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The Missions feature allows you to earn in-game rewards for completing daily/weekly assignments. They involve carrying out tasks within the game for a reward.

Every day, upon first entering the game, you will see a small dot on the missions tab indicating that you have received new missions, which you should perform to earn your in-game rewards. You can only complete up to 3 daily missions per day.

Any missions that you do not complete on the day, will be re-assigned the next day. A mission is only considered completed after you have clicked the "Claim Reward" button.

Daily missions are available from the rank IconsNormal 01.png Recruit or higher.

You can check your progress on the "Missions" tab in the lobby. Currently, it is not possible to check your mission's progress during a battle in the HTML5 version of the game.

Changing Daily Missions

Your current missions can be exchanged for new ones. You can exchange one mission for free once a day and for a number of crystals any number of times after that. A mission always gets replaced with a mission of a different type. The price for exchanging a mission is equal to a third of the crystal reward you would get for completing the longest daily mission at your current rank, from 50 crystals at Recruit to 999 at Legend.


Crystals and Supplies rewarded for completing daily missions are generated randomly. In addition to these rewards, each mission rewards a standard set of rewards. This includes stars, which count towards the current Challenge, and Shards, which can be exchanged for Containers. The rewards are listed below:

  • Easy daily mission (on the left): 30 , 30 
  • Medium daily mission (in the middle): 50 , 50 
  • Long daily mission (on the right): 70 , 70 

There are also daily gifts, which you can get irrespective of whether you complete missions or not. They are:

Completing missions will earn you either crystals or some supplies (one or two types). The amount of supplies or crystals depends on your rank. Rare rewards include Gold Box Supplies (available only from   Warrant Officer 1)

Weekly Missions

Upon the first entry into the game for the current week, a player will receive 3 weekly missions in addition to their daily ones. The 3 Weekly Missions and their rewards/requirements are displayed below:

1st Weekly Mission: This mission will be one of the types of daily missions, but with increased difficulty.
x1 Container  
x1 Weekly Container  
x100 Stars  

2nd Weekly Mission: Complete 8 Daily Missions.
x1 Container  
x2 Weekly Containers  
x150 Stars  

3rd Weekly Mission: Complete 15 Daily Missions. Note that the progress of the previous weekly mission (i.e complete 8 daily missions) will still count towards completing this mission.
x1 Container  
x3 Weekly Containers  
x200 Stars  

These 3 special weekly missions must be completed within 7 days of receiving them. Weekly Missions that you did not have time to complete in the allocated time are re-assigned to the next week. If you complete 1 or 2 Weekly Mission but not the other(s), these 1 or 2 that you completed will be replaced with new Weekly Missions in the following week when these missions are re-assigned.

Weekly Missions cannot be changed.


Weekly Containers

Weekly Container

These are special containers that can only be obtained as a reward for completing Weekly Missions. Received Weekly Containers are stored in the containers tab next to regular containers.

Weekly containers contain supplies, batteries, crystals and tankoins. The size of the rewards (except Tankoins) depends upon the rank of the player when they open them. Thus, often tankers will wait to open them until ranking up. Upon opening a weekly container, the player will receive all the prizes for his/her rank as displayed in the table below.

Weekly containers can only be opened all at once; it is not possible to open only some of the weekly containers in your inventory.

