damage when enemies are relatively close to the explosion, with damage decreasing the further away they are from the point of detonation. Even though Wasp is an extremely fragile hull that lacks armour, the power of its bomb should not be underestimated. Upon activating the Overdrive, a mini-nuke is planted which detonates after 3 seconds, causing tremendous damage with a large area of effect capable of either instantly destroying or damaging any enemy in the blast radius and knocking them back (to varying degree), (except most Juggernauts and if the enemy currently has a Lifeguard drone active. The only other counter to the bomb is another Overdrive, namely Hunter's EMP and Titan's dome. Wasp's N2-Bomb applies 4 different status effects - Burning, EMP, Stun & Jammer. Even if you were not that close to the N2-Bomb, your chances to survive are close to zero.

Battle Scenarios


Wasp's bomb can be a very strong choice in game modes such as Assault(on the attacking team), Capture the Flag, Control Points, Rugby and Siege. It can be used anywhere where enemies decide to clump up for an extended amount of time making this Overdrive very useful to clear out these bases and give your team an opportunity for attack. Examples of this could be when your team is behind and currently losing in Assault and you decide to take the flag and enter the enemy base leaving a bomb as you enter! This tactic could be extremely useful as the team on the defending side likes to take heavy hulls, and Wasp's overdrive can easily clear out a few enemy tankers. Similarly, if you see a tank or a few sitting in Titan's dome, you can run in, place a bomb, and quickly dash out to deal maximum amounts of damage and clear the path for future attacks. Overall, it can be very hard to counter when played correctly and can easily give your team the upper hand in almost all game modes, making it a strong choice when played at any rank.

WaspOD Attack Assault.gif


Sine Wasp is suited towards attack, there are not that many effective applications in which it can be used on defense. However, it can still be used to give your team some time when placed in a timely manner, such as when you see multiple tanks heading for your flag. You can quickly use your Overdrive near the flag as they are approaching to wipe them off the face of the map or force them to retreat and take cover behind a wall. This may seem like a waste if your Overdrive doesn't hit anyone and the second scenario happens, but rest assured, it is all about those few extra seconds that you gave your allies to plan a defense against the incoming attack that may save you a flag - or even the game.

WaspOD Attack TitanOD.gif

Against Wasps

Wasp's Overdrive detonates after 3 seconds of it being detonated meaning that players with fast reaction times can easily get out and take cover while minimizing damage dealt to themselves, or even avoiding it entirely. Similarly, Hunter's and Titan's Overdrives can disable Wasp's bomb, rendering it useless when used quickly, so keep that in mind when you continuously see a wasp attack your base.


Hornet's Scout Radar allows the entire team to see the health bars and location of enemy tanks for 20 seconds. Additionally, your tank will apply a 10-second Armor Piercing effect to enemies in your view, ignore any and all of your enemy's defenses such as supplies, protection modules, the effect of the Defender drone, and Titan's dome, allowing the user to deal full damage for the duration of the effect. This lets Hornet's overdrive be a complete showstopper against any team in the right hands. Although hornet can be used with just about any turret, it will perform best when used with a turret that has instantaneous, guaranteed, high damage, such as any of the medium and long range turrets.

Battle Scenarios


In itself, Hornet is a very versatile and fast hull, but is lacking in the armor department. However, this can be remedied through the effect of drones such as Defender, Booster, or Driver, allowing you to either soak up more inbound damage, deal even more damage, or to charge up your Overdrive faster. As mentioned earlier, Hornet will perform well with medium and long range turrets. However, that's not to say that it can't work with close-range turrets, as some of the most potent combos include close and even melee range turrets that can drop enemies within a blink of an eye.

HornetOD Attack CTF.gif


Since Hornet is so versatile, that means that it can do a decent job at defense as well. It might not have an Overdrive that's purely meant for defense, but with some good timing and aim, it can stop even the toughest and most coordinated of attack groups coming for a flag or a spawntrap. The best strategy is to remain as hidden as possible, because Hornet is fragile and can be destroyed quite easily, especially since people will want to shut your Overdrive down as soon as possible.

Against Hornets

With all of Hornet's advantages, it might seem difficult to counter. However, with some good strategy, shutting down Hornets is not that difficult. After all, Hornet is a light hull, even with the Defender active. All that is necessary to down them is enough firepower, or an Overdrive in response, such as Wasp, Hunter, Viking, or Mammoth. Also, AP immunity augments are a thing...


The less popular option for a medium hull as opposed to Viking, Hunter can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, but it is much more suited towards defense. Hunter's EMP deactivates Wasp's bomb, Titan's dome generator, sets enemies' supplies on a forced cooldown of five seconds, forces enemies to drop CTF and ASL flags and RGB balls, and leaves all enemies within its area of effect immobile for two seconds. All of this makes it very useful to stop an incoming attack into your base. On top of that, Hunter also applies a status effect called Jammer. This status effect prevents other tankers from activating their overdrive. This status effect can come in handy for many situation!

