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A nickname is a substitute for the proper name of a familiar person, place, or thing, for affection or ridicule. It is a familiar or humorous name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the real name.

— Oxford English Dictionary

What are nicknames in Tanki Online?

They surely aren't simple «substitutes» as stated in the quote above — they represent a user's way of illustrating their personality, things they like, or anything that they find funny.

Nickname change feature

When registering to Tanki Online, each user picks a nickname — there are millions of users currently registered and each one of them has his / her own nickname! They may refer to famous people, books, films, comics, etc, refer to invented fantasies made by users, or even exist only thanks to random pressing keys on a keyboard — what is important to note is that each nickname is part of a user's career in Tanki Online and all his / her friends will address him/her by it!

How can you change your nickname?

To change your nickname, you must go into your settings (located in the bottom left of your screen), from there you need to click on the "account" tab. Once you are in there, you will notice an option to change your nickname. Before making the change, make sure that your new name isn't already taken and it doesn't break the Game Rules.
Some examples of incorrect changes are as follows - 'incorrect password', 'incorrect nickname chosen' and both, 'incorrect password and nickname chosen' respectively.

Please note that the nickname should consist of at least three symbols and should not exceed twenty, or else the change will be denied. If you fill in everything correctly, the system will accept your changes:


What to do if the nickname you wanted has already been taken?

If you tried to register a new account but found out that the nickname you wanted has already been taken, do not despair, you may still be able to get it!

If an account has been inactive for a certain period of time, its associated nickname will become free again and you may register it for your new account! An account is considered «inactive» if it hasn’t been used to enter the Game for a certain period of time (depending on the account's rank). For details on inactivity time, check the table below:

Inactivity time
Inactivity time
Inactivity time
IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
10 days
IconsNormal 11.png Warrant Officer 1
110 days
IconsNormal 21.png Lieutenant Colonel
210 days
IconsNormal 02.png Private
20 days
IconsNormal 12.png Warrant Officer 2
120 days
IconsNormal 22.png Colonel
220 days
IconsNormal 03.png Gefreiter
30 days
IconsNormal 13.png Warrant Officer 3
130 days
IconsNormal 23.png Brigadier
230 days
IconsNormal 04.png Corporal
40 days
IconsNormal 14.png Warrant Officer 4
140 days
IconsNormal 24.png Major General
240 days
IconsNormal 05.png Master Corporal
50 days
IconsNormal 15.png Warrant Officer 5
150 days
IconsNormal 25.png Lieutenant General
250 days
IconsNormal 06.png Sergeant
60 days
IconsNormal 16.png Third Lieutenant
160 days
IconsNormal 26.png General
260 days
IconsNormal 07.png Staff Sergeant
70 days
IconsNormal 17.png Second Lieutenant
170 days
IconsNormal 27.png Marshal
270 days
IconsNormal 08.png Master Sergeant
80 days
IconsNormal 18.png First Lieutenant
180 days
IconsNormal 28.png Field Marshal
280 days
IconsNormal 09.png First Sergeant
90 days
IconsNormal 19.png Captain
190 days
IconsNormal 29.png Commander
290 days
IconsNormal 10.png Sergeant-major
100 days
IconsNormal 20.png Major
200 days
IconsNormal 30.png Generalissimo
300 days
IconsNormal 31.png Legend
310 days


  • For accounts that have been used to purchase crystals, the minimum period of inactivity is extended to 3 years from the date of the last purchase, regardless of the account’s rank.
  • Nicknames of accounts that have been blocked for inappropriate nickname will not become available — these are and will remain blocked FOREVER.

An inactive account's nickname will only become publicly available if someone tries to register it. At that point, one of two things can happen:

  1. if the inactive account isn’t linked to a valid email address, the new user will be able to register/take the nickname immediately.
  2. if the inactive account is linked to a valid email address, the original owner of the account will receive an email notification informing him/her that someone wants to claim his / her account's nickname. From that point, the original owner of the account will have ONE WEEK to reactivate his / her account by entering the Game. If he/she fails to do so within that time frame, the new user will be able to register the nickname.

What will happen to an account if its nickname has been taken?

Even if your account's nickname has been taken, your account WILL NOT be lost!
In fact, inactive accounts will simply be renamed to free up the nickname for another user and you will still be able to access your account, as usual, even if it has lost its nickname — inactive accounts' nicknames get a prefix «r_» in front of them. So, if the nickname «TANKER» gets taken, the original account's nickname becomes «r_TANKER». If «r_TANKER» was also taken, then a number from 0 to 100 is added to it, so the name becomes, for example, «r_TANKER0».

If you have an email linked to your account, you will also receive an email from our Tech Support listing your new nickname and all details on the process. If you do not have an email linked to your account, you will have to contact our Tech Support, submit a request for account recovery, and then wait for their instructions.

For your nickname to be taken, all of the following events must have taken place:

  • you did not enter the Game for a very long time,
  • someone tried to register your nickname,
  • you did not notice a letter telling you that someone else has tried to register your nickname, and
  • someone tried to register your nickname a second time.

After all of the above has happened, your inactive account will be given a new nickname.

If, after losing your nickname and being given a new one, you decide to return to the game, you’ll be able to continue playing with this new nickname or eventually choose a different one by contacting our Tech Support.

NOTE: Nothing you owned will be touched — achievements, garage items, rank, crystals and everything associated with your account before the period of inactivity will still be the same.
NOTE: The "Inactive accounts' nickname" system was released on Tuesday, 12th April 2016 — further information can be found at the following links: