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Overdrive banner.jpg

General Info

  • Overdrive needs to charge to 100% before it can activate
  • Overdrive activates all Supplies (apart from Gold Boxes) when activated
  • the charge gradually accumulates through playing.
  • available for all players (Recruits and higher)
  • activates by pressing Shift (the key can be changed in Settings)
  • doesn’t spend your own supplies
  • applies to you and all your teammates nearby (in a radius of approximately 2-3 hull length)
  • can be enabled or disabled in PRO Battles
  • disabled by default in Format battles (except Parkour)

Overdrive begins to charge slowly after you have joined the battle. Deaths and weapon changing don’t interrupt or reset this constant charging. You can speed up the charging by killing enemies, healing your teammates with Isida, capturing flags and points.

Note: When Overdrive charging progress reaches 100%, a small star sign appears below your health bar. This also applies to your allies, so you will see if any of your teammates have Overdrive ready to use. Once Overdrive is activated, its charging progress resets and Overdrive begins to charge again slowly. Performing actions (killing, healing, capturing) doesn’t give you additional charging points whilst Overdrive bonuses are active.


Once the Overdrive charge reaches 100%, a small star appears below your health bar (Overdrive ready.png) and looks like this:

Overdrive ready on tank.png

To activate Overdrive, press the Shift key (this key can be reassigned in the Settings page). A prominent visual effect will appear like so:

Overdrive activated appearance.png

When activated in a group, Overdrive will look like this and affects tanks within this proximity. Notice how the two furthest tanks on the top-left and bottom-left did not get affected, as they were too far away:

Overdrive range.png