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Battle Modes Rank of Availability IconsSmall 03.png Gefreiter Number of Drop Zones
Dm mode.pngDM
Tdm mode.pngTDM
Ctf mode.pngCTF
Cp mode.pngCP (5)
ASL mode.pngASL (2)
RGB mode.pngRGB
JGR Icon.pngTJR
Maximum Players 16 (8×8) Repair kit drop.png Double armor drop.png Double power drop.png Nitro drop.png Nuclear Energy dropzone.png Gold droped.png *
Map Size Medium 1 4 4 6 1 18
Themes (Skyboxes) Mountains day, Winter Dimensions (in Props)
Date of First Appearance 01.12.2017 l w h A V
Creator Game Developers ? ? ? ? ?
Drop Zones