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Overdrive is a hull's special ability, which provides an advantage on the battlefield. Overdrive has a number of strategic uses, such as clearing the enemy's base with Wasp's bomb, protecting your teammates with Titan's dome, supporting your allies with Dictator's shared supplies, and many more. This ability requires careful planning and assessment of the situation in order to be used effectively. On average, one player will be able to charge and use their overdrive 2-4 times in every 7-minute battle, depending on how well they play.

General Info

  • Overdrive needs to charge to 100% before it can activate
  • Overdrive activates a unique hull ability (read below)
  • the charge gradually accumulates through playing
  • available for all players (Recruits and higher)
  • activates by pressing Shift (the key can be changed in Settings), or by pressing the Overdrive button on mobile
  • doesn’t spend your own supplies
  • can be enabled or disabled in PRO Battles
  • disabled by default in Format battles (except Parkour)
  • can be instantly charged to 100% by catching the Nuclear Energy dropbox.

When Overdrive charging progress reaches 100%, a small star sign appears below your health bar. This also applies to your allies and enemies, so you will see if any of your teammates or opponents have Overdrive ready to use. Once Overdrive is activated, its charging progress resets and Overdrive begins to charge again.

Charging mechanics

Overdrive begins to charge continuously with time when you join the battle. Deaths and weapon changing don’t interrupt or reset this constant charging. However, switching hulls will reset the charge. You can speed up the charging by earning battle points from killing enemies, healing your teammates with Isida, capturing flags and points, or scoring goals. The exact rate of charge depends on the hull being used.

Some hulls have a brief "retention time" after activation, during which if you get killed some charge will return to your overdrive. The earlier within this window you are killed, the more charge you receive back, though this is not necessarily a direct linear relation. Self-destruction always results in starting over from 0%.

Additionally, some hulls have a cooldown on active charge rate - for a few seconds after activation, scoring battle points will not give increased charge, though passive time-based charge continues interrupted.

Wasp Hornet Hopper Viking Hunter Crusader Dictator Ares Titan Mammoth Juggernaut
Charge/point (%)

0.99 0.5 0.7 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.7 0.5 0.6 0
Charge/sec (%)

1 0.9 0.9 0.4 0.9 1.43 0.7 0.7 0.8 1.3 2.5
Max Retention Time (s) 0 4 0.1 2 2 2 1 1.25 0 2 0
Active charge cooldown(s) 0 0 7 8 4 3 1 0 0 8 0

Charging by points

Completing objectives in battle earns you battle points. Your Overdrive will increase by the number of points earned, multiplied by the "Overdrive charge per point" parameter for your equipped hull. For example, if a tanker with Titan equipped destroys an enemy tank, earning 15 battle points, their Overdrive charge will increase by (0.5 * 15) = 7.5%. You can refer above for a table of each hull and its respective Overdrive charge rate.

Charging over time

Besides charging upon earning battle points, your Overdrive charge also increases by a fixed amount each second. This fixed value is the "Overdrive charge per second" parameter that differs depending on the hull equipped. The formula to calculate the time necessary for Overdrive to fully charge, in seconds, from 0 to 100% is as follows: (100 / hull's charge per second). Therefore Viking, with a charge rate of 0.4 per second, will take (100 / 0.4) = 250 seconds to charge from 0 to 100% if no additional battle points are scored. You can refer above for a table of each hull and its respective Overdrive charge rate.

List of Hull Overdrives

Wasp's Overdrive - N2-Bomb

Icon overdrive n2 bomb.png
Drops a bomb that explodes after 3 seconds and causes tremendous damage with a large area of effect. The bomb will ignore the enemy's active supplies when dealing with damage.
Wasp's Bomb


  • Delay before explosion: 3 seconds
  • Explosion damage: 9999 hp at center of explosion, decreases with distance
  • Heat duration: 10 seconds
  • Burning Damage: 300 hp/sec
  • EMP duration: 3 seconds
  • Jam duration: 6 seconds
  • Stun duration: 1.5 second
  • Damage radius: 25 meters
  • EMP, Stun, and Burn radius: 25 meters
  • Jam radius: Unlimited, as long as the enemy is in a direct line from the bomb

Interaction with other overdrives

  • Hunter's Overdrive can deactivate the bomb.
  • Titan's Overdrive can deactivate the bomb.

Additional Information

  • Ignores Boosted Armors.
  • Ignores Defender and Crisis drone's effect.
  • Ignores Titan's Overdrive.
  • The bomb is an intangible object which therefore does not interfere with the movement of tanks and cannot be destroyed.
  • The bomb does not affect or deal damage to the allies or itself when dropped.
  • The bomb is not deactivated when the tank that dropped it is destroyed or leaves the battle.
  • The presence of damage amplifiers (i.e. supplies, drones) in the tank that set the bomb does not affect the damage from the bomb itself.
  • The bomb wears the paint of the tank that planted it.

Hornet's Overdrive - Scout Radar

Icon overdrive scout radar.png
Allows the entire team to see the health bars and location of enemy tanks. Additionally, the overdrive will apply the Armor-Piercing status effect to all nearby visible tanks at the moment of activation, and apply the Supercharge status to the user.


  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Radius: 50 m
  • AP duration: 9 seconds
  • Supercharge duration: 7 seconds

Interaction with other overdrives

  • The ability continues to work when the tank is under the Overdrive of an enemy Hunter.
  • Ignores Titan's dome if the tanks underneath it are Armor-Pierced

Additional Information

  • The death or exit from the battle of the tank that applied this overdrive terminates the ability of the tank and all its allies to see enemies' locations and health bars
  • Battle score charging for the next overdrive begins after the 7-second supercharge

Hoppers's Overdrive - Detonation Jump

Icon overdrive BFG.png
The overdrive of Hopper is fitting to its name: it has a detonation jumping engine that can toss your tank to significant heights. Yes, Hopper jumps! To use this ability, you need to activate an overdrive which will also Stun and set fire to nearby opponents.


  • Wave burning damage: 300 (hp/sec)
  • Wave size: 1700
  • Radius: 20 m
  • Speed Jump: 1300
  • Burning duration: 9 seconds
  • Stun duration: 1 second

Interaction with other overdrives

  • Prevents Hunter's, Crusader's, and Ares' overdrives from completing if activated during the warmup

Additional Information

  • Opens new doors to new gameplay and tactical advantages.
  • Ability to jump on buildings and other unreachable spots.
  • No additional battle score charge is accumulated for points scored within 10 seconds of activation

Viking's Overdrive - Berserk Reactor

Icon overdrive berserk reactor.png
Significantly increases your turret's damage and firing rate. Lasts 7 seconds.

The tank that activates Overdrive instantly reloads its gun and temporarily gains a significant increase in its effectiveness. Each gun receives its own set of effects, including the following:

  • infinite magazine/shots
  • increased rate of fire
  • increased firing range
  • damage/healing increase
  • increased impact force and reduced recoil
  • special effect for your projectile
  • Some turrets with unique mechanics also have their own special effects:
    • Vulcan - instant startup/stop of the barrels, removal of self overheating;
    • Striker - disables salvo firing mode (can only shoot single rockets);
    • Magnum - turns off power charging ability (each shot occurs with maximum power);
    • Shaft - disables sniping mode (can only shoot arcade shots).
    • Gauss - disables sniping mode (can only shoot regular shots).


Duration: 7 seconds

Interaction with other overdrive

  • The effect of the ability is interrupted (but does not stop completely) when the tank is hit by the overdrive of an enemy Hunter.

Additional Information

  • The ability is deactivated when the tank is destroyed.
  • Deactivating the ability for any reason causes a short pause during which the gun cannot fire.
  • The effect of the ability will act on any projectiles that are in flight during the activation of Overdrive.
  • The effect of Overdrive does not affect the rate of Temperature.
  • The effects of equipped Alterations may change for the duration of this ability.
  • Battle score charge for the next overdrive begins accumulating after the effect ends.

Hunter's Overdrive - Electromagnetic Pulse

Icon overdrive electromagnetic pulse.png
Deactivates enemy supplies, as well as Wasp's bomb and Titan's dome generator. It also stuns and leaves all enemies within its area of effect immobile.

A Hunter that uses Overdrive will activate certain negative effects on all enemies within a certain radius, as follows:

  • termination of supplies;
  • forced recharge of all supplies;
  • resetting flags and ball;
  • zeroing the preparation for shooting (charging Rails, aiming at the Striker target, gaining Magnum power, Shaft's scope mode);
  • ability to jam the overdrive of the whole enemy team;
  • temporary blocking of movement, rotation of the turret, shooting, reloading, launching self-destruct, applying supplies, and activating overdrive.

What this overdrive does not affect:

  • Work your own drones and get bonus effects from other people's drones and overdrives;
  • selection of boxes with supplies;
  • the process of capturing a point in the CP or SGE modes.


  • Delay before activation: 1.1 seconds
  • Stun duration: 3.0 seconds
  • EMP duration: 5.0 seconds
  • Stun and EMP Range: 25 meters
  • Jam duration: 10 seconds
  • Jam range: Entire map

Interaction with other overdrives

  • When an enemy using Overdrive is within the radius of the electromagnetic pulse:
    • deactivates the bomb set by the Overdrive of enemy Wasp;
    • deactivates the protective field generator installed by the Overdrive of an enemy Titan;
    • destroys Ares' energy ball
    • an overdrive of an enemy Viking is temporarily interrupted;
    • the warming-up Overdrive of an enemy Hunter, Crusader, or Ares is completely stopped;
    • the Scout Radar activated by enemy Hornet will continue to work;
    • No effect on mammoths that have activated their overdrive

Additional Information

  • Hunter's Overdrive affects all enemy tanks in range, except the Juggernaut. Tanks with EMP Immunity will not lost supplies, and tanks with Stun Immunity will be able to continue moving and activating overdrive.
  • The destruction of the tank during the preparation of this ability completely interrupts its activation, though some charge is returned to the user.

Crusader's Overdrive - Cryo Cannon

Icon overdrive supplies overload.png
This overdrive shoots a sharp icicle. It flies very fast and shatters ice when it hits a static obstacle, dealing frosty splash damage. The icicle strikes tanks that are at any distance of the icicle's path. On impact, it deals damage to enemy tanks and applies an armor-piercing effect.


  • Splash damage: 1000-2000 hp
  • Splash damage radius: 10 meters
  • AP duration: 5 seconds
  • Overdrive min. splash damage: 10 %
  • Impact force: 500-1000
  • Radius of max splash damage: 1 meter
  • Auto-aim upwards: 11 deg
  • Auto-aim downwards: 14 deg
  • Fire delay: 0.9 seconds

Interaction with other overdrives

  • None

Additional Information

  • Meant for the destruction and neutralization of standalone targets at a long-range.
  • The projectile fired is made out of a thick layer of ice, and is shaped like an icicle for better aerodynamics.
  • The missile freezes the enemy, deals insane damage, and applies an “Armor-Piercing” effect.
  • Currently the only hull overdrive that has the ability to be upgraded with the hull.

Dictator's Overdrive - Supplies Overload

Icon overdrive supplies overload.png
Your tank and all allies within the area of effect will be repaired and buffed with Boosted Armor, Boosted Damage, and Speed Boost supplies as well as dropping a Mine each and charging nearby teammates' overdrives (except for Dictators). No supplies are taken out of the player's inventory when activating this ability. Also applies a short Supercharge effect to the user and nearby teammates.


  • Range: 25 meters
  • Total Charge restored: 50% (split evenly among all teammates who receive the effect)
  • Supercharge duration: 5 seconds

Additional Information

  • When activated, the Overdrive lowers the temperature of all enemies within its area of effect to its minimum value.
  • The player who activated this Overdrive will receive 20 battle points if sharing the overdrive with at least 1 ally.
  • The total of 50% charge is evenly distributed among all receiving players. If sharing with 1 person they will get 50%, sharing with 2 gives each 25%, 5 get 10% each, etc. Ally dictators who receive the overdrive's effect get no charge, and the rest of the teammates split the charge as if the dictators were not present.
  • If a dictator has a different drone level than its teammate, the teammate will get boosted armor, boosted damage, and speed boost level as powerful as their own drone.

