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Ever heard of or visited the Leprotanki page, and had no clue what you were seeing? If so, read on for an exclusive guide to Leprotanki.

It's no wonder that Tanki doesn't have many fan-sites. Almost all the resources and information about the game are provided already via the forum or the Tanki wiki, which is a good thing of course. But still there are a couple of fan-sites out there that are really interesting in their nature, and among those is one called Leprotanki.

Contrary to some people's opinion, Leprotanki does not stand for Le Pro Tanki. Let's take a minute to discover the background of the name.

There is a large Russian exclusive collective blog called Leprosorium (a special incubation area for individuals who carry Leprosy, reflecting the questionable nature of the humour of the blog, and the personalities that frequent it). The subtitle of the blog reads "a colony of Lepers". A collective blog means that all the users contribute somehow to its content. Exclusive means that membership is invite only, and you cannot just apply if you want. From what I gather, it is a online hub for Russian speaking celebrities, big and small alike, and rumour has it even Brad Pitt has an account, though I doubt he uses it much.

Enough about Russian blogs, let's see what is so interesting about the site. Most of it contains what you would have expected on any other fan-site, and nothing you can't find in the wiki.

The main menu has the following items:

  • Rating - the main page, containing the usernames of all the players entered into the system, and their rating.
  • Garage - all the information about the garage items, with sub-menu items such as hulls, turrets, paints, passes, supplies, etc.
  • Rank table - all the ranks in the game, points needed for that rank, bonus amount, and rank reward amount.

A donator's handbook - the price of all garage items and the rank at which they are available.

  • Museum - the stats and prices of garage items prior the re-balance.
  • Hide guests - shows only players who are also member of Leprotanki, limiting the list from hundreds to a few dozen.

The most interesting on the site, of course, is the home page - the one containing all the players and their rating. The first column is the username obviously, the second column displays the banner (and a link to the player's Leprosorium account, if he has one), the third column display the rank, and the last column displays the total experience points of the player, as well as how many points they earned in the last 24 hours.

Each username is clickable, and takes you to that player's personal page which contains even more interesting data. Now you may know that Tanki's player database is confidential and isn't accessible by any site or service, including Leprotanki. So instead it cleverly uses player's banners (which are public outputs of the player database) to harvest information once a day about the player's stats.

On each user's page you will find the following items (note that the stats are calculated only after being added to the Lepro database. Leprotanki has no access to their history):

  • Their registration date (on Lepro)
  • The name of the user who added them to Lepro's database
  • The most experience points earned in 24 hours (and the related date)
  • Experience points remaining till next rank (and percentage)
  • Estimated time remaining till next rank (judging by recent gameplay amount)
  • A graph and table of experience point increase within the previous two weeks
  • Dates of previously gained ranks
  • Garage items

Lepro's system of reaping information from your banner is pretty simple. Every day at about the same time as server restart occurs, Lepro records all the information on your banner, which is actually hardly any info at all - your current experience points, and your currently equipped items. From these two pieces of info, Lepro calculates everything I mentioned above.

Since Lepro doesn't have access to the entire garage, it will only record what a player is wearing at the server restart. So in order to display Zeus, for example, a player must leave it equipped during server restart (or at least 24 hours to be safe). And they would have to do that with every piece of equipment they want displayed on their Lepro page.

So all in all this isn't something absolutely necessary, neither does it help you in the game. But it is pretty awesome to be able to show your coolest garage items, or your amazing ranking speed just from a single page.