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The game doesn’t load~

1. I see a gray screen, then nothing happens after that:

1. Stop all downloads. Do not forget to close all torrent clients.
2. Add to the list of exclusions of your browser and firewall or temporarily disable them.
3. Clean Flash Shared Objects.
4. Clear cache - browser/client.

2. “Connection closed by server” error occurs:

1. If this error occurs regularly, then change your password and e-mail address. It is possible that someone else is logging into your account.
2. Clean Flash Shared Objects.
3. Try using another browser. Browsers can be downloaded from official sites – Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer.
4. Update your Flash Player plugin.
5. Perhaps your internet connection is too slow. Try to reset your Internet connection (turn your router off and on again), and stop all downloads.
6. Try playing using the Stand Alone Flash Player.

3. “Connection to server failed” error occurs:

1. Clean Flash Shared Objects.
2. Check your router settings (closed ports), perhaps ports 5221, 5222, 5190 are blocked You need to open one of these ports. It can be done by your system administrator or support of your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
3. It is also possible the error is caused by a problem with your internet connection. Try to enter the game later.

4. “2048″ error occurs:

If the error occurs continuously and you cannot enter the game, 1. Reset your router, then restart your computer.
2. Clean Flash Shared Objects.
If the problem occurs occasionally, most likely this is happening due to the instability of your internet connection.

An error occurs after I enter my login and password~

1. It says “Password is incorrect” after I enter it:

1. Your login and password must be entered in English (case sensitive).
2. Make sure that your keyboard is switched to English.
3. Disable Caps Lock mode as it often causes problems when entering login and password
4. If you have previously linked an e-mail address to your account click on the “Lost nickname or password” link and follow the instructions.
5. If you are sure that you are entering the correct information but still can not access your account, it is possible that someone has entered it. You need to contact technical support at How to write to

2. It says that I am blocked when trying to enter the game:

1. If you have seriously broken the rules of the game, your account cannot be unblocked. You can read the rules here.
2. If you are sure that you did not break any rules, then it is possible that someone else has entered your account. In this case, you need to contact technical support at How to write to