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Lucky 7

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Lucky 7


A unique paint with special protection that was given to the winners of the Lucky 7 Season I and II.

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Attention! The paint was a trophy given to the winners of the Lucky 7 Seasons. Players who lost their winner status lost their paint.



Interesting Facts

  • Paint appeared on July 4, 2013 (update 166).
  • The idea of ​​creating paint belongs to the community managers of the English community Bruce Lunge and Semyon Kirov.
  • A rare paint that could be obtained only by winning the Lucky Seven tournament. Had protection of 15% of all turrets and mines.
  • The paint was given out to the winners of the Lucky 7 competition held among English community players.
  • At the moment, the paint is removed from the game, no one has it.


The English community in the past was isolated from others. In Russian-language e-sports competitions, “Champion” and “Acid” paints were played out, in German-language “Star” paints, and the British did not have award paints, which they were very unhappy with. Therefore, the English-speaking community was really happy when they also had their own tournament, called "Lucky 7", and the eponymous paint. In total, two seasons were played, which took place in the summer and autumn of 2013. The Shield of Fireteam won in the first, which became the first owner of the paint, and in the second - Noob Army. In February 2014, the paint was seized, and the tournament itself is no longer being held.

— joostcool, one of the former paint owners


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