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We have a large number of maps at our disposal, but not all of them have been in the game thus far. Here's a list of them, with their descriptions, plus a preview of the maps, if found, garnished by the reason for its removal, if it was ever disclosed.

Former Maps


Reason for removal: It was removed due to the map's inactivity - it wasn't being played often enough.
More info: Deck-9; a small map - one that was only able to fit 4 players. Created by M0ONL1ght, the very person who created Gravity and Canyon, it was a very fun map to play in. Each side had its own advantages, but none were powerful to the extent that you could predict which side was going to win; and that's something a good map has - prior to the map update, you had to be a Brigadier to play it; this was before the map update way back in 2012, which saw this increase to Brigadier from Third Lieutenant, which was definitely something that lowered its overall popularity; even before that update, Gefreiters were able to try their hand at this awesome map. It was added to the game on June 4th, 2010. It consisted of two tunnels, which once accessed, lead you to a flag, along with an outside part, which was the position of the other flag. It also had two ramps that were used by defenders. It was popular for 4 versus 4 drug wars in 2012. The elder Deck-9 had a small route in the middle which enabled one to swipe the flag sneakily and run. In the more modern Deck-9, a common way of escaping was via going UNDER the ramp (yes, that was possible) - unfortunately, you could sometimes find yourself getting stuck within the barrels, despite using a light hull.

This map was re-added to the game on the 8th of December, 2016


Reason for removal: It was removed since the testing of the new props ended.
More info: A big map; it was added to the game for the purpose of testing new props namely "lll-set propyl" which is a new set of props that are to be used for future maps. Added on the Christmas Eve of 2012, it wasn't really made for any game mode - more a format called Parkour. The plentiful amount of buildings provided a variety of tasks for tankers and their friends. It reminded me of a more modern Dusseldorf - when you first played it, you weren't really able to find your way through with ease. It didn't have any crystal or supply drops - if you wanted to have an advantage in battle, you had to use your own. You needed to be a Sergeant-Major to help out in the testing.

Silence II

Reason for removal: The merge - the features of both Silence and Silence II were looked at and were put in/removed, to make the one map, which was somewhat closer to the Silence you see today.
More info: It looks somewhat like the Silence we see today, no? The discernible difference, of course, being the fence that blocked a great escape route for the red side, which meant that whilst it was around, it required more bulk as opposed to swiftness when escaping. Not only this, you may have noticed that some of the tunnels are non-existent, the ramp at the left side is a lot more narrow, which meant for more sabotage, hence not so commonly used at the time - the ramp at the center of the map wasn't there either, so it was like a sniper spot for the defenders, although easily exposed. It's somewhat agreed that in the current Silence, the red side will generally win due to the infrastructure of the map - it's not quite the same in this case. Due to the advantages of losing their presence here, the blue side had more of a chance of taking the win. Unless you're escaping from the blue base, gameplay pretty much felt the same, and the differences here and there didn't have much impact. It's always been a 10-10 although, on one occasion, a developer decided to create a Silence II battle that had 20 players - it must've been a pain to capture a flag in such circumstances!


Reason for removal: It was replaced by a current map in the game namely Skyscrapers on June 3, 2014.
More info: A large spacious map with very little cramped quarters. Prior to the map update, you needed to be a First Lieutenant to play it. It was large but easy to navigate through. The pathways were also very narrow which meant that when on them, turrets with strong impact forces were able to push players off, depending on how they went about shooting. It was quite a trek in regards to capturing each flag - you had to do a lot and get through a lot in order to capture a flag. Another thing people liked a lot about it is the somewhat easily accessible room Abyss had.

Moon Silence

Reason for removal: Hackers. They were too much of a deterrent and it ruined gameplay.
More info: Another variation of Silence? How fun! On the Cosmonauts Day of 2013, Moon Silence was added to the game. What made it different from the current Silence at the time? NOTHING, when you exclude the lack of gravity, the space-like sounds, and a different skybox. The feel of weightlessness was made more abundant in this map, and that's what everyone liked. The thing is, the map's temporary permanence wasn't always meant to be. The developers had a 'let's-see-how-it-goes' attitude when releasing this map. Depending on its popularity, the map would either be removed after a short period, or it would stay. As expected, the players welcomed the map with open arms, which lead to it permanently staying. Not only this, it was available for every rank!


Reason for removal: The creator requested it to be removed.
More info: Not here for very long; a map that slightly ascended in the player amount the time it was here. It went from being a 6-6 to a 8-8. It was added on July 19 of 2013, as a result of the creator being a winner of the "Looking for a new level designer" contest. He didn't win the grand prize but placed well. He is a Generalissimo named tank789. According to him, the plan was for it to be called "Unreal" before being changed to Platform - a change for the better if anything. The gameplay was particularly great in DMs and CTFs, and much less so for TDM.


Reason for removal: It was removed due to the map's inactivity.
More info: Another good map by M0ONL1ght gone? The horror! Added on the very same day as Deck-9, Canyon was somewhat well known for the great ramp it had - when hit by a few Railguns in the correct direction, the number of flips you became capable of doing was impressive. As for its gameplay, you could either ascend through cramped tunnels or via spacious desert pathways - the latter option being quicker, as expected, although the cramped tunnels made for better means of escapade. Given that it's rather small, it catered to all kinds of turrets, and I guess that's one of the reasons why people were a fan of it. It was one of the maps where it wasn't too difficult to utilize any combo effectively, no matter how unorthodox. The hole in there could be seen as a hindrance. If you wanted a Canyon game, it didn't take too long to find one.

This map was re-added to the game on the 8th of December, 2016


Reason for removal: It was removed due to the map's inactivity.
More info: Not the biggest of maps at all. One of its stand-out features was the four entrance center that it had. If you asked a set of players if they've heard of the map before, many a time would you hear the answer "No" - unfortunately, it was pretty unpopular.

This map was re-added to the game on the 8th of December, 2016


Reason for removal: It was removed since the testing of the new props was over.
More info: Gallery - another map that was there for the purpose of testing out the new props, except it wasn't played so much for parkour - more for TDMs and CTFs. With good balance, you were capable of reaching new heights, given it was possible to move on some of the arches on the map. This map, in particular, also looked very nice in appearance - fair to say it was the more played of the two, given that it's easier to navigate around the map; gameplay could actually flow.


Reason for removal: The race event was over.
More info: Carousel was a very unique map. It was specially created for a special event, namely, a Tanki Online race, which was held in March 2011 and won by “nikita544”. Carousel was only made in DeathMatch mode and contained up to eleven players. As you can see from the video, there is a central platform where the railgun “referee” is standing on. You cannot see this fact in the video, but that area is where all the players respawned, which gave an advantage to players using weapons such as firebird or freeze as all the players who respawned were within their range. However, you will also be able to see the “outer rim”, where the race occurred. No respawning occurred there, but players using railgun, smoky, or thunder (Shaft did not exist when Carousel was around) were able to “escape” to the edges and snipe from there at the other players, out of range of all except fellow long-range weapons.

Fly Test

FlyTest Preview.png
Reason for removal: The testing was finished.
More info: Fly Test is a test server special and was for a very long time. Whenever you went into the Test Server, Fly Test was the map which you would have to play in to rank up to Private before you could use addscore, which was the way the test server worked for a long time. (You couldn't use the chat until you reached the rank of private, so it was a hard ask for you to use your m0 smoky m0 wasp against these drugging M3-M3s...) New players will never be able to remember those experiences. Do you think playing Tanki is tough as it is? Not until you've experienced doing that, it isn't anywhere near tough. However, the actual purpose of this map was not to rank up but to check the “Flying” ability of the hulls. The map had a whole series of towers at different heights where you could drive off and “fly” off and see how far you got. When the new tanks such as hornet and Viking were created, they were originally tested in Fly Test to see how far they would fly. The actual map itself had no cover whatsoever (except for those ramps and “fly” jumps). No walls, no platforms, not even bushes. There was just a large open space dispersed with these ramps and jumps.


Reason for removal: It was unable to work in the main server, with players reporting the common “grey screen” problem when entering the map.
More info: It was in the test server for a while and was released to the main server in September 2011. The layout is quite simple – yet very confusing! All the map was spread out on one layer, but that layer was a maze – a “labyrinth”. One team had their base on one side of the map, and the other team was on the other side. But in the middle... chaos! Who knows? Okay, it was quite simple to work out once you got the hang of it. Even so, it wasn't easy! Ricochet was very useful in the map, but you had to guess the location of your enemies. Mines were also particularly useful, especially as the only way for players to avoid a mine would be to change direction.

Train Station

Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.
More info: This map was released on December the 1st 2011 in commemoration of the high standing which Tanki got in the “Runet Awards”. It had twice the number of crystal box drops than the average map its size, which made it very popular for a time. It was a simple map, with the two teams' bases on opposite sides of the map. There was a line of train tracks outside each base, a “platform” in the centre, and bridges leading over the platforms from each base. It was very simple and very popular for a time.

Halloween 2010

Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2010/2011

2010.11 HNY.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2011/2012

2011.12 HNY.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 map.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2012/2013

HNY 2012 13.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2013

Hallo2013 thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2013/2014

NY14.15 thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2014

Hallo 2014.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2014/2015

HNY14.15 race thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2015

Hallo2015 thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2015/2016

HNY2015.16 thumb.png
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2016

Hallo2016 thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2016/2017

HNY2016.17 thumb.jpg
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2017

Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

“Happy New Year!” 2017/2018

Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Halloween 2018 (Graveyard)
Reason for removal: The celebrations were over.

Tanki Online 2.0 |

TankiOnlineV2 Preview.png
Reason for removal : Tanki 2.0 got cancelled.
More info: Remember Tanki 2.0? Originally planned for August 2010, eventually canceled in May 2012? For a while, it appeared that it looked likely to happen. The original release date was going to be June the 4th 2011, and when a 2.0 test server was released a month before that date, it looked positive. The only problem was, the test server was not what people had been hoping for. It lagged, being way over-crowded, incredibly. The garage consisted of only a few weapons – Smoky, Thunder, Firebird, and Railgun, if I remember rightly, and a similarly small amount of hulls – Viking was one, Wasp as well – I think there may have been one more. There were only two maps, Crash and Arena. The graphics were scintillating. Absolutely brilliant. Gameplay? Meh. When everyone's lagging, it's not worth the bother. The big change which had, however, was the interface. Players had their own profiles, the battle lobby could be searched, the whole layout was absolutely different from what we know today. It was absolutely incredible to experience, even if playing on the server was a pain, not to mention impossible.

Holiday Maps

Halloween 2010

Appearance of the Flags during Halloween in 2010

Halloween in 2010 was rather basic, considering it was the first time Tanki ever formally celebrated Halloween. There were themed flags, a new special paint, and custom Battle Notifications. The Flags had Pumpkins on them and the objective was to “get” enemies “pumpkins” (flags) and deliver them back to your “pumpkin” (flag). An example of the Gameplay and map can be seen below:


“Happy New Year!” 2010/2011

Appearance of the Holiday Paint during the “Happy New Year! 2010/2011” Festivities

The event started on December the 30th and was the second time that the Developers celebrated the New Year in Tanki Online (there were celebrations for the 2009/2010 New Year where turrets shot confetti but the celebrations weren’t notable). Flags were replaced with Christmas trees, the parachutes were modified with holiday designs, all boxes represented wrapped gifts and holiday-themed billboards. All of the special designs were removed on the 3rd of February of 2011.

Map Review

This was the first time where a special map was added to the game to celebrate the New Year. This map was added in December of 2011 and was a simplistic version of Boombox with a Christmas Tree in the middle. It was only available in Winter mode. Crystal boxes often dropped near the tree. A view of the tree can be seen below:

NY2010.11 cryboxes.jpg

The gameplay and interactions mostly happened in the middle of the map, near the tree. An example of this gameplay can be seen below:

NY2010.11 gameplay.jpg

Halloween 2011

Appearance of the Flags and “Pumpkinheads” during Halloween in 2011

Halloween in 2011 lasted from October 28 all the way until November the 1st. The celebrations included themed flags and billboards, a holiday paint, a Halloween-themed Skybox, and special Halloween decorations on the maps Island, Polygon, Atra II, and Madness (which had cool sound effects). The main attraction of the celebrations was "The Hunt for the Pumpkin-tanks!” These Pumpkin tanks were self-driving and had a Pumpkin as a turret which was some rendition of modern-day Smoky, which can be seen below:

Halloween2011 pumpkin.jpg

The Skybox was specially themed to give a Halloween feel. It looked like this:

Halloween2011 skybox.jpg

Happy New Year! 2011/2012

Appearance of the Holiday Paint during the New Year 2011/2012 Festivities

In December of 2011, the Developers added more special decorations into the game, such as special paint, a different decoration for the boxes, and a new map. These festivities lasted from the 31st of December until the 2nd of January, 2012 (though the special map lasted all the way until the 10th of January, 2012). Some other special decorations included a Christmas tree, a festive Skybox (the New Year one), and special sectors with falling boxes with 2 crystals inside, around the Christmas tree. Tanki also made a special holiday video dedicated to the players to celebrate this New Year of 2012! You can watch the video here. Additionally, a [New Year’s Quest was launched (similar to THE GAME). Several Contests were launched, such as "20 seconds to New Year" and "TO Postcards" to commemorate the end of the year. The winners of these Contests had the opportunity to participate in the exclusive testing of “the secret development of Santa Claus” - a new “Snowman” gun. The prototype looked something like this:

NY2011 snowman.jpg

Similar to the Pumpkin turret, this turret’s mechanics was the same as that of modern-day Smoky’s.

