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Sometimes, it seems like your dreams of tearing through enemy tank armor are just out of reach. You could give up, or instead, you could use a turret that can reach a long way! A diverse and heavy-hitting class, the long-ranged turrets allow you to wipe out distant targets when used properly. Though they can be unwieldy or risky to use up close, they still retain moderate effectiveness in middle ranges. If you're unsure about which one is right for you, this article is a good place to start.


Turret railgun m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngHigh probability of powerful critical shots
Plus.pngDeals full damage at any range
Plus.pngWith some skill, can shoot multiple lined-up enemies at once
Plus.pngHigh impact force can spin or flip light and unstable hulls
Minus.pngShot warmup advertises your upcoming shot, inviting enemies to hide or knock off your aim
Minus.pngHigh recoil can flip an already-unstable light hull

Why players like it

  • "Immense impact just feels powerful"
  • "The accuracy required to use it effectively"
  • "Love how it shoots through other tanks"
  • "The charging-up animation, the trail left behind"


Turret magnum m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngCan hit large clusters of enemies at once
Plus.pngCan shoot over obstacles and across elevation changes, making it hard to hide from
Plus.pngSurprisingly high overall damage output if you can consistently land shots, especially low-power ones
Plus.pngPossible to remain completely hidden from enemies while shooting at them
Plus.pngThe shell maintains its full damage as it flies
Minus.pngDifficult to charge up and aim precisely, especially at longer ranges
Minus.pngHigher-power shots (used to shoot long distances) take longer to charge up
Minus.pngMajor risk of self-damage if used at close range, can also accidentally shoot over targets at close range

Why players like it

  • "Really tricky to use but so satisfying"
  • "Splash damage and ranger variety"
  • "Able to shoot over buildings and walls"
  • "Attacks enemies without appearing"


Turret gauss m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngTwo firing modes, with flexible regular shots and powerful salvo shots
Plus.pngSalvo is easy to lock on, and can take out big clusters of enemies
Plus.pngSalvo travels instantly once locked and only requires a small section of tank to be in the line of sight to hit
Plus.pngIf your enemies aren't looking at you, they have no way of knowing they're being locked onto
Minus.pngRegular shots behave more like those of a medium-range turret, and don't work well long-distance thanks to the non-instant projectile velocity and the loss of damage over distance
Minus.pngEnemies are warned of a charging salvo shot by the large, raised "ears"
Minus.pngSalvo cannot be safely used at close range; there's high risk of self damage

Why players like it

  • "No laser"
  • "Lots of splash damage in Salvo mode"
  • "Two modes of shooting"
  • "Lots of damage"


Turret shaft m3.png

Pros and Cons

Plus.pngTwo firing modes, with close-range arcade shots and long-range sniper shots
Plus.pngSniper shot can one-shot many tanks, and can hit even just a tiny bit of visible enemy turret or hull
Plus.pngShot travels instantly
Plus.pngSniper shots that require less power can be released sooner
Plus.pngSniper mode zooms in and allows you to see through nearby bushes and drop boxes
Minus.pngEntering sniper mode slows rotation speed, immobilizes the hull, and narrows the field of view (making it hard to aim when under fire)
Minus.pngThe place you are aiming your sniper shot is revealed to enemies by a laser
Minus.pngArcade shots are rarely useful at any significant range thanks to the fast and severe damage dropoff
Minus.pngCan only hit one enemy at once, and needs a direct line of sight to that enemy

Why players like it

  • "Great for killing campers and miners in their base"
  • "Ability to one-shot targets"
  • "Strafing with my hovering hull to quick scope the enemy"
  • "How easy it is to hit the target"

Side-by-side comparison of Long-Range turrets' stats

Note: Comparisons are between maxed-out turrets with no augments. If there's something you like about a turret, or something you don't, there's probably an augment that modifies that thing, makes it better, or removes it. It's worth checking out the Augments page before making your final decision on a turret to use.

Railgun (Mk7+)
Turret railgun m3.png
Magnum (Mk7+)
Turret magnum m3.png
Gauss (Mk7+)
Turret gauss m3.png
Shaft (Mk7+)
Turret shaft m3.png
Damage per Regular Shot (hp) 900 1745 Arcade: 705
Salvo: 1745
Arcade: 705
Sniper: 3300
Damage per Critical Shot (hp) 1600 1745 705 Icon info.png 705 Icon info.png
Average Critical Chance (%) 26.9 9.1 9.1 Icon info.png 9.1 Icon info.png
Time between shots (s) 3.7 Icon info.png 0%: 4.0
100%: 7.0
Arcade: 1.5
Salvo: 5.0 Icon info.png
Arcade: 1.5
Sniper: 7.0 Icon info.png
Impact Force per Shot 650 Direct: 700
Explosion: 900
Arcade, Direct: 330
Arcade, Explosion: 400
Salvo: same as Magnum
Arcade: 200
Sniper: 650
Recoil per Shot 300 400 Icon info.png Arcade: 220
Salvo: 250
Range of Max Damage (m) Unlimited Unlimited Arcade: 100
Salvo: Unlimited
Arcade: 30
Sniper: Unlimited
Range of Min Damage (m) Unlimited Unlimited Arcade: 150
Salvo: Unlimited
Arcade: 42
Sniper: Unlimited
Min Damage 100% 100% 50% Icon info.png 25% Icon info.png
Projectile Speed Instant Icon info.png Varies, follows a
curved trajectory
Arcade: Fast
Salvo: Instant Icon info.png
Instant Icon info.png