Contents of Weekly Containers

Contents of Weekly Containers
Repair Kit
Boosted Armor
Boosted Damage
Speed Boost
  Private 1 2 2 2 2 1 70 3
  Gefreiter 1 3 3 3 3 1 100 3
  Corporal 2 5 5 5 5 1 210 3
  Master Corporal 3 7 7 7 7 2 320 3
  Sergeant 3 9 9 9 9 2 420 3
  Staff Sergeant 4 11 11 11 11 2 530 3
  Master Sergeant 5 13 13 13 13 3 640 3
  First Sergeant 5 15 15 15 15 3 710 3
  Sergeant-Major 6 17 17 17 17 3 820 3
  Warrant Officer 1 7 19 19 19 19 4 920 3
  Warrant Officer 2 7 21 21 21 21 4 1030 3
  Warrant Officer 3 8 23 23 23 23 4 1142 3
  Warrant Officer 4 9 25 25 25 25 5 1250 3
  Warrant Officer 5 10 28 28 28 28 5 1350 3
  Third Lieutenant 10 30 30 30 30 5 1460 3
  Second Lieutenant 11 31 31 31 31 6 1530 3
  First Lieutenant 11 33 33 33 33 6 1640 3
  Captain 12 35 35 35 35 6 1750 3
  Major 13 38 38 38 38 7 1850 3
  Lieutenant Colonel 14 40 40 40 40 7 1960 3
  Colonel 14 42 42 42 42 7 2070 3
  Brigadier 15 44 44 44 44 8 2170 3
  Major General 16 46 46 46 46 8 2280 3
  Lieutenant General 16 48 48 48 48 8 2350 3
  General 17 50 50 50 50 9 2460 3
  Marshal 18 52 52 52 52 9 2570 3
  Fieldmarshal 18 54 54 54 54 9 2670 3
  Commander 19 56 56 56 56 10 2780 3
  Generalissimo 20 58 58 58 58 10 2890 3
  Legend 20 60 60 60 60 10 3000 3

Special Missions

These missions will appear alongside your Daily, Weekly, and Challenge Tasks, under the heading «Special». These missions include:

  • Rank Up mission;
  • Get Premium mission (If Premium is active, this mission will be to claim the daily gift)
  • Link Email mission(can only be completed once)
  • Special missions for in-game events and celebrations.
  • Token of Apology (1-day premium sometimes given for an hour after a long unexpected maintenance)
  • Completed missions (Usually appear during special celebrations such as Tanki's Birthday and from Tankoins pass)

New special missions appear during events and have a wide variety of tasks, difficulties, and rewards.

These special missions will only be available on he HTML and mobile version of the game and can be completed only in Matchmaking battles.


Mission Types

Earn Battle Score

Goal: the player needs to earn a specific number of battle points in battles
Description: "Score points in battles"

Earn Battle Score (Mode)

Goal: the player needs to earn a number of battle score on any map, but in a specific battle mode
Description: “Score points in [ Team deathmatch / Capture the Flag / Control Points / Assault / Rugby / Juggernaut / Siege ]"

Finish Battles

Goal: the player needs to finish the displayed number of battles
Description: "Finish battles in any mode"

Finish Battles (Mode)

Goal: the player needs to finish the displayed number of battles in the specified mode
Description: “Finish Battles in [ Team deathmatch / Capture the flag / Control points / Assault / Rugby / Juggernaut / Siege ]”

Earn Crystals

Goal: player needs to earn a specific number of crystals
Description: "Earn crystals in battles"
Bonus reward from Premium Account does count towards this mission.

Earn Crystals (Mode)

Goal: the player needs to earn a number of crystals on any map, but in a specific battle mode
Description: "Earn crystals in [ Team Deathmatch / Capture the Flag / Control Points / Assault / Rugby / Juggernaut / Siege ]"
Bonus reward from Premium Account does count towards this mission.

Win Battles

Goal: the player needs to finish in the top three places on the winning team in any battle mode or map. This includes being top three in a DM or TJR battle.
Description: "Take one of the top three places in the winner's team"

Destroy Enemies / Capture Flags or Points / Score Goals

CTF description: "Deliver flags"
TDM/DM description: "Destroy enemies"
CP description: "Capture points"
ASL description: "Deliver flags"
RGB description: "Score goals"
TJR description: "Destroy the Juggernaut"
Description of the damage mission: "Deal damage to enemy tanks"
Description of the kills mission: "Destroy enemy tanks"
Description of the damage mission in a mode: “Deal damage to enemy tanks in [ Team deathmatch / Capture the flag / Control points / Assault / Rugby / Juggernaut / Siege ]”

Catch Boxes

Goal: the player needs to pick up a specific number of specific supply boxes in battles. Activating supplies also count towards completing this mission, but extra supplies consumed by Drones do not.
Description: "Collect Repair Kit boxes" (or Speed Boost / Boosted Damage / Boosted Armor boxes)
As with the rest of the missions, this mission requires at least one enemy player to be present in the battle. Collecting boxes in an empty map will not count towards the mission.

