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Medal of Merit

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Medal of Merit banner.png
The special avatar given to these players

Players who have made a great contribution to the development of the project can be recognized by this special sign: for avatars on the forum, they have the "Medal of Merit".

Players with this avatar in the forum were recognized for their unrestricted engagement in and around the game "Tanki Online". They spent many thousands of hours to advance the game, improve the content, and build and manage entire communities. Thanks to their commitment, many wonderful things have been created for the players. In addition, they formed indestructible bridges between the communities and the developers, thus ensuring that players have a say in the development of the game. Unfortunately, these players left the project. As a thank you, they received this medal of merit in the forum, which shows every viewer that an experienced and important person published their contribution.

The list of owners of this special status on the English-language forum of the game can be found below: