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Learning how to shoot accurately

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Most of the maps in Tanki Online have a really diverse structure. And while shooting at the enemy that is on the same level as you is fairly easy, hitting a tank that is considerably higher or lower than you is a lot more difficult. In the past each turret had a different sector of vertical auto-aim but now this parameter is almost the same on any weapon.

Accurate shooting is the key to success in Tanki Online

Overall, if an opponent's tank is located on the hill and attacking you, there are two ways to deal with that: drive off as far as possible and open return fire or move closer to be out of your enemy's vertical attack sector.

When a target is below you, what you need to do is try to get to the edge of the cliff so that the front of your tank slightly bent forward and start shooting.

Learning to shoot: a situation when an enemy tank is below you

Finally there are several weapons that stand out in terms of firing angle:

  1. Vulcan has the biggest firing angle: if an enemy tank armed with Vulcan is standing on a small hill, he or she won't need to tilt his front from the edge even when you are really close; Twins and Ricochet also have big firing angles
  2. Isida is the best choice when it comes to close combat on different heights. It doesn't matter whether the enemy is moving or stationary - a player armed with Isida can start attacking sooner then with any other turret;
  3. Freeze and Firebird have the smallest firing angle, however the horizontal angle is twenty degrees which allows it to hit several targets at the same time.