Map Review

This map was pretty much modern-day Sandbox. The map contained a platform and cliffs around it. At the center of the map, there was a big Christmas Tree and crystal boxes falling around it. It has a simple layout and the gameplay was simple. Due to the old physics and mechanics, you could practically “drift” on the map, somewhat similar to the skid that Hornet used to have when turning corners. The map didn’t have many barriers - it was practically floating in mid-air. Due to the lack of barriers and drift, flipping over was easy and annoying, especially due to the old 10-second self-destruct time. The players enjoyed this map a lot, especially due to the number of crystal boxes (which were relatively valuable back then) dropping near the Christmas Tree in the middle. This can be seen below:

NY2011-12 gameplay.jpg.jpg

Halloween 2012

Appearance of the Gold Box during the Halloween 2012 Festivities

This was the first time Tanki had ever introduced a map exclusively for Halloween. The Halloween celebrations started on October the 30th, 2012, and ended on November the 1st, 2012. There was a special Halloween map with Gold Boxes dropping on this map with 305 crystals in them. Additionally, there were festive Paints, decorated billboards, and unique flags designed to decorate the battle with their Halloween look. There was also a discount of 13%, exclusively for M3 turrets and hulls.

Map Review

In this map, you had to enable dynamic shadows to make the map darker as opposed to now, where the map is in a dark theme by default. This beautiful and spooky map was a medium-sized map, which had a castle with a house in it. On the outside of the castle, there were cottages with trees, gravestones, pumpkins, and ghosts. The map and the gameplay was similar to that of Cologne and Fort Knox. In the middle, Gold Boxes would fall occasionally, it was exceptionally valuable for that time, so many were just multing around the middle, killing each other every so often, so it was fairly easy to snatch the enemy flag by driving over the top of the 'castle'. You had plenty of nice camping spots and the dark part behind the flags was a great camouflage spot because it was so dark. It was easy to flip on the ramps, you could hit the mults in the middle from up by rocking your tank and shooting just at the right time. It was also very easy to make kills in the middle because of all the people who were just sitting in the middle waiting for a gold to fall. Back then, there were no Gold sirens nor notifications, the Gold Box would simply fall on its own. These players would just stand in the middle moving their turret left and right (almost like they were shaking their head), or they would run around the middle house to try and hide from you. This map was finally removed when the celebrations concluded on the 14th of November, 2012.

Happy New Year! 2012/2013

Goldnewyear2013.png Goldnewyear2013 2.png
Appearance of the two
Gold Boxes during the New
Year 2012/2013 Festivities

This year, Christmas and New Year were extremely special. The Developers changed the whole game by adding the Rebalance Update on the 17th of December, 2012, followed by discounts on the 30th of December until the 2nd of January. There were different designs for all boxes, flags, parachutes, and a special holiday paint with a Christmas theme. Of course, there was also a special-themed map for the New Year! In this picture, you can see the Holiday Paint and Billboards in action:

HNY 12.13.banner.jpg

Map Review

This map was added to celebrate the New Year of 2013. The map was rather unique, it had a hill, where you could see a large Christmas Tree and four banners around it saying "Happy New Year!" in various different languages as well as a separate banner, which had the Tanki Online webpage link ( as can be seen below:

NY2012.13 pic.jpg

The map was removed on January the 9th, when the celebrations concluded.

Halloween 2013

Appearance of the Gold Box during the Halloween 2013 Festivities
Hallo2013blueflag.png Hallo2013redflag.png
Appearance of the two
Flags during the
2013 Halloween Festivities

To commemorate Halloween in Tanki Online, the Developers held a discount of 13% on all garage items. The Gold Box was increased to 3000 crystals, a special paint decorated with pumpkins and of course, a special map in night mode, were all introduced. There was a contest held on the Tanki Twitter Page that consisted of taking an amazing screenshot or recording a thrilling video with a limit of 30 seconds and sending them to the TO Twitter page, where entries would later be judged. There were more than 666 entries! The celebrities ended on November 4th of 2013. There was a special and mysterious player called “Godmode_ON” who was equipped with an unique paint called “Demon” and the protection percentage is still unknown. Rumors said it was 88% against all turrets, others said it was 66%, but there was never an official answer provided.

Map Review

The map was basically Highland in night mode with some changes in it. They added pumpkins, ghosts sprites, gravestones, and the unforgettable house with a graffitied message on it that said “BEWARE OF GODMODE ON” in red:


The players enjoyed the map a lot and the gameplay was the same as the normal Highland. The map was removed when the celebrations concluded.

“Happy New Year! 2013/2014”

Goldnewyear2014.png Goldnewyear2014 2.png
Appearance of the two
Gold Boxes during the New
Year 2013/2014 Festivities

Christmas in Tanki Online 2013 was a special moment for all of the players and developers, too. The Community Manager, Semyon Kirov made a video dedicated to the players to thank them for this amazing year in the game. You can watch the video here. To celebrate this event, the Gold Box’s value was increased to 3000 crystals, special decorations for billboards, a holiday paint and a new special map called “New Year” were all introduced. From the 24th of December till the 30th of December, special toys appeared in the game. Each one of them was added every 24 hours and players had to buy them before they disappeared to get a special prize of 7 daily crystal bonuses. The toys consisted of the Brigadier icon rank, a Mine, a Christmas sphere with the paint Picasso printed on it, another Christmas sphere with the paint Safari on it, the Generalissimo rank icon as a snowflake, a snowman with the paint Irbis on it, and a toy with three supply boxes on it. All of the toys can be found here. To celebrate the New Year, there was a discount of 50% on all the items in the garage, excluding Product Kits. The discounts ended on January 2th of 2014. To end the celebrations, a special contest named “THE GAME” lasted from the 1st of January of 2014 to the 7th of January, 2014.

Map Review

This New Year map was essentially the equivalent of modern-day Aleksandrovsk. It was a map designed to celebrate the New Year of 2014 in Tanki Online and it received relatively positive feedback. The map was defaulted night mode and included a big Christmas tree with lights! The map was later implemented into the game as Aleksandrovsk. Obviously, the Christmas decorations were removed but due to the player base responding with overwhelming feedback, the map was permanently implemented with a few touch-ups.

Halloween 2014

Appearance of the Gold Box during the Halloween 2014 Festivities

Halloween in 2014 was a lot of fun for tankers! There was a 31% percent discount on all garage items, special decorations for billboards, a golden pumpkin as a decoration, a special paint, a special event called “Zombie Mammoths” and of course, a special map! Tankers had a lot of fun participating in this amazing celebration, in which 897,019 tankers attended to celebrate this special event and 3,163,627 tankers played in the Halloween Map. More statistics can be found here.

Map Review

The map was essentially a modified version of modern-day Barda in night mode, including pumpkins, gravestones, and ghost props. The map also contained an extra area that looked like a cemetery. The golden pumpkin Gold Boxes were only dropped on this map and they contained 3000 crystals in it. The map was removed when the celebrations concluded; on the 6th of November, 2014.

“Happy New Year!” 2014/2015

Goldnewyear2015.png Goldnewyear2015 2.png
Appearance of the two
Gold Boxes during the New
Year 2014/2015 Festivities

The New Year celebrations started on the 24th of December of 2014. Only a few days prior to the event, a new turret was released on the 17 of December, it was Hammer. The Developers decided to celebrate the New Year by having a discount of 50% on all of the items in the game. The Calendar was as follows:

  • Turrets sales on December 24
  • Hulls sales on December 25
  • Paints sale on December 26
  • Supplies and Passes sale on December 27
  • 50% off Micro-upgrades and 80% off Speed-Ups on December 28
  • Double Battle Funds from December 29 to December 31
  • Gold Boxes valued at 2015 crystals dropping from January 1st to January 3rd
  • A New Year racing map from January 1st until January 3rd
  • a New Year Quest from January 1st to January 7th

The New Year Racing map was introduced to the game from December 31 to January 12 of 2015. It supported all Game Modes (except Assault, because that wasn’t out yet) though it was mainly intended to be played in CP mode. There were special Gold Boxes containing 2015 crystals, which appeared in the game from January 1st to January 3rd of 2015. There was also a New Year quest from January 1st to January 7th of 2015.

Map Review

For this year, a special Racing Map was introduced. The map was extremely large, like a true racecourse! Unfortunately, the map wasn’t exactly loved by most. Most people complained that the map wasn’t great for racing nor gameplay purposes. The map was created to be like a racecourse, similar to that of Monte Carlo and Deathtrack. The map itself was divided into two parts for two teams. Each player appeared in a small area with a few Nitro drop boxes in front of them. The players had to “race” to get to the top of the map. At the top, there was a big Christmas Tree, which was the only Capture Point in CP Mode and a few supply boxes around it. The road contained a few obstacles to make the racing more challenging, as can be seen below:

HNY2014.15 racecourse.jpg

Supply boxes could be found on the roads, especially Nitros. The players didn’t enjoy the map because it wasn’t designed to be for battle purposes. Acting upon players' feedback, the Developers brought back the much-loved 2013/2014 Aleksandrovsk-like map, so that there were two “Happy New Year!” Maps.

Halloween 2015

Appearance of the Gold Box during the Halloween 2015 Festivities

Halloween 2015 featured its own special map, called “Halloween DM.” The map looked like this:

Halloween2015 specmap.png

In this map, Gold Boxes dropped 10 times more frequently and had a special siren. There were two special paints to commemorate this special event. The first was a relatively traditional one - a Halloween Holiday paint:

Halloween2015 paint.jpg

The second was called Eternity and was exclusively available to Tankers in possession of a Premium Account. It had impressive protections but was purchasable for a substantial amount of crystals at any rank. More information about its protections can be seen here. It looked like this:

Eternity ontank.jpg

Halloween also came with its own missions, where getting 3000 EXP in the Map could be redeemed for a large crystal sum (which varied according to the player’s rank) in return. Additionally, the top 100 Gold Hunters during the Festivities were rewarded. The person who managed to capture the most Gold Boxes was a player named Ti-To who managed to catch a staggering 195 Gold Boxes! He was awarded 100,000 crystals and a dream tank. The remaining players were awarded as follows: 2nd — 10th place: 50 000 crystals 11th — 100th place: 20 000 crystals Halloween 2015 also marked the release of the Ratings and Statistics page. The Halloween map was decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, tombstones, and its own special Skybox (the Halloween Skybox).

Map Review

The middle section of the map was a graveyard. The tombstones also added a whole new Gameplay element, they were bumpy, which was annoying but it meant that you had to be really aware of your surrounding. However, for the most part, people were playing only for the Gold Boxes, due to them dropping ten times the usual. The map could only be played in DM mode, which made it somewhat boring but it also meant that there were no obligations attached - you did not have to worry about helping your team, you could focus all your attention towards catching as many Gold Boxes as you could! The tombstones could be used to elevate your tank and get on top of swarms of tankers attempting to take the Gold Box. The siren sounded like an evil chuckle, as can be heard below:

“Happy New Year!” 2015/2016

Appearance of the Gold Box during the “Happy New Year!” 2015/2016 festivities

The “Happy New Year!” map was released from Christmas of 2015 until the 11th of January, 2016. It premiered the brand new format “Assault” Mode, where one team defends a base with a control point, while the other team attacks the base in an attempt to deliver their flag to the control point. The event featured Gold Boxes valued at 2016 crystals. There were Holiday missions granting big prizes (which vary upon the rank of the Tanker) if the task was performed, these include:

  • Earn experience points on the New Year map
  • Destroy enemies while wearing the Holiday paint
  • Earn experience points in the Assault battle mode
  • Catch New Year Gold Boxes

These New Year Celebrations featured the launch of Gifts. During the celebrations, there were 4 gifts available, costing 250, 1000, 5000 and 10 000 crystals respectively. More information can be found here. The event also had its own special Skybox (the New Year Skybox) where Christmas trees, auroras, Christmas-themed decorations, and even castles could be seen! The map had a giant Christmas tree in the middle, which was fully decorated, as can be seen below:


The Gold Box siren was a unique one; it was Santa giving a loud chuckle and shouting “Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho!” as can be heard below:

Map Review

The addition of Assault Mode was interesting, the mode had relatively good feedback. The team you played for essentially guaranteed what your role was. The Red team had to infiltrate the Blue base by delivering their Red flag to the Blue CP. This meant that the Red team played an attacking role and Blue played a defensive role, there was no ambiguity regarding your role. However, due to there being only one Red flag, everyone used to push each other and sabotage in order to get in possession of the flag. This made it extremely difficult for attackers because teamwork was critical but people were selfish and wanted the flag for themselves. In order to win, you had to have very good teamwork. Defending the single CP for Blue wasn’t overly difficult because everyone was ready for the attackers, however, the attackers had a hard time getting through Blue’s defense and actually capturing a Flag. However, due to the certainty in roles, Gameplay became somewhat predictable - the Red team had to attack in order to win and Blue had to defend in order to win. Gold Boxes occasionally spiced up Gameplay but otherwise, attack strategies became predictable due to there not being very many routes to attack with.

Halloween 2016

Appearance of the Gold Box during the Halloween 2016 festivities

This year, Tanki made the Halloween map available for a whole 8 days, starting on Monday the 24th of October till Tuesday, the 1st of November.

The Gift “Candies” was purchasable during the Halloween festivities for 2,000 crystals

There were specially themed decorations, such as billboards, bushes, trees, a box of candies as a special in-game gift (more information about it here) and a pumpkin Gold Box. The Gold Box this year was the same as the 2014 Halloween Gold Box but contained 1,000 crystals, as opposed to the 2014 one which contained 3,000 crystals. The siren for this year was rather similar to that of its 2015 counterpart, however, it was slightly shorter and the chuckle was less hearty. The siren can be heard here:

For the celebrations, there were two paints that were obtainable - one in the Shop and one in the Garage. Zombie was purchasable for 5.99 € in its bundle, whereas the Halloween paint was available for 120,000 crystals. The map had an astonishing 109 Gold Box drop zones, which, when on the floor, created the shape of a massive Jack-o’-Lantern, as can be seen below:

Hallo2015 goldsdropped.png

There was a special mission designed for the special map, it was:

  • “Earn experience on Halloween map” (0/3000)

The map was available in all formats.

