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  • Mouse Icon.png Mouse controls were introduced to the game on April 9, 2015. Mouse controls are activated by selecting the respective option in the Settings menu. You will then also need to enter fullscreen mode, which is done by a left-click anywhere on the game area during a battle, or by using the fullscreen button in the upper menu.


  • The cursor will disappear while you are using mouse controls, so to make it reappear simply press and hold the Tab key.

  • With mouse controls, the exciting ability to control your camera without rotating your turret was added, which is especially useful for those with turrets with slow rotation speed. To do this, hold down the right mouse button.

  • If you would like to switch between keyboard and mouse controls, this is possible by either using the keyboard turret rotation keys or clicking the left mouse button. However, if you want to permanently disable mouse controls, you can do so by deselecting the option in the Settings menu.

  • Please note that the mouse controls are only available on the Tanki downloadable HTML client, Firefox, Opera (up to v12.18), Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers, so if you would like to try this feature, you must download and use one of the supported browsers. It does not work in Safari and Edge.

  • At the moment mouse controls with the Magnum turret do not work with augments that remove the turret's horizontal rotation.
  • If mouse controls are active with a hovering hull, your hull's and turret's rotation will follow your camera, and using the left/right or a/d keys will strafe your hull side to side. Without mouse controls, it is not possible to strafe hovering hulls: left/right and a/d will turn your hull instead.