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How to start?

After completing the registration, you can't see the main chat or use the game chat until you reach the rank Master Sergeant. Also, if you are a lower rank than Master Sergeant, you'll be given a guide in the main chat of how to play Tanki Online.

Once you have logged in and the game has loaded, you will see something like this on the screen.
The Communicator Panel is on the left, the battle list in the middle and the details of the currently selected battle on the right. If you press 'Create', the battle filters and settings will also appear on the right.


To enter a battle, choose one which is available to you (highlighted in green), and click on the Play button in the bottom-right, below the battle details.
Alternatively, you can click on the Create button below the battle list to create your own battle. The battle creation menu will appear.

The Communicator Panel

The Communicator Panel is the latest addition to the lobby - one that was imperatively needed in order to keep things organized and balanced. It consists of three tabs:

  • News

This is where the important announcements from the game are stored. Remember previously that whenever we logged in to the game, a notification would pop up describing some type of event, celebration or just a mere announcement? A lot of people would accidentally "click" on that and it would disappear forever. Now however, all notifications are stored in the News tab.
Whenever a new notification appears, the default tab will change to News. This means that whenever you log in to the game, leave a battle or open the lobby, the News tab will be open and a new notification will be available there, surrounded by a green rectangle.
To notify the game that you've read this announcement and no longer need the News tab to be opened by default, click on this green rectangle, and then simply click on the Chat tab.

  • Chat

This is simply the tab which allows tankers to interact with other people through the use of the lobby chat. This can be disabled in Settings.

  • Clan Chat

Want to quickly see the clan chat but don't want to shift to the whole Clan button? This tab is made for doing just that. If you click on the Clan Chat tab, the chat of your in-game clan will open up, without the need of you completely "going inside" the clan using its original button.

Why is the Play button disabled?

The most likely reasons for this:

  • There are no more free places in this battle.
  • You must join the team with less players if autobalance is on.
  • The battle is unavailable for your rank.
  • If you are unable to play any battles at all, you may be experiencing lag. To fix this, refresh the page.