Map Review

Godmode_ON made a surprise return during the Halloween to participate in a special Event

The map was relatively similar to its 2015 counterpart, apart from the multi-format compatibility and a few design changes. One of the major changes was the fact that two large bridges were added. Both the bases were in a sort of a pit. The hill located at the top of the map made a great vantage point, which made a handy camping area. The cemetery was often not overly crowded due to the fact that you were completely exposed there. Most people preferred taking the “scenic route” which was more covered. One of the bridges led to the Blue base and made a decent getaway route but once again, it was rather unsheltered, meaning that you could quite easily be killed trying to run away with the flag. The other bridge led to the highest hill. One of the most interesting things that happened during Halloween, was an event featuring the almighty Godmode_ON! There was a special Event organized, called “Running King”, where the objective was to kill Godmode_ON. He had his Firebird and Wasp XT equipped, with his Demon paint and an unknown protection module. After he was finally killed, he dropped three Gold Boxes, then left. A video of the entire event can be found here.

“Happy New Year!” 2016/2017

Appearance of the Gold Box during the “Happy New Year!” 2016/2017 festivities

The “Happy New Year!” 2016/2017 event lasted from Saturday, the 24th of December all the way up until Monday, January 29th - a total of 16 days. The event had special themed Gold Boxes and drop zones, parachutes, billboards, flags, bushes, and other decorations. As usual, 3 new Gifts were released, more information about that can be seen here. Three new Paints were also available, the Holiday paint, New Year 2017 was available for 150,000 crystals. For the first time in Tanki History, two Bundle Paints were available. Depending on which Bundle you purchased, you could either obtain Spangles for 9.99 € or Snowflake for 24.99 €. There was also one Holiday mission:

  • Earn experience in ASL Mode (0/1500)

In addition to the Holiday festivities, a brand new Striker Giveaway was launched. 7 Strikers were up for grabs for Tankers who managed to reach 500 kills or more. The prizes were as follows:

  • 250 kills - 3 Gold Boxes
  • 500 kills - 5 Gold Boxes
  • 1000 kills - 10 Gold Boxes + Resistance Module with Striker protection

One random winner from the pool of players who reached 500+ kills was chosen as the winner who received a fully Micro-Upgraded Striker.

Map Review

This year’s 2017 “Happy New Year!” map was new and improved. Acting upon the critique of the previous Map, the Developers changed up the Map mechanics. One of the major differences was that there were now two Blue Assault Points (as opposed to 2016 where there was only one) and three Red Flags (as opposed to 2016 where there was only one). This amendment proved to be extremely influential. Now, the Red team was no longer majorly disadvantaged. Now, Blue had to coordinate their defenses as well. Blue required to spread their defenses equally so that neither fort could be infiltrated. Additionally, the entire Map was three times larger than its 2015/2016 counterpart. Due to this, the Red base was enlarged to accommodate new spawn positions to better suit the new layout of the Red base. Drop Zones were also changed to better suit strategic purposes and the map could now harbor 30 players, or 15v15 battles (as opposed to the previous year where only 24 players could participate, or 12v12 battles). The addition of two more flags proved to be extremely required, as sabotage cases dramatically reduced - there was less fighting for flag position. This map supported TDM, DM, and ASL battles. The map itself was absolutely stunning. The Skybox was breathtaking, as well as the overall aesthetic of the map. A full Spectator view of the Map can be seen below:

NY 2016.17 spec.png

In order to succeed in ASL mode, it is best for the Blue team to not return the flag, as no Experience can be gained from it nor will it benefit the team, unless of course, another attacker is about to pick up the flag. It is best to leave the flag so that the Red team has to wait longer to get the flag and launch another attack. Raiding the Red base can also be useful, to slow the Red team’s attacks down. When the update was initially released, the Map’s mechanics had to be changed. On the 26th of December, the map was slightly modified to allow for 30 players to play in 15v15 battles (instead of 24, 10v10). Additionally, capturing a Flag for the Red team was reduced to 3 team points (from the previous 5 points per capture) as there were complaints that attacking the Red team was too easy. Blue gained a standard one-team point every ten seconds, meaning that the battle was a race against the clock, where the Red team needed to stay ahead of Blue in terms of battle score in order to win. Gold Boxes which dropped in the map had unique Gold Box sirens, which sounded like this:

Halloween 2017

Appearance of the exclusive Halloween paint, Pumpkins

Halloween of 2017 was pretty jam-packed. Holiday decorations included specially-themed Gold Boxes, Halloween-styled drop zones, parachutes, and billboards. Once again, the gift Candies were available during the Halloween celebrations. There was also, as usual, a Holiday map that featured missions with increased difficulty and rewards. Gold Boxes dropped 10 times more often for 24 hours and one of the coolest parts was the introduction of yet another animated paint, Nightmare!

Map Review

This map was far less impressive than its 2016 counterpart. The removal of ramps and other props made the map seem like a watered-down version of the previous Halloween map. The gameplay was rather impressive but the 10x Gold Box drop rates made it very profitable to play on the map. A picture of the map can be seen below:
Whilst the map itself was quite cool, it was a shame that the Map only supported one format; DM. This deterred many players from playing as its 2016 counterpart hosted multiple formats.

New Year 2017/2018

Tanki went all-out with the New Year celebrations. Three new gifts were added; “Candy Cane,” “Snow Globe” and “Gingerbread Tank.” More information about these gifts can be found here. There was a new holiday paint which was relatively different from its previous counterparts. More information here. There was also yet another new animated paint called Holiday Lights. There were mixed feelings about the new paint, some appreciated the Christmas Lights but others disliked the murky green background texture of the paint. There was also a special Holiday map, special missions, increased battle funds, special Gold Boxes, major inclusions of Containers of course, big sales. The full announcement can be found here.

Map Review

At the initial time of release, people found the new map seeming vaguely similar. It featured the special holiday Skybox but the map itself seemed like an improved version of an older version. In the corresponding V-Log, the Developers announced that the map was actually a modified version of Forest. You can see the similarities below:
The number of trees was a bit of an overkill but the traditional Christmas Tree in the center was just as cool as ever! Gameplay mostly took place on the ground level, trees offered great protection for campers. Short/medium ranged turrets prospered here, as well as Railgun and Striker. Alternatively, the Gold Boxes all dropped in the middle, together with most supply boxes.

Halloween 2018

Appearance of the animated paint Bunny

This year, the Halloween map was active only for one day, starting on Sunday the 3rd of November until Monday, the 4th of November. The event decorations included specially-themed Gold Boxes as pumpkins, drop zones, bushes, parachutes, and billboards. You could send the unique Candies gift to your friends during the whole celebrations this year as well. Like last year, the Gold Box worth 1 thousand crystals and the siren were the same as in normal battles. For six days there were two special offers, and both of them were available for purchase in the shop. The first one contained the brand new animated paint, called Bunny, 15 containers, and 25,000 crystals. The second one gave 5 containers, 300 of each supply (except Gold Boxes and batteries), and 100,000 crystals.

Map Review

Golds were dropping 20 times more often for 24 hours. The map was similar to the 2017 version, except a few changes. The most noticeable changes were the additional houses in the corner hill, removing buildings at the opposite edge, and adding few new elements instead of them. The bridges and ramps appeared again to make one more way to catch the gold in style. A picture of the map can be seen below:
In total, the map was so enjoyable, but it could be only played in DM mode while using the Matchmaking (MM) system which made it impossible to play with your friends. If you had a little luck you could get into the same map by clicking on the "Play!" button at the same time. On the map itself, Striker was undoubtedly the best turret. The bridge and other elevated parts were ideal locations for camping, considering the open graveyard below where most of the Gold Boxes fell.

New Year 2018/2019

The New Year celebrations started on December 21st at 02:00 UTC and ended on January 09th at 02:00 UTC. This time the decorations were the same as the last year. You could wish a Happy New Year with “Candy Cane”, “Snow Globe” and “Gingerbread Tank” gifts. More information about these gifts can be found here. During the whole nineteen days, one could enjoy traditional themed decorations such as the holiday garage, holiday paint, billboards on all maps, parachutes, flags, holiday Gold box skin, and its drop zone; there was also a new animated paint called Touch of chill available for purchase in the Shop. Moreover, two other bundles appeared for a different price.

Map Review

HNY19 Meteor

The map did not change, with the exception of a few walls here and there. The traditional Christmas tree in the middle was kept. Gold Boxes were dropping with x20 drop frequency on the Holiday map (MM) on three different days - December 24, December 31, and January 7. Golds were falling as huge Christmas-tree meteorites which destroyed everyone upon impact. Players realized the Lifeguard drone can save them from the enormous explosion, so thousands decided to invest their crystals in this useful gadget.