Ares's Overdrive - BFG Cannon

Icon overdrive BFG.png
This overdrive shoots a plasma ball that looks just like a ball of lightning. It flies slowly and finally explodes when it hits a static obstacle, dealing splash damage. The lightning ball strikes tanks that are within a certain distance of the ball. It heals allied tanks and deals damage to enemy tanks, ignoring their modules.


  • Damage/Healing: 5000 (hp/sec)
  • Damage/Healing radius: 6 meters
  • Shot delay: 0.07 seconds
  • Speed: 10 m/s
  • Recoil force: 0.05
  • Dmg pause between ticks: 0.1 sec

Interaction with other overdrives

  • Might be shot down by Hunter’s electromagnetic pulse;
  • Explodes when contacting an enemy plasma ball;
  • Neutralizes itself when the protective shield generator is activated;
  • Can not be deactivated with Wasp’s N2-bomb.

Additional Information

  • The ball of plasma has also the ability to heal allies near it.
  • The energy ball ignores tanks and only explodes when it collides with objects on the map.
  • The ball is fired towards the hull, not the cannon.
  • Enemies destroyed with Ares's overdrive contribute to the charge of the next overdrive.

Titan's Overdrive - Protective Shield Generator

Icon overdrive shield generator.png
Drops a protective dome generator. The dome significantly increases damage resistance within its perimeter.
Titan's Dome Generator


  • Duration: 20 seconds
  • Range: 20 meters
  • Protection: 90%

Interaction with other overdrives

  • Activating the protective field disables Wasp's bomb and ares' energy ball within a radius of 20 meters.
  • The protective field is ignored by the Overdrives of Wasp, Hornet, Ares, and Mammoth.
  • The installed generator is deactivated when it comes under the Overdrive of an enemy Hunter.
  • Upon activation, removes any other currently active protective shield generators within a radius of 35 meters, including any activated by teammates.

Additional Information

  • The generator is an intangible object that does not interfere with the movement of tanks and cannot be destroyed except by a hunter's overdrive or a nearby titan's overdrive.
  • The destruction or exit from the battle of the player that created the protective shield does not remove it.
  • The protective field will protect from Juggernaut's shots, Mines, and self-damage.

Mammoth's Overdrive - AT-field

Icon overdrive at field.png
Your tank instantly regains full health, moves faster, and will deal loads of damage to any enemies it touches. Lasts 7 seconds.


  • Duration: 7 seconds
  • Range: 7.5 meters
  • Damage: 3996 hp per second
  • Increase to maximum speed: 50%
  • 100% mine protection

Interaction with other overdrives

  • The force field is not deactivated when the tank is hit by the Overdrive of an enemy Hunter.
  • Instantly repairs the tank.
  • Instantly removes all freezing and burning effects.
  • Ignores Titan's Overdrive.

Additional Information

  • If the Mammoth that activated its Overdrive is destroyed, the effect will also be stopped.
  • While Mammoth's overdrive is activated, immunity from all status effects is applied and currently-active status effects are removed.
  • Charge for the next activation begins after the effect ends.

Juggernaut's Overdrive - Impulse Generator

Icon overdrive juggernaut.png
Fully repairs the Juggernaut and blasts away any enemies in the vicinity.


  • Health healed: 100% of maximum hp
  • Radius: Approximately 25m, with force decreasing with distance

Interesting Facts

  • The overdrive prototype appeared in the game for the May holidays of 2017 (called "Zero Supply") and during the celebration of the 8th birthday of the game.
  • The first overdrive to include all supplies was introduced into the game on an ongoing basis on July 12, 2017.
  • On August 21, 2018, in the battles a box with a bonus (drop) “Nuclear Energy” began to drop out, charging an overdrive. Prior to this, the game had Drop Zone “Nuclear Energy” for some time, but the dropout box was disabled.
  • Unique overdrives for all hulls appeared in the game on April 11, 2019. The old overdrive, which activated all supplies, was given to Dictator, along with the ability to freeze enemies and charge teammates' overdrives.