Use Overdrive

Goal: the player needs to activate Overdrive in battle the specified number of times
Description: "Use overdrive in battle"
Receiving supplies from an ally Dictator does not count towards the progress of this mission.

Complete 8 Daily Missions

Goal: player needs to complete 8 Daily Missions
Description: "Complete daily missions" (8)
This mission is a Weekly Mission and thus cannot be changed for crystals. Additionally, it will only appear under the 'Weekly' tab.

Complete 15 Daily Missions

Goal: player needs to complete 15 Daily Missions
Description: "Complete daily missions" (15)
This mission is a Weekly Mission and thus cannot be changed for crystals. Additionally, it will only appear under the 'Weekly' tab.


  • Daily quests appeared in the game on July 14, 2015.
  • Along with the regular daily quests, Generalissimos (the highest rank at the time) could receive rare super-missions with exclusive prizes: Destroy 9999 tanks or earn 99999 experience. The missions rewarded lots of crystals and supplies, Hornet XT, or Railgun XT.
  • On September 10th, 2015, Viking XT, Thunder XT, Wasp XT, and Firebird XT were added as rewards for super-missions.
  • On March 3, 2016, quest chains with additional bonuses were added to the main task functionality.
  • On December 8, 2016, the tasks “Collect experience on the map” were removed from the game.
  • Since March 29, 2017, it has become impossible to complete tasks while playing in PRO battles.
  • On April 21, 2017, two new types of tasks appeared in the game - for a set of crystals.
  • On October 12, 2017, the tasks “Collect the Gold Boxes x1”, “Take the first place in the battle x2”, “Take the first place in the battle x3” were removed from the game.
  • On December 28, 2017, the “Take the first place in the battle” mission was replaced by “Finish in the top three in the winning team.”
  • On January 10, 2018, containers were added to quest chain rewards.
  • On January 27, 2018, the issuance of the difficult missions “Destroy 9999 opponents” and “Earn 99999 experience in battle” with any prizes was disabled, as well as the varieties of the missions “Earn Experience”, “Earn Crystals” and “Capture Points” designed for execution in modes "Assault" and "Rugby".
  • On April 27, 2018, the chain progress reset was disabled if at least 1 task per day was not completed.
  • On June 5, 2018, batteries were added to quest chain rewards.
  • On June 30, 2018, experience set assignments were replaced by battle point assignments.
  • On October 30, 2018, the quest chain system was removed from the game. In its place was taken by weekly assignments. In addition, new types of tasks appeared: “Use overdrive in battle”, “End battles in any mode”, “End battles in mode” and “Complete daily missions”.
  • On February 28, 2020, a new category of missions was added into the game called "special missions" in which these missions will drop unique missions with special rewards for rank-ups, premium, or special events.
  • On September 30th, 2020, weekly mission requirements were decreased and the number of crystals needed to complete some daily missions was doubled. Additionally, missions were made the same difficulty on all ranks, except those for earning experience and crystals.
  • Also on September 30th, 2020, the Challenges system was reworked, requiring more stars to finish the challenge but adding stars to daily and weekly mission rewards. This allowed tankers to complete the challenge with less effort but makes it difficult to speed through.
  • On January 29th, 2021, Shards were added to daily mission rewards, allowing players to earn more containers.

Interesting Facts

  • Sometimes on holidays in the game there are unique tasks with increased complexity and increased prizes. Examples of such tasks: achieve the goal (earn experience, destroy enemies) in the holiday paint or game mode, catch the holiday gold boxes, use specific equipment, etc.
  • If you complete all 3 daily missions each day, you will earn 548 containers every year from shards!
  • Occasionally, a daily mission will reward Gold Box supplies to tankers ranked   Warrant Officer 1 or higher.