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Juggernaut (a.k.a JGR JGR Icon.png) is very similar to Deathmatch (DM), but with a slight twist. In the beginning of a match, the server randomly picks one person to become the "Juggernaut" - a tank with super-enhanced capabilities like increased armor, speed and reload time. The goal of the mode is to try and find, then destroy the Juggernaut; and the player who does so becomes the next Juggernaut, and the cycle continues.

Juggernaut consists of the turret Terminator and the hull Juggernaut, hence the name of the mode. Terminator is a special turret which sports the ability to fire with two different modes. Using the long dual barrels, it can send out concentrated bursts of energy which penetrate the armor on enemy tanks and deal damage from the inside out. If cool effects aren't your thing, Terminator can also deploy its rocket launch system from the sides, lock on to enemies with a laser and shoot a salvo consisting of six rockets.


In Juggernaut mode, it's every man for himself. Players receive score for kills, same as DM. The player that destroys the most tanks will win. In other words, the primary goal of this mode is to get as many kills as possible under the standard battle length, which is ten minutes. Only trying to go after and killing the Juggernaut player is not important, as that makes you an easy target for other people in the match. Think of it like this: Juggernaut is merely a bonus that you can grab whenever you need a lot of kills in quick succession.


Indicator Description
JGR LobbyIcon.png One player in battle controls an ultra powerful tank "Juggernaut". The player who destroys Juggernaut will become the next Juggernaut. Player who destroys the most tank wins.
JGR Hud.png In-game indicator which shows the location of the Juggernaut player in real time. It only appears when you're not directly looking at him/her.

Super Tank

As aforementioned, Juggernaut consists of the turret Terminator - which itself is based on the turrets Railgun and Striker. On the other hand, the hull, Juggernaut, hoards a massive amount of hitpoints while still being able to drive at a speed faster than any fully upgraded light hull.

Preview Juggernaut.png

Unique Features

  • The level of micro-upgrades and modification level are always based on the levels of the player that is controlling Juggernaut.
  • Juggernaut uses the same paint and protection modules that were on the regular tank of the player that is now piloting it.
  • Juggernaut turret has a unique damage type, which can’t be protected against using the Railgun and Striker protection.
  • Juggernaut has a purple-colored overdrive. Upon activating it, the Juggernaut will push away and launch nearby tanks into the air.
  • Overdrive is recharged faster than on the usual hulls, and the healing from it is much more effective.
  • The player controlling Juggernaut cannot use supplies from the Garage, including mines. The only exception are Gold Boxes.
  • Double Damage, Double Armor and Speed Boost bonuses are always active on the Juggernaut.
  • Picking up supply boxes with Double Armor, Double Damage and Speed Boost will not have any effect on the Juggernaut. The only exception is the Repair Kit box.
  • Player controlling Juggernaut cannot use drones, meaning batteries will not be used while playing as the Juggernaut.


  • Sports five to ten thousand (5000-10000) hitpoints depending on rank and upgrades of the player.
  • Maximum speed without the boost - 13 m/s. It’s faster than Wasp M3+.
  • Damage, reload speed and the charging speed of the double-barreled Railgun is higher than the normal Railgun.
  • The Rocket launcher fires six missiles at once - two more than the normal Striker. Target capture is faster than on the normal Striker.
    • Juggernaut’s Striker doesn’t have an option to fire with a single rocket.


A special killstreak notification will be displayed for certain amount of kills that Juggernaut does in the battle. These are as follows:

Killstreak Displayed Notification Sound Cue
1  %PLAYER% has claimed the first victim "FIRST KILL!"
3  %PLAYER% is on the hunt "HUNT TIME!"
5  %PLAYER% is dominating "DOMINATION!"
7  %PLAYER% is enraged "ENRAGED!"
10  %PLAYER% is unstoppable "UNSTOPPABLE!"
13  %PLAYER% is insane "INSANE!"
15  %PLAYER% is crushing enemies left and right "CRUSHING SPREE!"
17  %PLAYER% is godlike, destroy the juggernaut "GODLIKE!"
20 Nobody can stop %PLAYER% "SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP!"


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