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Paint Lady.png

Garage | Container | Special

Type War paint
Price in Garage 5 000 Crystal.png
Rarity Common
Available from IconsNormal 01.png Recruit
Currently obtainable No
Found in Containers No
Purchasable in Garage No
Description in Garage
Wearing this paint shows your allegiance to the FEMALE camp in the «Gender War». When purchasing this paint, you will be participating in a star battle against the male camp in Tanki Online. The strongest side will win!

Lady was a paint in Tanki Online. This paint was temporary. It was removed from all Garages at the end of the «Gender War» event.

Interesting facts

  • The paint was released on March 1st, 2019.
  • This was a temporary paint. It was removed from all garages after the event was over.


Preview Lady.png