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Perhaps the most versatile class of turrets, the four mid-range weapons can serve you well in almost any situation. Though most people pick their mid-range turret purely based on the sound it makes (personally, I'm a "ratatatatata" kind of person, but "crack", "whoosh", and "boom" are also excellent), this page contains additional information that may also be helpful in deciding.


Turret smoky m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngEasy to use thanks to high bullet speed and low reload
Plus.pngPowerful critical hits are more frequent than for other mid-range turrets
Plus.pngNo chance of self-damage
Plus.pngEffective for knocking off target's aim or travel direction with multiple shots
Minus.pngLow average overall damage output
Minus.pngCan only hit one enemy at once

Why players like it

  • "If aimed correctly, it can be one heck of a deadly turret"
  • "Frequent critical hits"
  • "Versatile"


Turret vulcan m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngHighest overall damage of the mid-range turrets
Plus.pngDeals damage constantly instead of shot-by-shot (repair kit does not counter it well)
Plus.pngConstant impact force is good for pushing enemy driving off course
Plus.pngConstant shots allow bouncing to be a useful strategy for hitting enemies behind cover
Minus.pngConstant impact force is lower than other mid-range turrets, and is usually less effective for knocking off aim than shot-based impact
Minus.pngTurret rotation slows down by 50% and partially detaches from hull rotation while firing
Minus.pngBarrel startup and slowdown forces a choice between taking a break in shooting to reset and continue to fire while burning

Why players like it

  • "No need of waiting for long reload"
  • "Immense firepower"
  • "Can gain lots of battle points by hitting many enemies"
  • "OP with the right Hull Augment"


Turret striker m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngTwo firing modes, quick-launching single rockets or targeting 4-rocket salvo, both with high overall damage output rate
Plus.pngSalvo shots follow the target and deal massive damage all at once
Plus.pngSplash damage can hit groups of nearby enemies or enemies just behind obstacles
Plus.pngLow recoil
Plus.pngMissiles don't decrease in damage with distance
Minus.pngMissiles move very slowly when first launched, and so regular missiles can easily miss moving targets
Minus.pngSplash damage can hit your own tank at close range
Minus.pngSalvo takes a long time to charge

Why players like it

  • "Great damage, splash damage, and range"
  • "Same damage as thunder but less protection modules overall"
  • "The critical is insane"
  • "Very fun and exciting"..."unique and underrated"
  • "Ability to kill heavy hulls with a salvo"..."you can easily kill jugger with it"


Turret thunder m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngLarge splash radius is good for controlling crowds or hitting enemies behind obstacles
Plus.pngSplash damage can hit groups of nearby enemies or enemies just behind obstacles
Plus.pngGood bullet speed makes it fairly easy to use
Plus.pngPlenty of impact force
Minus.pngWide splash damage can hit your own tank at close range
Minus.pngLong reload can let enemies duck out of the way or effectively use a repair kit

Why players like it

  • "Big splash"
  • "Simple"
  • "Easy kills"

Side-by-side comparison of Medium-Range turrets' stats

Note: Comparisons are between maxed-out turrets with no augments. If there's something you like about a turret, or something you don't, there's probably an augment that modifies that thing, makes it better, or removes it. It's worth checking out the Augments page before making your final decision on a turret to use.

Smoky (Mk7+)
Turret smoky m3.png
Vulcan (Mk7+)
Turret vulcan m3.png
Striker (Mk7+)
Turret striker m3.png
Thunder (Mk7+)
Turret thunder m3.png
Damage per Regular Shot (hp) 535 44 880 880
Damage per Critical Shot (hp) 800 44 1760 880
Average Critical Chance (%) 22.7 9.1 9.1 9.1
Reload (s) 1.4 0.055 Icon info.png 1.7 2.2
Average Damage per second 350 800 565 Icon info.png 400
Impact Force 330 Each Shot: 10
Each second: 182
Direct: 300
Explosion: 500
Direct: 330
Explosion: 400
Range of Max Damage (m) 100 100 1000 100
Range of Min Damage (m) 150 150 1000 150
Min Damage 50% 50% 100% 50%
Projectile Speed (m/s) 500 250 Launch: 30
Maximum: 700
Recoil 200 Each shot: 5
Each second: 91
100 250