HunterOD Disable WaspOD.gif

Battle Scenarios


On offense, Hunter's Overdrive can be somewhat useful in either severely weakening enemies or in stopping everything for several seconds so that you can capture/return an objective, namely Rugby balls and flags. In this way, it is one of the best options available to start a counterattack. It is also quite useful for gold boxes, being a constant top pick in order to stop people in their tracks, hence eliminating most competition from taking the gold box or container.


As stated previously, Hunter's Overdrive is the most useful on defense. Because of the Overdrive being able to deactivate other Overdrives as well as stop everything in its area of effect and to leave enemies without any supplies as well as drone effects, it can prove vital in many moments where the other team would have otherwise gotten a strategic position. However, where it shines most in its controversial ability to reset flags and Rugby balls, which is incredibly useful in CTF, ASL, and RGB, where a single capture could cost the entire game.

Against Hunters

While this Overdrive's expertise is in ending the career of many tankers, that's not to say that it doesn't have some fatal flaws. One of them is that it takes 1.1 seconds for it to activate, hence being able to be stopped prematurely if dealt with quickly enough. Another aspect is that Hunter's Overdrive has a rather short range - any longer than a bit of distance, and it will fizzle out and do nothing whatsoever. Therefore, it's possible (but not easy) to shut down Hunters before they can zap you. Additionally, there are hull augments that can protect from either the Stun or the EMP.


Viking's Overdrive significantly increases your turret's fire rate, damage, and range for 7 seconds, making it the best option to deal with an unsuspecting cluster of enemies. It works so well that it can destroy tankers with even the most deadly of protection modules and drones within a second, and can take care of big targets (like the Juggernaut) with absolute ease.

Battle Scenarios


Like most Overdrives, when you have Viking's Berserk Reactor ready to be used, you should wait for many enemies to be more or less clustered up. Once that happens, start firing away without any hesitation. This can quickly clear out bases in battle modes such as Capture the Flag to allow your team to enter an empty base, take the flag, and run out. Additionally, it could allow one person to take the flag after doing so and to leave the rest to their teammates.

VikingOD Attack JGR.gif


With the firepower that Viking's Overdrive can dish out, there is almost no attacker(s) that can successfully withstand an onslaught of damage being thrown at them not only by Viking's Overdrive, but also other people playing on defense. It can decimate an entire enemy assault within seconds, possibly even wasting the enemies' own Overdrives while at it. Once activated, there is no way that attackers will be able to run from you, rest assured.

VikingOD Defend CTF.gif

Against Vikings

While Viking might give massive damage, especially with splash turrets, it has the longest recharge rate as well as the worst stability and handling out of the medium hulls, hence messing up Vikings' aim is quite easy to do. It can also be countered by quite literally every Overdrive, albeit in different ways and at different ranges. Stopping a Viking might be difficult, but it's not impossible, especially if you either have a drone or a high-tier protection module against the Viking's turret. Ideally, you should try and anticipate if a Viking user will attempt to use their Overdrive on you, but if all else fails, walking up to their faces isn't the worst of options.


Dictator's Supplies Overload is the most team-oriented Overdrive and is essential in order to build an unstoppable team. In one click of a Shift button, it will do all of the following:

  • Activates all five core supplies for all allies in the vicinity
  • Gives 10 battle score for every teammate that you share the Overdrive with
  • Gives 50% Overdrive charge for every non-Dictator ally that you share the Overdrive with
  • Creates a cryo blast which immediately cools all enemies in the vicinity to the minimum possible temperature

This means that before activating, you should consider the following things.

  • Is your health low? Will the Repair Kit function be used to the best that it can be?
  • Are there many preoccupied enemies nearby? Will the Double Damage function be used to the best that it can be?
  • Are there many enemies trying to destroy you? Will the Double Armour and the cryo blast function be used to the best that it can be?
  • Are there enemies trying to pursue you? Will the Speed Boost function be used to the best that it can be?
  • Are you near a ramp or cliff where enemies often drive near? Will the Mine function be used to the best that it can be?
  • Are many of your teammates nearby who are in trouble? Will the Overdrive benefit your allies by giving them Overdrive charge and supplies, as well as yourself?
  • Is there little time left in the battle? Will you get the full 30 seconds worth of the Overdrive?

If you meet at least most of these criteria, then you should consider utilizing Dictator's Overdrive.

Battle Scenarios


Since Dictator's Overdrive is team-based, it is vital that a Dictator user shares Overdrive charge with offensive hulls, namely Wasp, Hornet, Viking, and Titan. Ideally, you should be on the constant lookout on your teammates' HP bars, Overdrive availability, and supplies so that you can benefit them the most. Another very important thing to keep an eye out for is the Nuclear Energy box - if you can manage to catch the box and to make sure that the other team doesn't, this is already a huge tactical advantage. Having a good Dictator user that constantly shares Overdrives with teammates is the key to winning in modes such as CP, RGB, and SGE. Wasps can cause explosions, Vikings can melt people, but at the end of the day, Dictator's ability is the key to making that all happen successfully.


Dictator's Overdrive fits in perfectly to defense as well. This time, however, it is vital that you give Overdrive charge to Hornet, Hunter, and Mammoth users, as they will play a major role on the defensive aspect of things. Like in the offensive side of things, you should be on the constant lookout for your teammates' HP bars, Overdrive ability, and supplies. However, catching the Nuclear Energy box is less of a recommendation and more of a necessity, as you cannot afford any attackers to take the box from you and unleash firestorm after firestorm upon your base. Dictators are an absolute must on ASL on the defensive side - without them, the defending team is much more likely to lose. Again, other Overdrives might give kills explicitly, but what you're doing is an investment that will get you kills implicitly - in a sense, you can't afford not to care.

Against Dictators

Since Dictator's Overdrive is more support-oriented than any other Overdrive in the game, going head to head against a Dictator and coming out on top is quite easy to do. There are only several things that can prevent you from doing so - namely the cryo blast (which can be quite the annoyance), the mine that is dropped by a Dictator and its surrounding teammates, and the surrounding teammates themselves who could gain their Overdrives in the process.


Titan's Overdrive drops a protective dome that will significantly decrease incoming damage from enemies in a small radius for all teammates which are located. In this way, it can allow you and other teammates to survive an onslaught of damage, even from Vikings which would otherwise destroy you within a second. In this way, it is most useful for holding down certain objectives, namely points of interest.

Battle Scenarios


While Titan is primarily used to hold down a certain point, seemingly making it more of a defensive option, it is actually quite significant in order to push forward and being able to survive while at it. Obviously, it shouldn't be used as the only source of assault, but it will do its job in helping people get to objectives beautifully. Examples of these can include setting up spawntraps in any mode, Control Points points, allowing players to deliver the Rugby ball without taking much damage, and Siege points.

TitanOD Attack CTF.gif


On defense, Titan's Overdrive is a must-have, especially when your base is constantly being bombarded by Railguns, Gausses, and Magnums. It will give any competent team more than enough time to get their act together and to either form a counteroffensive or to strengthen defenses even more. This can be seen most notably on the defending team of Assault, where for the most part the defending team is helpless against any ranged attackers, making at least one Titan essential in order to build up a solid defense.

TitanOD Disable WaspOD.gif

Against Titans

At the moment, each Overdrive other than Dictator's and Hopper's can counter Titan's with relative ease, making it quite challenging to use without it getting deactivated or just nullified entirely. Hence, using it when you know that there are no other counters in the vicinity is most advisable, as it could turn out that such an opportunity will not present itself for quite a while. Take close note of your surroundings, however, and you should do just fine.


Like Titan, Mammoth is a relatively slow hull and so is not the best option to use offensively, but its AT-field can be a good or even better option for area clearing than Viking or Wasp. Lasting for 7 seconds, you gain a force field that will deal fatal damage upon contact with enemies, a noticeable speed boost, an instant and full health regeneration, and the reset of any and all temperature effects back to the base value.

Battle Scenarios


While Mammoth might be slow and not an ideal option for attack, it could prove as a very useful offensive tool if you play your cards right. You want to make it as inconspicuous as possible that you are coming with a charged Overdrive, which is why playing it stealthily is a very good approach. Given that everything works out in your favor, you will clear points of interest very easily, ignoring Double Armors as well as Titan's dome, which is quite commonplace. The more patient and attentive you are before you strike, the better.


What Mammoth is most notorious for is heavy defense. Sitting on top of the flag in CTF is a tried and tested strategy that never diminishes in effectiveness, especially when you've got an Overdrive that will shut down just about any well-organized push within seconds. Using it as soon as you see a Wasp come for your flag is not always the smartest idea, but this is a very effective last resort - if you ever find yourself desperate enough to have to use it. Therefore, this Overdrive is most effective in CTF, ASL, and RGB.

Against Mammoths

As mentioned earlier, Mammoth is the slowest hull in the game, and it is quite obvious to see when a Mammoth user wants to use their Overdrive on you. Making sure to keep your distance and take them out from range is by far the best strategy for dealing with Mammoths. Any Overdrive other than Dictator's and Titan's will allow you to destroy them quite easily too, but make sure to stay at a safe distance when zapping Mammoths with Hunter, as the range of the force field is larger than you would think.